Sweepstakes Prize! 1966 Dodge Charger


Thanks to reader Craig B. for this great find! Back in April of 1966, Chrysler gave away six new cars in a national sweepstakes: this beautiful Charger is one of the six. 51,000 documented miles later, it’s up for sale here on eBay, with bidding currently at $9,211. While the car was originally won in Ohio, it’s waiting for a new owner in Woodbury, New Jersey.


While undoubtedly there are some larger fastbacks, there are few with as much presence as these first Chargers. And while this car features a repaint that has some age on it, the shine is gorgeous and it is said to be in the original color. I love that the car still has its original wheel covers and the narrow whitewalls that look so period.


You’ll definitely get noticed in this classic! It just looks like an almost new car, doesn’t it? And I think the coolest thing about this particular car is that all the documentation is included–even the original 3 x 5 index card that has the winner’s name on it!


Here’s a newspaper clipping of the presentation of the keys. The story goes that the car was driven until 1978 and then stored in a heated garage. I wonder if you could contact the family of the original owners to learn more. I know I’d try.


The interior is just as stunning as the rest of the car. Yes, it shows a little wear, but very little. I think the brown steering wheel is a curious choice; does anyone know if that’s original or not? I guess I could understand it better if it were fake wood, but it appears to be just plain brown.


There’s been some mechanical work done to make the car roadworthy again, including a re-cored radiator and new brakes front and rear. I’m guessing there’s been some repainting of the engine components as well, because I can’t believe that’s original engine paint shining like that. However, it looks great, and it appears the folks doing the work have done a nice job. I’m not a Dodge expert so I can’t tell if it’s to original standards or not, but it sure looks nice! So, would you like to own this sweepstakes prize like I would? Let us know what you think!


  1. Howard A Member

    Not to gloat, but now that I’m a member (thanks again, btw) I’m the only one to get exclusive early access to these finds and,,,,wait, just a sec, (phone ringing) Hello? Hi Josh. What’s that? All members get early access? Not just me? I see,,,,,,Never mind,,( Emily Litella)
    Never cared for these, and I wasn’t alone, but they were different. ( again, a hatchback would have helped) Sure is nice, though. If this car had a red interior, it would be the “Man from U.N.C.L.E”s car. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/98/57/c2/9857c2d4c26adc52a5e077bbf6633a3e.jpg

    • Howard A Member

      Oh, btw, another poster on a previous ’66 Charger knew about the “UNCLE” car.( sorry, I forget who) I had forgotten all about that, but for most of us, that was the 1st time we saw the ’66 Charger.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi thumbs downers! I just wanted to give credit to where it was due. What, I shouldn’t give credit to where it was due? What, it wasn’t the 1st time we saw the Charger? What, what, WHAT!!! ( oh, btw, I think you missed a few of my posts a while back. Could you please go back and do that?)

      • Woodie Man

        Yo Howard A…carborundum non illigimati est. Btw….Robert Vaugh aka Napolean Solo died a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Jon

    Nice car. Is it just me, or is the eBay link missing?

  3. RickG

    This page won’t let me post the eBay link so Google 1966 Dodge Charger Sweepstakes eBay

  4. gbvette62

    The steering wheel look’s to be an original, plastic, wood grained wheel. The Mopar’s had a light colored “wood” wheel, not a darker walnut or redwood finish, like usually seen in Chevrolet’s. Later Charger’s used a color keyed horn button, but I think 66’s used the brown horn button with the wood wheel.

    I’m not a Mopar fan, but as an 11 year old kid in 65 when the fastbacks started coming out, I fell in love with all of them. The Charger, Barracuda, Mustang 2+2, and even the Rambler Marlin!

  5. Jim Mc

    Bidding at $13K with a $24.5K BIN. Seems to me like a deal for a 383 4-bbl in this condition, even w/the auto.
    Beautiful car.

  6. Todd Zuercher

    Looks like this car was originally won by a couple near Dover, Ohio. I was born and grew up near Dover and I’m surprised it wasn’t totally rusted away by storage time in 1978.

  7. 8banger Dave Member

    It’s not a ’68, that’s for sure, but the 383 surely makes it fun enough.

  8. Rustytech Member

    Personally I think these were the best looking Chargers ever. This is a very nice example! I have been looking for one in decent condition to restore, this ones too nice. If I were looking for one just to drive & show I’d be all over this. Love the colors.

  9. Dan

    I think it is I of fair that they have another sweepstakes and give it away again!

  10. Mark S

    This is one of my all time favorite cars, I love it’s chiseled features and its long flat back with just a small amount of fin. It got just about the most elegant grilles going. And talk about riding in style everyone gets a bucket seat and a console arm rest. Under the hood although not the biggest mill offered in those days I’m sure this car is no slouch. And I even like the colour. If I were better off financially I’d be on a plane prepared to pay the price of admission. Awesome find Jamie.

  11. mtshootist1

    I agree with Rusty Tech, I was 14 when the 66 Charger came out, and the old man and I had to go into town to get tractor parts, anyway, the little town in Kansas that I grew up in, had the big three auto dealers, Ford, Chevy and Dodge/Chrysler. there was a bronze colored Charger just like this one on the showroom floor, I tried real hard to talk the old man into buying it, but he hated Dodges, so there you go. Now all but the Chevy dealer are long gone, and the Chevy Garage and showroom where I spent my youth has been torn down. But the old Dodge dealership building is still there, and every time I go back home, and drive by that building I remember that bronze Charger sitting on the showroom floor,

  12. G 1

    66 was the last year of the spinner hub caps.

  13. Chebby

    My favorite wheel covers on any car ever.

  14. Charlie Dodge

    gbvette62 is right on, the steering wheel is correct, the optional simulated wood wheel offerrd by Chrysler Corp on the Charger and other models. I’m not sure if this is the same Charger, but I think this car has been for sale for awhile….anyone else…..??? No matter, these were great looking cars, IMO, and the color combo of this one is awesome!

  15. Charlie Dodge

    gbvette62 is right on, the steering wheel is correct, the optional simulated wood wheel offerrd by Chrysler Corp on the Charger and other models. I think this one has been for sale for awhile…..anyone else…..??? No matter, these were great looking cars, IMO, and the color combo of this one is awesome!

  16. kevin

    wow it’s so clean and original

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