SVT Survivor: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

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Another day, another Fox body Mustang Cobra. There’s been a run on these lately, with low-mileage, stock examples seemingly crawling out of the woodwork and popping up for sale. The question becomes, how do you decide which one is right for you? This Cobra is like many of the others, remaining in stock condition with under 50,000 original miles. The bodywork looks quite sound, and the paintwork shows no obvious flaws. Despite the proliferation of clean Cobras as of late, the entire production run was still just under 5,000 cars. Find this red-over-gray example listed here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $35,000.

We literally just featured this car’s twin, albeit one with higher miles, and it sold for a healthy $26,000 on eBay. Given this example has lower miles than that one, there’s a good chance a buyer will be able to justify the extra premium – but with just under a $10,000 difference in price, it’s hard to say whether the lower mileage of this car is worth the extra cost. The gray leather looks to be in fine shape with no obvious flaws other than the natural aging that occurs from use. The seller notes the original floors mats were kept covered in plastic when not in use, and that the window sticker is included. It features a sunroof, CD player, and rear defrost.

The Vibrant Red paint shows no obvious flaws or sun fading, and the polished Cobra-specific wheels still look sharp all these years later. The Fox body Cobra was offered in just three colors, and it seems like the last round we’ve featured here have overwhelmingly been red. While Mustangs of this era are often prone to customizing and modifications, the Cobra-specific bodywork remains in place and the suspension doesn’t appear to have been altered, either – though, it does look quite good when the fenders are an inch closer to the top of the tires. The seller confirms the Cobra has no paintwork and is a “9 out of 10” condition-wise.

The steering wheel doesn’t show any major signs of use or damage from greasy hands. The interiors of these cars were simple affairs, and largely unchanged from a standard Fox body. The seller reports the Cobra is used primarily for car shows, and that it’s won numerous awards at local events. That’s not a surprise, as even with the glut of Cobras seemingly on the market right now, there still aren’t likely more than a handful per large metropolitan area. This one isn’t priced outrageously and has just enough miles on it to not feel scared to add a few of your own each year.

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  1. Arthell64

    35k is cheap compared what people ask for the early k code mustangs. With late 70’s trans am’s hitting 40 to 50k (for nice ones) I think this will be a bargain in a few years:

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Hits a sweet spot: overall good condition, high performance model, sharp looks, not complicated, popular, “just right” mileage such that adding more isn’t an issue. This one might be priced a bit high, but these Cobras have been appreciating rapidly in recent years, and should continue to do so.

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  3. George Mattar

    Shoulda bought that new teal colored one I didn’t buy in 1993. Who knew.

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  4. Johnny

    To look at that or $35,000 ? I,ll take the $35,000 and save $30,000 and buy a nice car that I can run the day lights out of for less. A car like this was made to drive not baby around . I saw one yesterday with a 4 cylinder .That looked just like this one for $2,000. Take it and put in a v-8-4 speed and a posi 4:11 and your set to go. Enjoy life. Why safe it for someone who doesn,t care about you and would sale it real quick or run the tires off of it. Put yourself first for once and enjoy your life.

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  5. Queequeg

    but they’re so ugly

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