Sweet And Crusty: 1970 Saab 96

'70 96

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The last V-4 Saab 96 we featured here in December 2015. Will this 96 bring you happiness too? Parked in Export, Pennsylvania, this 1970 Saab 96 is listed here on eBay at no reserve with the high bid at the time of writing at just $949. You still have time to get this 1970 Saab 96.

'70 96 engine bay

The history of the engine is not known. The v-4 maybe the factory original and may have also been rebuilt at some point, the seller doesn’t know. This is a running, stopping Saab 96 that can be driven as-is, so that is a nice plus.

'70 96 dash

The interior does look to be in order. The temperature and fuel gauges work, but the odometer and the tachometer are inoperable. There are two ignition keys, but there is not a key for the door or the boot (trunk). The headliner, door-cards and back seat look good.

'70 96 rear

There is some pitting on the chrome and some rust on the rear panel. There are 40 images with the ad for your review, so be sure to take a closer look at it.

'70 96 front seats

The interior looks great.  The seller states that the car may have been repainted at some point.

'70 96 left side

The upside, the shinny side, of the car is looking good! We wouldn’t mind being seen in this one.

'70 96 front

There are no images of the crusty side as the seller calls is, “Now……..the underneath is CRUSTY!!!!”  The seller says there are some small holes on the floor to the rocker seams and the jack posts are starting to get crusty. There are no HUGE holes as of yet. If you are a “serious” bidder you can ask for the “detailed underneath pictures”. If you want a clean looking, operating V-4 96 you may wish to view the “crusty” images so you will know what you are getting into. This could turn out to be a good buy if the price is right and the crusty areas can be put in order at a reasonable cost.  Hopefully someone will keep this one on the road and in working order.



Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Jason Houston

    That’s $949 more than I would give for a 1970’s car styled to look like a pre-war foreign car. And people have the **** to say the Edsel was ugly? Aw, c’mon! This is just ugly personified.

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  2. Scotty G

    I wonder if this was a flipper car the last time around, to be that crusty and rusty with that nice of a paint job? It almost seems like when people have a class reunion they diet for a couple of months and get a facial and get their hair done, etc., but underneath all of that.. yeah..it’s not quite as pretty as the superficial cover treatment appears to be.

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  3. John B

    Wow, up to $3025. A buddy had one of these back in the 80’s. Best snow car ever when fitted with tall skinny snow tires. Unstoppable.

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  4. Tom Hall

    Whatever it really is, it’s already up to 3 times that $949 – and then some.
    Another one goes off the charts….

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  5. Gary I

    What’s $3,000 for a car you like in decent condition? Cheap if you think these are the greatest! Not me personally. I like my classic cars with a little muscle and do not normally like the styling of foreign cars, but what can you get for $3,000 plus in good condition? Not much these days. Someone will enjoy it for what it is at a fair price.

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  6. Eli

    Rust! The biggest variable. Just like going to the Dr as he investigates a dark spot on any internal organ…….

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  7. JW454

    I’ve always liked the look of this model Saab. If I had one, I’d give it a 60’s rally car look with stickers, number emblems, and mud flaps etc. Cool looking little car.

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  8. MountainMan

    These are such quirky odd little cars. I sure do like them and the more I see the offered for sale the more i want one. I have owned several two stroke motorcycles but I am not sure If I would want one of these with the two stroke engine. The V4 would likely be the way I would want to go. This one looks pretty nice on the shiny side. I would have to see underneath to determine if its worth it but based on the bidding there are a few people who feel it is worth having despite some peoples negative comments

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  9. Paul B

    I owned numerous 96s and they were truly great cars for people with some mechanical awareness, aptitude and enthusiasm. I loved them. Very easy to work on and keep running nicely, though not as trouble-free as a Corolla or 510. The big unknown here is rust. These have self supporting bodies. Floor pan rust is fixable but it can be all over if rust has invaded the side floor beams and cross beam holding everything solid and in alignment. Spring, rear axle and shock mountings also must be carefully checked, along with the 3-way welded seam of the firewall, floor and engine compartment floor. I hope whoever buys this really checks those places out first. I had a great beater ’70 that we drove twice across the U.S. and back in ’78 and ’79. Stable, trusty and 38-41 mpg.

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