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Original Austrian: 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger

071316 Barn Finds - 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger - 1

This original Austrian is a 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger and it’s in Gunnison, Colorado and is listed on eBay. The current bid price is just over $4,000 and there are six days left on the auction. The reserve isn’t met, however. How much do you think this one will sell for?

071316 Barn Finds - 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger - 3

This would be a heck of a fun vehicle to own! The seller says that it’s in “good unrestored original condition” and it has a few nicks, but the only real defect is “the driver’s side cv joint boot is torn.” They go on to say that the “replacement boot is easily obtained, but I hear the job itself is a pain (which is why I’ve never tackled it).” This vehicle is street legal in all 50 US states. There are a few different configurations depending on the type of roof/cover you have available. And, seat belts are a good idea…

071316 Barn Finds - 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger - 2

As you can probably imagine, this is an ex-Swiss Army vehicle, and it’s one heck of a tough cookie. Steyr-Puch later designed the Pinzgauer but, for me, this size is much better. I wouldn’t need a huge vehicle like a Pinzgauer, but the Haflinger would be great for anyone with a few acres, or anyone who doesn’t have a pole barn-sized storage building for their collection. At around 10-feet long by 5-feet wide, and 1,300 pounds, that’s perfect! You could throw a couple of motorcycles in the back and drive to the antique motorcycle show in style, but only at 45 mph.

071316 Barn Finds - 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger - 4

There are no overall engine photos, but that’s because it’s tucked away in the rear. The seller says that the “engine fires up immediately, runs smoothly and pulls well throughout the rev range. Clutch, brakes and transmission all work perfectly.” That tucked-away engine is a 643 cc, air-cooled, twin-cylinder boxer with 24 hp. The seller says that they “checked Air Conditioning because it has no doors and Cruise Control because it has a hand throttle.” Alllllrighty then. The interior is all business. The seller says that “the seat backs are not currently attached. The rubber straps that secure them rotted.  Replacements have been sourced and will be installed before the new owner takes delivery.” I think that if this thing goes for $6,000-$7,000 it’ll be a good deal. Have any of you ever owned or driven one of these? How would you use this cool 4X4?


  1. redwagon

    cool idea in theory but those seats look painful.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Does not appear as though the backs are attached to the seats. Note all of the holes in the tubing, which should be bolt or screw locations. It would not surprise me to learn that the backs were some sort of stretched fabric, instead of the cushions which now sit behind the frames….

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  2. Van

    I think your going to need to carry lots of documentation if you plan on driving this on the streat.
    I don’t think the Braselton cops or the Georgia state patrol will go for this.

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    • Dave Wright

      ?…………my Yamaha Grizzley is street legal here, as is my John Deere Gator…….what would be the problem with this? Where do you guys live some Soviet Gulag?

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      • hhaleblian

        I do.
        In Illannoy this would not be street legal. But hey the state is broke is so who cares?

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      • Dave Wright

        Our state has a surplus as well we do call it a free state. 80 MPH speed limits……

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  3. B and A

    I remember the Haflinger very well. I grew up near an army base, here in Tyrol/Austria and they were a common sight on the streets. Man, those things can crawl, you wouldn´t believe. Later, when i was due to do my mandatory army duty, the Haflinger was no longer in service. Pinzgauer´s are still in service to this day.
    Both vehicles were also used by postal service, fire dept´s, red cross and others.

    Haflingers can be seen often at local car shows. Above, a civilean version spotted at a car show in northern Italy.

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  4. B and A

    And another one, once used by a local fire dept.

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  5. john lasiter

    I worked at a dealership in Beaumont TX in the 70’s that sold these Haflingers, and yes they were a lot of fun . I would love to have another one.

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  6. William Spicer

    Thanks so much for featuring my listing.

    To answer a couple of specific questions, the seat backs are now fixed. There are rubber straps that pass through pockets in the back of the cushions to hold them on the metal frames. The seats are actually not bad – kind of like sitting in a lawn chair. Appropriate for off-road (not bouncy), and you’re probably not going to spend hours at a time on the freeway anyhow…

    The vehicle is definitely street legal in Colorado – something of this vintage only requires basic lighting, signals, mirrors and a windshield. There is no requirement here to retrofit seat belts on something that would not have needed them when it was new. I lived in Denver for several years and never had problems with the police when driving it. Even passed emissions (the standard is very low for 1962 vehicles). Of course, your mileage may vary in other jurisdictions.

    The best thing about this vehicle is it’s a hoot to drive. In particular, the turning circle is ridiculously small – well under 20 foot curb to curb. Makes a smart car look like a whale!

    As of right now bidding is at 6,000 and the reserve is met, so whoever is the high bidder takes this home…

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  7. Tim kelly

    My friends has 5 of them, and his brother in law 3, they also have a few pinzgauer’s each, They operate a company in the UK repairing,maintaining and restoring them Called Smithy Garage, Ramsbottom ,lancashire in the UK.
    Their cracking vehicles,and rarely break, they are astonishingly well engineered.and extremely capable off road..and would you believe they drive from the UK to Austria every year for the festival in them…35mph all the way!lol

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  8. Scotty Staff

    Another missed opportunity: this vehicle sold for $10,001.

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  9. bog

    You gotta love the Austrians for naming this vehicle after the main characters in “Lord of the Rings”. If they called it “Hobbit’ then JRR would have gotten paid. Well paid.

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