Survivor Longroof: 1969 Chevrolet Caprice Kingswood Wagon

This handsome 1969 Chevrolet Caprice Kingswood Estate Wagon instantly caught my eye when it popped up on our assignments list. Man – what presence. As I’ve grown increasingly intrigued by the rare and unusual wagon market, this Kingswood is yet another example of an enthusiast choosing the options that make it so desirable all these years later. Check out the listing here on eBay which has already attracted bids over $13K and the reserve remains unmet. 

Equipped with the 327 and a Powerglide transmission, the Kingswood also has under 26,000 original miles. The colors are fantastic – red with black interior – and completely original. It’s never seen a welder and the seller notes zero rust or rust repair. He’s the second owner, and it has only been altered where absolutely necessary.

The seller notes his mechanic addressed the following areas of concern following its release from long-term garage captivity: engine heads updated for modern gas and installation of a new exhaust system from front to back; a complete new brake system; a new gas tank; four new original period-correct bias ply tires; replaced all belts and hoses using period correct tower clamps; and changed all fluids.

Some of the factory options are power brakes, power steering, and that sweet power rear window. The stance is fantastic and the acres of room for carrying kids, pets, and cargo would make any summertime excursion a blast. More surprisingly, this Kingswood is located in Syracuse, New York, an area not known for being kind to vehicles. It’s amazing to see it survive this well, and I’ll the bet the auction result will be impressive.


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    I am partial to the blue oval but man what a stunning look,if I didn’t already have the family truckster think I could jump ship. Dad’s friend had one of these and treated it to the crazy paint fad of the month, flocking,some kind of fuzzy stuff that stood up about a quarter inch long, kinda like 3 weeks of beard growth. He was sure the process was going to storm the car world and make him rich. He eventually done well in life but not from hairy paint jobs.

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  2. Big_Fun Member

    This I why my username is Big Fun! Love the full size models. And this one, well, I can’t stop staring! Such curb appeal. The optional mag wheel covers and red paint make this wagon stand out. Such a nice example. Unusual to see the top of the line Kingswood Estate with the standard V8 and Powerglide. No a/c because of upstate New York? Is that technicality upstate? No matter. I would love to have this and have some *Big_Fun *!

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  3. Jimmy

    One of the nicer GM wagons and a stunning example that someone really cared for over the years.

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  4. Will Fox

    Considering radials were entering the new-car market by `68, I’m surprised the seller went with bias-plys; I myself would put radials on it simply for roadability. A nice combination, which is set off by the Chevy 5-spoke mag wheel covers. Not sure what the reserve is on this, but as clean as it is I could see $30K+. Nice wagon indeed.

  5. Steve

    Love this wagon. I would add a 427, 700r4, vintage air, hideaways, and GM rally wheels. The perfect SUV.

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  6. 70SuperSport

    Appears the rear wheel wells, frame member and springs were painted. Not knocking the car as it’s very nice but I’d prefer not to have had that done.

    • Daved

      As opposed to leaving those areas bare / untouched?

      • 70SuperSport

        They’re calling it a survivor but if they’re painting over the wheel wells which could hide rust and painting the springs which detracts from the factory finish it’s starting to be lightly restored. It’s a nice car mind you but unnecessary painting detracts from “survivor” status.

      • stillrunners stillrunners Member

        Always question a low mileage car with all the new paint.

  7. David Rhoces

    a time machine ….. let’s head to the drive-in ( but lose the mickey mouse hubcaps )

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    • SquareLeft

      If you buy the car and don’t like the Chevy mag-style hubcaps, put them on ebay. You’ll probably get enough to buy a nice set of rally wheels!

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  8. James Martin

    To bad this didn’t have the 427 400 combo. It would be to me more desirable. Nice car though. Dont know about the red with the wood trim though. Not my favorite combo. Had a pair of 60 fiestas sold them for the thought of the interior cost to redo, that’s a lot of material.

  9. Del

    Nice car.

    Buy it and get radial tires ASAP.

    And watch out for factory installed Flippers

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  10. Bish

    6.2 LS3 & 6 speed auto ERod or Connect and Cruise; big disc brakes, some nice new but vintage look Corvette 17” rally’s with the earlier low hat centers and trim rings, big radials, Vintage Air. Drive It! But no winters! Beauty!

  11. Redragula

    Love the Hot Wheels hubcaps but they don’t look right on this. Agree rallye wheels would set it off

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  12. Griswold

    There’s mud on the floor mat.

  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    It’s over restored….with paint where it shouldn’t be….but nice

  14. Zack DeMundo

    My parents traded in our beloved 65 Ford wagon to buy one of these Estate Wagons in 1969. My 17 year old self hated it; with a 350, and a 3 speed automatic, radials, and AC, it was grossly under-powered, overweight, top heavy, and, with the name, and contact paper, simulated wood siding, a symbol of grasping at a sense class that was never going to be its own. (or ours!)

    I’m neither a blue oval, or a bowtie guy, but the 65 Ford wagon, 352, auto, no AC, was a vastly superior car, stock. I used to love getting throttle induced oversteer on the washboard dirt roads near our home, in the suburbs, way outside Detroit. In the same situation, the Chevy would just bog, roll, and wallow.

    It always seemed like the tread was too narrow for the body, and the weight of the thing: the rear wheels were slightly tucked under a bit too far. Like a hippopotamus, …and lot of American cars.

    Maybe with a set of headers, a better manifold and carb, sway bars, shocks, and a straight through exhaust, you could wake this thing up.

    Are you sure it has a 327???

  15. DRV

    The 327s were recalled in 69 for bad motor mounts and they chained them in! My green over green Kingswood was. Strike car and was a nightmare from new. They put paper cups in the vents and the parts fell off of it . It was love/ hate all the way.

    • Zack DeMundo

      Oh, yeah, the strike: I had forgotten about that.

      Ours drove like it had a paper cup in the carb!

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    • Miguel

      DRV, do you mean like this one? I have had it for 10 years now. Sorry it is so dirty in the picture. Yes that is rust on the tailgate.

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  16. Doug

    I’d swap out the hubcaps for some TorqThrust Ds, install a new front cross member /suspension with disc brakes, and A/C. My sister had one of these, but hers had the Olds 350 engine. It handled 3 kids ( and their friends ) through lots of sports activities, band practice, etc quite well for years. By the time they sent it on its way, the 2 oldest had earned enough to buy their own cars.

  17. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Dec 08, 2018 , 12:35PM
    Current bid:US $22,900.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 48 bids ]

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