Survivor Or Restored: 1934 Buick Club Sedan

Look what Jamie found! Ain’t she a beauty? Thanks Jamie! This Buick listed on eBay is described as a survivor, but it’s likely had some restoration. It’s surely been repainted and the roof insert appears to also have been replaced. The all steel turret top was introduced the following year. In any case, it looks like a nice old car. There is a bid of $19,000 and there is no reserve, so it will sell. After being stored for years it was serviced and new tires were installed, so it is ready to be driven!

The interior looks very original and complete from what we can see in the pictures. There is the usual wear and tear, but it looks serviceable as it is.

This is Buick’s 278 cu. in 100 HP overhead valve engine. These engines are very smooth and quiet making these old Buicks wonderful to drive.

For many of us, this old Buick is car porn, whether it’s original or had some restoration. It would be a wonderful car to drive just as it is and restore a bit over time. The description says “The power brakes work great” but perhaps they’re thinking of  the newly introduced hydraulic brakes. It was only few luxury cars like Lincoln, Cadillac,Duesenberg, Stutz, and Mercedes that had vacuum assisted brakes in the 1930s. This Buick is easy to drive with syncro in every gear. Hopefully the new owner will enjoy driving it pretty much as it is.


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  1. Alex B

    I think cars from this era are a bargain compared to a “luxury” brand like Rolls Royce. Beautiful car! :)

  2. Big Mike

    Man I would LOVE to have this Beauty. It would go great at a car show I go to there are always a few of this ERA of cars.
    Would you all help me beg my Wifey into letting me have it!!!!!!!

    • CapNemo

      Go for it Mike! Remember, it’s a lot easier to ask for Forgiveness than Permission!

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    • Fred W.

      Dear Mike’s Wifey: Please let Big Mike buy this 1934 Buick Club Sedan. If you do, he promises to always take out the garbage and never, ever insinuate that you are overweight. Oh by the way, he’ll be needing the garage your car is presently in.

      Mike’s Barn Finds Friends

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    • David Frank David F Member

      I guess I’m lucky. My wife will let me buy any car I want as long as I can sleep in it!. This one just might work, but then again, sleeping indoors and indoor plumbing are nice as well.

    • Palandi

      dear Mike’s Wife:

      what’s not to love about this beautiful Buick? and, further, what’s not to love about a gentleman that loves both you and these such classic cars? you’d be the classiest couple in town riding this car, believe me. please let him get the car, just like you let him court you. you won’t regret it – think about the two of you in a nice restaurant and this wonderful Buick parked in front of it.

      kind regards from Brasília / Brazil.

    • dw

      Dear Mike’s Wife,

      As Mike tells it you are the most beautiful, caring and gracious woman ever and he thanks his lucky stars that he has the privilege to walk this road of life with you. He would give anything and everything to make sure your life is filled with love and joy and your dreams come true.

      Speaking of dreams, Mike has a little dream too. He needs a car. Specifically THIS car. Mike gives SO much and asks for so little that we can’t think of a more magnaminous act but allow him to buy this work of art and, and in doing so vicariously fulfill the dream of a multitude of other hopefuls worldwide.

      We, uh, Mike awaits your gracious response with bated breath.

      With admiration,
      The Hopeful Multitude

  3. Dairymen

    Packard had vacuum assisted brakes as well.
    But Buick wasn’t in the same league as Packard, Cadillac, Duesenberg, Pierce Arrow, Bentley or RR.
    Buick fitted nicely between the above mentioned brands and the Chevy’s & Fords.

    This is absolutely nice looking Buick without a doubt, somebody is fixing to own a nice prewar car!

    • G 1

      32 Chrysler Imperial had power brakes.

  4. Mark S

    I to agree what a beautiful car, but back in 34 I don’t think they had base coat clear coat paint. Take a look at the picture of the trunk lid you can clearly see clear coat pealing off the car. I’d feel pretty comfortable doing a repaint after seeing the trunk picture. The interior looks original though, as does the under hood picture. Again beautiful car it would be nice to own.

  5. Coventrycat

    Rolling sculpture; as good looking as a Packard or Lincoln.

