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Survivor or Restored: 1967 VW Beetle

1967 VW Beetle

Now that I’ve been here in Boise for a little while, I’ve notice this town has a plethora of classic cars, but one car is more common than any other. Prior to moving here, if you had asked me to guess what the most common classic in the area would be I would have said something like Mustang or Camaro. And I would have been incredibly wrong, as the most common classic we see driving the streets of this town has to be the Volkswagen Beetle. They are literally everywhere and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t see at least 5 of them. I find new ones everyday, some are parked in alleys and in driveways, while others are spotted on the street. While it is great to see so many still on the road, I have yet to see one as clean as the one you see above. The seller claims it is barn find, but if it was it is either the best preserved Beetle I’ve seen in a while or it has already been fully restored. Have a look at it for yourself here on eBay with a BIN of $9,250 in Buena Park, California.

VW Beetle Survivor

The Beetle was without a doubt VW’s greatest success. They literally built millions, 21 million to be exact, of these budget minded little cars, which could explain why there are so many still on the roads of Boise. They really are the car of the people, which could also explain why so few original survivors exist. Many of the Beetles you see today are either worn out and battered or have been restored at least once in their life. If this one turns out to be a survivor, it would be an incredible find that would help to justify the asking price. Of course it is hard to pay top dollar for one of the most prolific cars in history, but as they say, “they are only original once”.

VW Beetle Interior

This car is perfect inside and out. The paint looks superb and all the chrome work looks great. The seats and upholstery look nearly as good as new, but the seller has listed the mileage as only being 704, so if that’s really the case it should look like new.

VW Beetle Motor

One of the Beetle’s greatest strengths was it’s air cooled boxer motor. It wasn’t by any means powerful, but it was durable, easy to repair or replace, but most importantly it got the job done. The seller claims this one’s motor and transmission are in perfect working order. That’s really all the information they provide about it. They do state that the brakes have been redone and that the electrical systems all work correctly. You would think they would provide a little more detail about the car’s mileage or history though.

1967 Volkswagen Beetle

When I first moved here I was excited to see so many Beetles, but now that I’ve seen so many they rarely catch my attention. If I saw one this clean on the road, I have no doubt it would grab my eye. You just don’t see ones in this kind of condition often. I’m just left wondering if it really is a survivor and if it is, is it worth the asking price? I guess the Duster went for more than I thought it would, so perhaps a survivor Beetle is worth $9k! Do you think survivor status would make this car worth it?


  1. Drew V.

    Absolutely fabulous find. My first car, when I was 13 yrs old was a red 66 Beetle, use to drive it around the fields and turn rows that surrounded our house… Love these lil cars…

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  2. davesporsche1

    Looks to be chinese bumpers, not stock. Towel bars are not stock. Rubber pieces on bumpers where bars join the blade.

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    I have worked on vw and porsches for 54 years and owned and operated 3 shops, the 1967 was the best beetle made, first with 12 volt system and 1500 cc. engine. type 2 and 3 vw had the 1500 cc before the type 1 beetle, but they were much heavier.

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  4. David C

    The 1967 is considered one of the more collectible even though it is not as old.
    It was / is a one year only car with many parts and features being unique to this year only.
    A friend of mine has only 1967’s in his collection of several bugs, buses, double cab, etc.
    Even the knobs on the dash are unique to the 67. I like them, but I like all VW’s. The 63 and 67’s are said to have had the least customer problems or complaints out of all aircooled VW’s .

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  5. Tirefriar

    I’m with Viking – 67 is considered the best year by many VW fans. I owned a lot of cars in my life, but my first and only Beetle I owned was a 67 bought for $200 and brought back to life with special thanks to Pick-a-Part. It was not bullet proof but it was unstoppable. When my ignition switch shorted and fried, all I had to was pull back the cardboard cover in the back and jump it with a hot wire. unfortunately, the next owner had caused an engine fire by overfilling it with oil, r.i.p.

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  6. Albert

    That’s an older, budget restoration at best. The interior isn’t the correct basket weave interior, and outside the biggies are the incorrect rear bumper. 67 had a unique 1 year only design to the towel rails to clear the decklid. And the other is the black fender beading. Beetles until about 1974 or so had body color fender beading. It’s a nice car, but not $9k nice.

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  7. jim s

    it also has a aftermarket air filter and housing, blue not black fan mount, and a red plug on the right side of fan housing. it does not have the carb preheat tube which will cause it to run rich, i think. a 67 should have straps on the swingarms so they are less likely to tuck under, i think. nice car but i too think it has had a lot of work done to it. but if a PI shows no rust then it is going to be worth buying as stock 67s were able to cruise at 65/70mph when new. this would make a nice daily driver. great find

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  8. rancho bella

    As some of the boys mentioned…………..not even close to correct

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  9. jim s

    it also has the speakers from an aftermarker radio system but i do not see a radio. i would also have to replace the tires because while they look to have a lot of tread they also look to have a sharp pointed not rounded edge where the sidewall meets the tread. but thanks for posting a beetle, as some sites ( not that i look at other sites ) seem to dismiss the beetles for some reason.

