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Museum Piece? 7 Mile SVO Mustang


It’s pretty common looking through ads for collector cars for the seller to mention something along the lines of “it should be in a museum.” This is one time when I actually agree with the seller, as this 1985 Mustang SVO, an already rare automobile, has only 7 (that’s seven) miles! Not only that, it looks like it’s been stored correctly as well, with shiny paint and supple-appearing rubber. It’s located in Leesville, South Carolina and is listed here on eBay, where bidding is already over $15,000. As you might expect, Jim S. discovered this find!


With it’s distinctive “ladder back” rear spoiler, rear disc brakes, performance suspension and low profile tires and of course the intercooled 2.3 liter turbo four-cylinder, the SVO Mustang made a lot of waves when it was first introduced. However, a high price and straight line performance that wasn’t quite what folks were looking for doomed the model after a short period. This car is actually one of 1515 produced in 1985, and one of only 229 in this color.


As you can see, it truly is immaculate. Yes, that is the original window sticker that has never been removed from the window, but in the closeup pictures isn’t even faded. Unlike a lot of cars that I have seen stored for a long time, this one genuinely looks like it is still sitting in the dealer’s showroom!


Apart from the cheesy aftermarket floor mats, which must just be there to protect the original carpet, the interior really looks like a 7 mile car. Unfortunately, this beautiful example wouldn’t work for me, even though I’m a Mustang fan, because I love to drive my cars too much. I wouldn’t have the heart to roll up the miles on this car! If Larry Miller were still around, I’ll bet he would have picked this car up in a heartbeat.


Kudos to the seller for showing a picture of the engine running. Of course, everything is said to run perfectly, and this car even has the optional sunroof and leather to make it even more exclusive. I sure hope this does end up in a museum, because it would be an awesome reference tool to anyone that is trying to restore an SVO. Me, I’ll pass on this one, but tell me–do any of you have cars too rare or too low-mileage to drive at all?


  1. Healeydays

    “This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.”

    Otherwise known as either a scam or he got a better offer.

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  2. grant

    Floor mats look the same as the ones in my 86, and they have obviously more than 7 miles on them. And protect the carpet from what? The car wasn’t driven…

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  3. Mike K

    I loved these when new, if I had the cash to offer, it’d be mine !
    I would have to drive it a bit, but only to shows and such, it’s a beauty……

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  4. Rob S

    I was a tech with Ford when these were new. We would take the plastic off the seats, put on the items to get them ready for the dealer lot and take them down to the chevy dealer and challenge them to a race in their IROC’s. Those SVO’s would stomp a mud hole in those IROC’s!!! I have owned 2 SVO’s and loved them!
    I bought a 2001 lightning 2 years ago out of a collection. It had 4900 miles on it and is as new. It now has 8500 miles on it, driven only on nice days.
    I would love to have this car but it would get some miles on it, sparingly driven and would well cared for.

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  5. grant

    The more I look at this the more I doubt the mileage claim. The clutch pedal is dirty, the floor mat is dirty, if you look at the left side bolster of the drivers seat there is just the hint of deformation (look at the seam.) I think the original owner disconnected the speedometer cable when he bought the car and enjoyed it sparingly, keeping it detailed. Similar to what I would do when Dad was out of town and I wanted to drive his cars. I could be wrong, but those spotty floor mats make me suspicious.

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  6. Big Ed

    Looking at the interior as a whole, (not just the dirty floor mats) this is not a 7 mile car.

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  7. Mike Williams

    I love these and have owned 4 of them, while not the more desirable 85 1/2 or 86 it still has the only 2 options available. I had a low mileage 85 1/2 and decided not to be the caretaker of it and passed it on. What do you do with a car with that low of mileage or close to it? Do you store it or drive sparingly?

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  8. Dave W

    It’s a shame Larry Miller didn’t take better care of himself after being diagnosed with diabetes. He and his wife went to high school with my mom. His widow, his $4 billion dollar estate, and his four stories’ worth of collectible cars are all just a few blocks from where I live, but he’s not around to enjoy any of it. Real shame…

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  9. Claus Graf

    I loved this SVO Mustang with the 4 cyl turbo. I loved the engineering put into it. Fast forward 30 years now a 4cyl turbo powered car/small suv is more commom these days.

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