Two Wheel Revival: 1969 Sears Allstate SR125

Sears and Roebuck is easily one of the earliest and most recognizable mail order catalog companies. Making the American way of life easier since the turn of last century, Sears has offered mail order home kits, cars, bicycles, and… more»

Solid Single: 1968 Sears Lightweight SR125

This little motorcycle looks as solid as Sears.. used to be.. It’s a 1968 Sears Lightweight SR125 and it’s on Craigslist with an asking price of $1,800. It’s in Charlotte, Michigan, just southwest of Lansing. Thanks to Clarke B for sending… more»

Tough Texan: 1972 Steyr-Puch Haflinger 700AP

This is a 1972 Steyr-Puch Haflinger 700AP and it’s on eBay. Even in its somewhat incomplete and rugged condition the bids are up to just over $4,600 and there are still four days left on the auction! You can… more»

Mini-Manly Moped: 1981 Puch Magnum MK II LTD

From a one-ton Chevy pickup to a 50cc moped, that’s how I roll; anything and everything is on the table! I don’t turn my nose up or look down on any vehicles. This is a super rare, Austrian-made, limited edition 1981… more»

Original Austrian: 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger

This original Austrian is a 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger and it’s in Gunnison, Colorado and is listed on eBay. The current bid price is just over $4,000 and there are six days left on the auction. The reserve isn’t met, however…. more»

1974 Pinzgauer 710K Radio Truck Find

These trucks are said to be a very capable off road vehicles and were used by the military forces of many countries. The engine is an air cooled 2.5 litre inline 4 designed specifically for these vehicles with features like… more»

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