Survivor Wagon: Low-Mile 1989 Chevrolet Caprice

This Caprice is from a time period when wagons were really wagons! This car can easily fit a whole family, plus luggage, plus possibly a couple of friends. The advent of the SUV created the phasing out of large wagons, but without the SUV wagons may never have become cool! Since I was a kid, I have though that Ford and GM wagons of the 1980s were cool. This was before people starting heavily modifying them on a regular basis! Thanks to reader Nicholas T. for sending this our way. This 1989 Caprice is a one-owner vehicle being sold by a dealership with only 66,331 original miles on the odometer. Find it here on Craigslist in Nebraska with an asking price of $4,999. 

Though somewhat drab inside and out, this wagon speaks for what cars were in 1989. This Caprice wagon was a no-frills device with the sole purpose of transporting a group of people or items. Though this car may “only” be 28 years old, it can bring back memories of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s because though they have differences, the third generation Caprices are all very similar. Though it looks to have been cleaned already, perhaps re-dying the carpet would make this car feel new again! This looks like it would be a comfortable family hauler or cruiser. It even has the third row seating, meaning this car can haul eight people, or more if you are ambitious!

Under the hood sits an Oldsmobile 307, and yes that is the original engine! Before you tell me I’m wrong please note that although the Chevrolet 305 was standard, after 1985 the Oldsmobile 307 replaced the 305 as standard. Though the picture is rather dark, it looks like the engine and engine bay have been cleaned and clean up well! This car has A/C and at $4,999 one can assume it runs. As cool as this car is, they really aren’t bringing much more than $5,000 even in good condition. This engine bay is really an interesting mixture of old and new, as this is where the newer brake master cylinder, fan shroud, and more meet the engine bay and body of a car that was designed in 1977.

Wagons are awesome, and although it isn’t in flawless condition, this Caprice is a nice example. If the low-mileage claim is as true as it appears to be, this car could make a great family vehicle for a car enthusiast. If it were me, I would much prefer the original wheels and wheel covers on this car. Aftermarket wheels look great on muscley modified wagons, but on something like this that is otherwise all original they just detract from the novelty. What would you do with it?

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  1. DerekF

    The teaser sixties Impala wagon as the banner image got me in!

    • LMK Member

      Me too DerekF….

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Me three

  2. Alan

    I like The full size GM B bodies. Last year I bought a 1977 Pontiac Bonneville Landau coupe Brown color beige landau top beige cloth interior. Its base Non brougham model has only 8500 original miles. 350 4B V8 power windows , factory AC , Factory AM/FM radio , Tilt steering All books & manuals completely stock All original survivor. Asking 12K I paid 11K .

  3. DRV

    That ’66 dragged me in too….I have never seen a ’66 with the wood package ever. I like the dark trim over the panels.

  4. 68 custom

    while I like the 89 it was the picture of the 66 that dragged me in, more info on that one please!

  5. Andre

    Back to the car in question…

    I think these make the perfect budget family-classic. While you/we may have something that needs more spit polishing, wrenching and swearing at in the garage – something like this will keep you sane in the process of the bigger project.. Cheap, reliable, storage, load the kids in, hookup the trailer and disappear for the weekend.

    If I saw this hauling a clapped out airstream or a $100k Escalade pulling an equally valued trailer/boat/whatever …I know which would turn my head.

  6. Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The homepage image has been fixed. Thanks guys!

  7. Bob c.

    It is my understanding that the reason why they used the olds 307 is because they built a lot of the caprice wagons at the same plant along side the olds custom cruisers and buick estate wagons thus making assembly easier.

    • marty parker

      All GM B body wagons 85 through 90 used the Olds 307 as standard engine. Chevrolet sedans came with 305 Chevy.

  8. Chuck Cobb

    wheels look GREAT on this wagon, weigh less that the steel one with hub caps, and you will then get better gas mileage!!! Wheels probable worth as much as the car.

  9. newfieldscarnut

    That 66 is a real beauty , definitely a spoiler for the 89 .

  10. Peter R

    Jesse – hours after your post the picture is still not fixed on my version

  11. Mark

    Very deceiving picture
    If the picture show different car what really
    Happen with original mileage and …

  12. Wrong Way

    I am a bit confused? The car written up isn’t the car on the caption? What’s up with that?

  13. Brian

    When I was a kid we had a white ’66 with the wood grain sides. Had a turquoise interior. It was a big block 396 with an experimental electronic ignition.

  14. whippeteer

    It wasn’t the SUV that ended the reign of station wagons, it was the minivan.

  15. Jim Brooks

    It wasn’t designed in 1977, it was introduced in 1977. They don’t instantly design and bring cars to market.

  16. Bobby Babbit

    Had a nice, original ’81 Caprice Classic sedan (canuck built)……only had around 65,XXX! Had the little 4.4 L/ 267 C.I.D. V8, so just for fun had a Flowmaster dual exhaust system installed. Sure it wasn’t exactly quick, but sounded like any other Chev small block…..GREAT! Fun car regardless.

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