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  10. Paul

    i am not that sharp on the older beetles, I am a 75 and newer guy but, what I can tell is over the years of buying beetles, people who have suddenly acquired beetles that are in good shape always say “mint or original”. I would have to agree with the previous comments that this was a repaint, that carpet doesn’t seem right and why would the radio be missing? Plus the holes in the glovebox seem odd. If this car had less than 1000miles that engine regardless of sitting should look like new. My 2 cents.

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  11. Tom S.

    Nice looking bug. But “a plethora of classic cars” in Boise? Really?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Yep, we were surprised too. The semi arid climate is great for preserving old cars.

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  12. Marc Lawrenc

    My second car – after the 59VW – which w/o a 1st gear synchro and a 36 hp engine and 6 volt system was ok – but the 67 was a peach. Bought it as a trade-in from the local Chevrolet dealer here with only 14K miles and like new. One of quite a few cars I wished I had kept. It wasn’t totally reliable like everybody thinks – sucked a valve going back and forth to college – but u jack em up – throw the spare tire under and drop the engine – and with a few basic tools u could tear it apart and slap her back together. Such a pretty car and a one year only which made it unique. Of course after some idiot pulled in front of me – she became a pretty cool Baja Bug with a balanced and blueprinted 1800cc big bore kit with dual port heads etc and a Holly Bug Spray 2bbl she idled at 70mph- lol. Memories!

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  13. DT

    Not a survivor by any means

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  14. DT

    wrong; paint,seat covers,coil,air cleaner,rear bumper,fender beading,etc.rubber cracked,where are the black plates,or at least blue plates…what I like is the placement of the right side taillight

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  15. vince Habel

    The only thing on the brakes that would need done with this low milage should be the wheel cylinders.

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  16. Dan Farrell

    I never saw stock tuck and roll upholstery on a VW.

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  17. fred

    Had a few VW’s back in the day… a ’63 , wrecked on the right side that I tore through the woods with, not worrying about denting it up… a ’63 1500 notchback, very rare car now… and a ’68 daily driver bug. Nothing like turning the key on a VW on a cold morning- you just KNEW it would start and get you where you were going.

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  18. Rees Klintworth

    As the owner of a far-from-perfect but original 1967 Beetle, there are a lot of small things here that jump out at me and indicate that this has in fact been restored. The biggest things that stand out are the seat material, air cleaner, fender beading (in ’67 all US ‘Deluxe’ models came with body color beading), and dash inserts (on either side of the speedometer and fuel gauge). 67’s are a great year and this isn’t a bad example, but I definitely wouldn’t pay $9,000+ for this car

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  19. John

    in addition to the other “problems” mentioned by those above, I would direct your consideration to the pedals just above the otherwise perfect carpeting. Its hard to imagine that amount of rust not leaving some marks on the carpet.

    I love old Volksies. I’d love to have my 1973 Super Beetle back again. I’d probably love this car but its advertisement convinces me of the old adage …”If it seems too good to be true…..”.

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  20. Duff

    Yes, it’s worth at least $9,000. Maybe more.

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  21. Gary

    Nice looking ’67 but have to agree with many others here, this is far from original. The ’67 was the best year when the 12v system was introduced. I had many bugs over the years starting with a Black ’57 in Hi school, got totaled out after school one eve. on a drive to a friends house. I was hit by a jeep head on,( lucky to be typing this today), but I found out the beetle was a strong little car for its size. Got a nice ’56 replacement I drove till Uncle Sam got me, wish I had that ’56 today! My last bug a ’70 was a nice original factory A/C car, lugged that 4 cyl down to much to use. I drove it about 4 yrs. This ’67 is nice but IMO not $9k nice.

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  22. Wolfgang Gullich

    No way that car’s original. It’s missing the original oil-bath air cleaner which has been replaced with a cheap PepBoys special. Wheels do not sport original paint either as they are painted black on the ’67, not two-tone. Nor would it have sported wide white walls. A ’67 should have black tires with no striping.

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  23. John A

    sale ended because of an error in the listing?? yes it was all a lie!!!!

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  24. Sherman Van Lieu

    I own a 1967 VW which is 90% stock. Looking at this bug ells me it’s not a 67, but older. The bumpers are not stock, the front directional turn signals are not 67. Not sure if this is a piece job? I could be wrong just saying. Something just not right with this bug.

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