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Survivor Ranch Hand: 1971 Ford F100

ford f100 1

Noted as being frozen in time, this Ford F100 time capsule is fantastic. We love the color combination, and the original paper starting instructions on the sun visor. This F100 looks to have lived a nice life in a dry Texas garage. The current seller having purchased it from the original owner, this truck has always been a Texan. With a mint interior and exterior, the asking price may be a little on the stiff side, but we still love this truck. It is offered at $12,500. You can find is here on craigslist out of Dallas, Texas.

ford f100 3

Does it get any better than this when it comes to original Ford F100’s? This interior looks like it still has its new truck smell. Appearing flawless, we love the color of the interior as well. The door panels are just baffling too. They look brand new. The seller has not listed the mileage of the truck, but from studying the exterior and interior we are going to guess it is low. The exterior of the truck is just as awesome as well. The only immediate surface rust showing is on the hubcaps. The rest of the chrome looks mint and there is no apparent discolorations, or damage visible on this truck. We cannot see the bed, so that may be the only place of any exterior blemishes.

ford f100 4

The engine and bay looks plenty clean enough to eat off of, and really shows how well this truck has been cared for. Again this view of the truck looking flawless and clean like the rest of the truck. This truck features a 302 cubic inch V8 engine with a column shifted 3 speed manual transmission. This truck is fascinating to look at. It is really a very clean and honest looking truck.

ford f100 2

We love to see awesome survivor trucks like this Ford F100. These trucks really have a great legacy with many fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins having had one for everyday use in life. It is great to see such a survivor that shows what those folks would have had when buying one of these trucks new. This truck is a fantastic survivor and we hope it will continue to be maintained and appreciated as it is. Would you bring home this classic Ford F100?


  1. Boss351

    I had red one similar to this but with the durable C-6 transmission. It was the most reliable truck I ever owned. You just need to hang onton the steering wheel when the roads were rough. The only negative was the steering which really could wander if you were not paying attention.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very nice. I’ve always liked this version of Ford trucks with ’67 being my favorite and ’71 in close behind. Lots of nearly identical trucks to this in my neighborhood but I don’t think any of them had A-C.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi geomechs, in the 70’s, I drove a pickup exactly like this for an auto paint and body shop supply company ( Miedtke Paint Co, 47th and North Ave) only with a cap on the back. Like 20 stops a day, all city driving ( 10 in the morning, 10 in the aft.) and aside from not ever starting in the rain overnight, it took the abuse day after day. They were good trucks.

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  3. JW454

    Nice truck. Looks like a real survivor.

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  4. Chris

    My grandfather owned an early 70’s Ford F100 very similar to this except it was dark green and had the inline 6. It’s the only vehicle I remember him owning. I wish I would have had the chance to own it after he passed away. It was starting to rust, but at that point it was over 20 years old. Great trucks with rugged styling.

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  5. Charles Weaver

    That would be a great truck to retro-mod!

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  6. MikeK

    I don’t think they get much better than this one. Awesome truck. I guess the old saying that green and brown vehicles last longer is true!!

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  7. Bill Owens Bill O Staff

    My dad had a Sport Custom with that same green interior, except his had a factory air, but it was still all under the dash. The exterior was the mint green on bottom (the color of this one on upper and top) and my dad’s top was a dark green. I think his had a 351. He kept it a little over a year and half and traded it for a 1973 Dodge D100 in the fall of 1972.

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  8. Martin Sparkes

    They didnt come with factory air. It was always a dealer installed aftermarket option. I have two of these trucks and both have AC, but by different vendors.

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  9. Rocco

    Does anyone see the rear gas tank? I only see the main tank filler in the cab.

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  10. Joe Muzy

    The price isn’t out of line if anyone has priced a new truck. For 30,000 you get a bare bones truck. They still don’t have the personality of this one

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  11. Woody

    Funny, I just happened to search 1971 f100 on FB. I was amazed to see a picture of my new truck that I bought last week. Love this truck.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Woody, tell us all about it! We’d love to see some more pictures, too :-)

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  12. Woody

    It really is that clean. Zero rust. Bed is just as nice as the rest. 3 speed tranny has an overdrive. Everything works and it drives great. Happy to have found this truck. Bought it from the 2nd owner who lived near the original owner who told me it has never spent a night outside.

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