Mini-Manly Moped: 1981 Puch Magnum MK II LTD


From a one-ton Chevy pickup to a 50cc moped, that’s how I roll; anything and everything is on the table! I don’t turn my nose up or look down on any vehicles. This is a super rare, Austrian-made, limited edition 1981 Puch Magnum MK II LTD and it’s on eBay with an unmet opening bid price of $1,500. It’s in Whitehouse, Ohio, 25 miles southwest of Toledo.


This is about as “manly” of a moped as there is and I wouldn’t be afraid to ride this one in public. The smaller the bike or car, the bigger the guts of the person driving it. Plus, I just don’t care what anyone else thinks, if I’m happy that’s all that matters to me, vehicle-wise. This Puch Magnum MK II LTD is #275 out of 500 made and the faring alone may be worth the admission price of this one. Believe it or not, there are actual human beings that collect and love these small mopeds, me included. If I didn’t just buy a different two-wheeler a few days ago I’d be all over this one. And, I’m still thinking about it.. Puch was a respected maker of mopeds and this 1981 MK II LTD is the rarest of the bunch.


This bike shows just 35 miles on the odometer but that can’t be right? The gas tank and side cover emblems are faded a bit and they have some cracking and scratches on them so I doubt if it just has 35 miles on it, unless it was only driven by a little old lady who drove it to church on Sundays through a short but narrow tree-branch-lined trail. The Magnum MK II was the final edition and they came with such things as hydraulic forks, black-chrome, a key ignition and turn signals, although I don’t see turn signals on this one like this other one has, hmm.. another mystery. There was an optional tach available on the Magnum MK II LTD but unfortunately this one doesn’t have that option. I would probably try to track one down and install it if I were going to go after this one.


The 128 pound Magnum MK II LTD was powered by a 49cc 2-speed ZA50 oil-injected engine! Boom! Ok, maybe it’s more like pop than boom. This bike starts on the first kick and here’s what it should sound like, from a YouTube video of Magnum MK II #164. Lots of manly-men laugh at these small bikes and at those who ride them, but I can’t be the only one who isn’t afraid to ride something like this rare moped. Are there any other fans of these little zingers out there?


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  1. Dairymen

    I used to have a Puch, only I didn’t have the tank up high like this but low so you can put your feet on it. I hated that thing with a passion. I remember other guys swapping carburetors, heads, exhausts and we’re able to push them close to the 60 mph mark, but these mopeds were not built for that, and they were notorious for warping frames when you did that.

  2. JoeR

    I’d take a variated frenchie over this anyday…Peugeot TSM for me.

    • JoeR


  3. Techmogogy

    Puch had 80% + of the NA moped market back in the day.
    I collect SDP 4×4 vehicles, this would be fun to haul behind my Puch G :)

  4. Coventrycat

    Pee Wee Herman’s upgrade from a bicycle.

  5. cyclemikey

    I don’t care what anyone says – you gotta love a bike with 50cc called “Magnum”.

    The low miles could easily be original, hard to say. Lots of these kind of bikes were bought, ridden a couple times, and put away back in the day. Fading and scratching are from time and storage, not from mileage.

    Go for it, Scotty!

  6. Andrew

    Anyone growing up in Europe between 1960 – 1980 had one from age 16 onward. They where the primary vehicle to go to school and clubhouse or work. I even remember Harley-Davidson coming out with a 50cc for the European market, but because they were import, too expensive and unknown to the Europeans. In countries like The Netherlands, anything above 50cc was considered a motor cycle, and you needed to be 18 to drive one, and have a motorcycle license.

  7. michael streuly

    That 35 year old moped is no where near worth 1500.00 dollars. The seller is on drugs.

    • Andrew

      Maybe not in the U.S. but in Europe it would be. I wouldn’t be surprised someone will throw it in a shipping container with other U.S. merchandise for Germany, Holland or Italy, etc.

  8. Howard A Member

    Sure is an odd looking thing. If it wasn’t for big hole in the middle, it would resemble a motorcycle more so than other mopeds ( that look more like motorized bicycles) I’m quite sure this thing is brand new. ( with 35 miles, probably drove it home, and didn’t like it) They were a limited use bike, in the US anyway. Sorry, mopeds just didn’t cut it sharing the road with Buicks and Lincolns and Peterbilts, and such. Cool looking bike, just not for me.

  9. AutoArcheologist

    I have to say that there is something I like about that sort of “cafe racer” look… However, even with that, not sure I’d be using this as any kind of regular transportation.. it would be awesome at large swap meets and/or on race weekends as a pit bike.. sure wouldn’t be any others around.

  10. IROC-Z

    I collect them, it’s cool to see one make the barn finds page! Much like early 70’s Honda small displacement bikes, these have a huge following and are among the most collectible out there (same for the Peugeot TSM listed above, the Derbi Laguna, etc). It’s becoming more common to see the step-thru Puchs (Maxi, Newport, etc) now reaching four-digit values in certain areas of the country, so this Magnum above is worth a good amount of money. In the spring time, this bike would pull over $2k believe it or not. Too bad the fairing looks to be a reproduction and someone spray painted over the number plaque.

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    • Terry Marshall

      I think I have one of the 500 they made

      • Erik

        Hi Terry, are you looking to sell it? I’d be interested. Thanks!

  11. Joe F.

    Hey I Loved mine my dad bought mine in 1981 at this little shop in Madison, Ohio mine had electric start and a tall windshield plus 2 side saddle bags. I rode that thing every time I got a chance! I have a Fully dressed Goldwing I’m 6’ 235 lbs and I would love to ride one like I had! Unfortunately Mother’s Day 1983 I was hit broadside by a 1956 Chevy! All gone!

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