  6. irocrob

    Back when a car had style. Wish I would of been born in the 1920s

    • terry

      Uh, you’d be dead now.

      • grant

        Well, maybe.

      • Rolf Staples, Sr


  7. James "Cousin Jim" Mitchell

    At age 46, my grandfather (Orville Anderson Mitchell) bought one of these ’34 Buicks used during World War Two. It was sitting in an old “widow woman’s” garage in downtown Bartlesville, Oklahoma on blocks for the duration of the war-“Granddad” needed to replace his old family car at the time…(A worn-out 1929 Buick sedan.) He drove that ’34 Buick sedan until the late 1950’s, when he and a neighbor (W.D. Coldren) junked it-then cut off the axles. They converted the axles into a 4-wheeled, oilfield pipe trailer, as both Granddad and Mr. Coldren were in the oil business by that time. I was still using that 1934 Buick “tubing trailer” until 1981. Even by the 1980’s, it still had the original Buick stamped steel-spoked wheels-hadn’t even had to replace a wheel bearing!!! It was later stolen off an oil lease in 1997 and unfortunately sold as scrap in a Kansas junk yard…The ’34 Buick car body was in a ditch at Granddad’s farm until 1990…

    • CPD

      That’s crazy! Love that little story. Meanwhile, my grandpap and uncle hauled home a 36 Buick series 60 “Rumble Seat Coupe” back, idk, maybe in the 80’s? (Or is it 1934? I forget now. Been a while since I looked into the car) It had been sitting in the woods, idk how long, so it was pretty much toast. Th engine had been either smashed with a sledgehammer to keep someone from stealing it, or had split from water freezing in it. My pap and uncle cut it in half with a torch, loaded it into the back of his 67 K-10 pickup, brought it to our farm, welded it back together, threw in a 1952 Buick straight 8 engine, put a chunk of plywood down for a floor with a crappy seat bolted to it, and a set of junk tires on er. My uncle would drive it around the fields like a dune buggy for a while, I guess. But, it’s sat in an overhang, behind where we park out hay wagons and bailer since then. The engine turned over as recent as about the late 2000’s, but man is it sketchy. Getting it roadworthy again would probably take tens of thousands of dollars more than it’s worth, just for the “hillbilly” way of doing it, let alone sourcing “correct” parts if it was to be made any way besides a 50’s-60’s spec budget hot rod. Back when my pap was still in good health, (That’s a long story in of itself. Knee replacement gone sideways) we talked about getting a junker Suburban and making a crazy 4×4 contraption out of it, but never did.

      • James "Cousin Jim" Mitchell

        I like hearing these “growing up” stories! I used to do the same thing. How many 1940’s-60’s pickups and cars my friends and I cut down into “farm buggies” or simply smashed up in redneck “demolition derbys” out in a plowed field I can’t count….Would never do that now-LOL! As teenagers, we took it for granted we could always buy those trucks and cars around our county for 50 to 100 bucks each! WHAT were we thinking?!?!?!

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  8. Gary

    I love the 8 spark plugs all lined up in a pretty row in the engine picture. It gives the engine compartment a very “all business, no gov’t regulation” look to it.

  9. John E. Ropelewski

    I don’t think the brakes are hydraulic, but rather vacuum assisted which were kind of touchy. I may be wrong but I don’t think that hydraulics were offered on some GM cars until 1935.

  10. Duaney

    As an owner of one for many years, some information. Brakes are all mechanical, and power assisted. Even the smaller 50 series had the mechanical, power assisted brakes. 1934 was a very bad year for Buick, so the 1935’s were a repeat of the 34’s. GM considered ending Buick at the time. The fabric roof and wood body construction continued for 1935.

  11. charlie Member

    I read an article about an owner who, maybe five years ago, would drive his ’34 at 75mph to 80 mph all day, except he did worry about overheating the (new) bias type tires. Now maybe it was a bigger series Buick but they were great road cars.

  12. Pete

    That is a beautiful car, I don’t care who are or where ya from. One of these or a Packard would be awesome to own and drive.

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