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Over the last few years, values for mint examples of BMW’s 2002 Tii have been on the rise. I recently watched an episode of Wheeler Dealers where the garage-find Tii they bought sold for $35,000 after an initial investment (including purchase price of the car) of $21K. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the seller of this 1974 2002 Tii here on craigslist is feeling slightly optimistic at the moment and asking $42,000 for an unloved example.


Of course, it may not actually be unloved. Sure, it’s been sitting for a while in a Nevada garage (the listing says it’s in Sparks, Nevada, despite appearing on the Orlando craigslist page) but it appears to share space with an E24 chassis BMW 6-Series coupe and a W123 Mercedes-Benz wagon. There’s also a VW Vanagon in the mix, so there’s little doubt this seller is a fan of German vehicles. He also clearly wants to tempt East Coasters with his desert-dry example, given its listing on a Florida classifieds site.


But these can be pricey cars to restore when not used for extended periods, particularly the Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection system used by the Tii’s. Rebuilds are not cheap and parts can be difficult to come by. While a stock Tii will always command a fair price, this one has too many unknowns at the moment to justify the asking price – $42,000 is the same territory as a nicely-restored driver example. We don’t even have any pictures of the interior to go by.

Image courtesy of Left Coast Classics

Of course, when you see how good even these big bumper cars look with a front air dam and some updated wheels, it’s hard to not want to dive into a project like this one on craigslist. Although I wouldn’t alter too much, a slight drop over some period-correct BWA or Exim wheels and the aforementioned air dam would be on my short list of modifications. What do you think: is this seller too far ahead of where the market for a low-use 2002 Tii will go, or will someone take the plunge at the current asking price?

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  1. Todd Zuercher

    One of the nicest ’02s in existence sold for north of $70K on BaT last week, which probably reinforces folks’ notions that they have gold mines in their garages.

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  2. Rovinman

    I think $21K is a good negotiating starting point !

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  3. Kevin

    God those big bumpers really took their toll on the styling of these cars. Look at them, the front one sticks out about a foot! Still a great design, but I’d be tempted to modify those bumpers. Not being a 2002 expert I’ve no idea on the fairness of the price. Looks like a great, solid example of a very collectible car though.

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  4. Celk

    The 75k auction was a nice car, not one of the nicest in existence IMO. The commenters on that auction site tend to build cars up as if they are the best around, often not the case. It was not concourse condition with all the modifications, even as far as restored drivers go it has a number of questionable decisions and poorly executed “improvements”.When I look at the photos I see bunched up material on front and rear seat inserts, rhino lining and no insulation under the hood, a badly stained headliner, and an under carriage slathered in undercoat like they are trying to hide something.

    The under coat and Rhino lining could be explained away by preferences of an owner but the upholstery was just poor execution. It is a beautiful car, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the new owner never regrets the decision to buy, but there are a lot of fish in the sea to claim it is one of the best. What does that say for value on this Chamonix Tii? Is 75K on a very nice but not perfect tii an outlier, or a new market norm?

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  5. Mark S

    Fugly car, down right boring styling just sayin.

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  6. Woodie Man

    Not to be overly harsh but thats crack pipe pricing. No sunroof…fugly bumpers AND square taillights. I have some property in Florida I can sell you too

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  7. Chebby

    $42k for a semi-desirable car you can’t take bother to take more than three pictures of, let alone wash. Yeah you’ll be a treat to deal with, pal.

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  8. Bob S

    I’d suspect someone with a phone who happened across a dusty car wants some quick money with an ad like that.

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  9. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Yeah, people on CL can sure be goofy. No salesmanship in that ad.

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  10. Chuck

    This dude has been watching too many TV shows. Even the subject Wheeler Dealer Tii was “ok” at best, it was not a perfect restoration, and some dope paid too high a least they cleaned it up, and put it back to stock, with a few new parts.
    This one…….no way.

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  11. WaltB31

    Overpriced by at least $20K. Good luck with that.

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  12. JR

    The Tiis’ are really nice Bimmers with the exception of those God Awful bumpers. No one in their mind would ever buy that car for $42,000 with so little information about it.
    Even the Brits from Wheeler Dealers put over $13,000 to bring their car to a point to sell it for $35,000.
    “70,000 mile 5 speed transmission its ben(been) stored in doors it(it’s) whole life n(in) very good condition” If this is all we have to go buy, I’ll take twenty Please – NOT!

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