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Sweet Pea’s Van: 1975 Dodge B100

Old vans with painted murals and shag carpeting are some of the most interesting artifacts you can buy. While some of us may try and figure out the history of our vehicles by tracing past owners or sifting through receipts, cruising vans like this 1975 Dodge B100 do most of the heavy lifting, with their history painted and baked in everywhere you look. Find this project-grade Dodge here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $2,800.

Check out that interior, There’s a false brick wall, green shag carpeting, lounge areas – now I can see why the seller attempted to save this thing. The tragic flaw about vans like these is they are often severely funk-ified inside after years of nefarious use and neglect, but this Dodge remains true to its original form. That’s not to say some serious steam-cleaning isn’t required, but at least you can see what the 70s-inspired design looked like.

Despite the fact that there’s fair amount of rust in the floors and in the body, the remnants of this Dodge’s glorious vanning past are everywhere. “Sweet Pea” walks that fine line all vintage vans seem to do of appearing completely appropriate and never creepy. The artwork is another wonderful call-out to eras past and still looks quite sharp here, and the green paint pairs nicely with the dull bronze Torq Thrust-style wheels.

The up-close photos show at least one of the fenders with some rot-through, along with the drip rail along the perimeter of the roof sporting some corrosion. The floors look better in some places and worse in others; regardless, nothing here is too difficult to fix on the rust front. The seller notes he’s never tried to fire up the Slant-6 as he was intending to swap it out for an eight-cylinder motor, a swap that never came to life. Would you keep the six-cylinder mill in this sweet street van or upgrade to a V8?


  1. Avatar photo Capriest
    • Avatar photo Rosko

      How many vans do you imagine that video sold ?


      I had a straight six Gremlin with air shocks, ET mags, and Radio Shack speakers about that same time. I still remember cruisin’ with The Starlight Vocal Band blasting (turned all the way up to a respectable “6”!) Yeah, good times. Yup, I was a lonely guy. Alright, alright, alright!

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      LOL! I caught some of that movie while doing some late night channel surfing a couple of years ago. Super creepy movie.

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  2. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    That was one of the dumbest songs of the 60’s and I forgot all about it until just now,,,

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    • Avatar photo Al

      I agree, that is a wretched song, I would far rather listen to:


      The vintage is more appropriate as well.

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    • Avatar photo Sandy Claws

      Ahh, no. That was the late 70s. Starland is what John Denver called his spread near Aspen, and the SVB was a group who backed up him on tour. One hit wonders, I know, I had their record on wonderful 33RPM scratchy vinyl. Though the Pioneer PL518 s shaped tonearm turntable I played it on was pretty sweet until it drowned in an apartment fire the summer of 1980.

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  3. Avatar photo Rock On

    Actually Howard the band that sings that song didn’t start up until 1985. I still like to crank that up the odd time on the open highway.

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      I thought it was Tommy Roe, 1966.

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  4. Avatar photo TimS

    Blah blah black light etc. There, that’s out of the way.

    Nice scheme for the custom job, but then I like green, and old vans. I’d resurrect it with slightly less shag.

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  5. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    These were the best looking vans IMHO. Put a modern Hemi with a manual in this and drive it!

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  6. Avatar photo Alfie

    Interest seems strong. Be a good time to sell my ’77 Dodge van, methinks.

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    • Avatar photo brianashe

      Growing up, my family had a maroon ’77 Sportsman with a 318 and 3 on the tree. If yours ticks any of those boxes, let me know.

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  7. Avatar photo Vudutu

    Howard I was afraid of what winters tune was when I clicked on it, turned out it was what I feared. I got that ear worm in my head years ago and liked to drive me nuts, days, weeks it haunted me. You unleashed again, curse you and Edgar.

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  8. Avatar photo Dave

    Pennsylvania State Police have been looking for a Dodge van of this generation for over 30years now. It has a mural of a downhill skier on it and is wanted in connection with the disappearance of Cherry Mahan.

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  9. Avatar photo Mike

    Why do so many people selling vans on CL and eBay fail to show pictures of the passenger side. I asked the seller a couple of questions and requested pictures of the other side, Several days have passed and I’ve yet to hear from him. Also having gutted the interior is a big turn off.

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  10. Avatar photo Sandy Claws

    My Dad would not let my kid sister date guys with these, wonder why?

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  11. Avatar photo BigDoc

    I had a 1977 Dodge van with the name of Braggin Wagon on it. It had a 318 auto in and I never had a power problem with it plus great gas mileage. Unfortunately I got orders to Naples Italy and had to leave it home. My brother bought it from me and drove the heck out it. Last I heard the van had 300,000 plus miles on that 318.

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