Two Wheel Revival: 1969 Sears Allstate SR125

Sears and Roebuck is easily one of the earliest and most recognizable mail order catalog companies. Making the American way of life easier since the turn of last century, Sears has offered mail order home kits, cars, bicycles, and even motorcycles. This Austrian built Sears Allstate SR125 is a very nice surviving example that has spent some of its life in a motorcycle museum. Very clean, with some new parts and an engine rebuild, this great looking classic motorcycle is offered for a $1,000! Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Auburn, Indiana. Thanks to reader Jake O. for the great submission!

Uniquely finned, the 125cc two stroke engine has been honed and given a fresh piston and rings. Also new cables, tubes, and gaskets were also installed, along with a lube job, and fine tuning of the bike overall. The small two stroke mill is mated to a four speed transmission, and for the Puch fans out there, you certainly recognize this Allstate as an Austrian Puch M125. There is a fine patina to this bike that went virtually unscathed during the engine rebuild and tune up process.

Reasonably clean for its age and use, there are a few areas that could be cleaned up and not harm the “as found” appearance. Certainly making a great pit bike, or even a city bike, this Allstate has a great look that will have many thinking of a classic Honda at first glance. Although not the most powerful bike, the two stroke engine with its four speed transmission should offer a fair amount of fun all while remembering to rely on drum brakes. Having only two owners, this Allstate was donated to a motorcycle museum in Kansas by its original owner. Upon leaving the museum the current seller purchased and rehabilitated the bike making it a rider once again. Are you in need of a cool two wheel classic?

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  1. Andy

    Pretty neat! Usually when I think of Puch and more specifically, Puch-made Allstates, I think of their mopeds and the 250 Twingle, so seeing this 125 is a cool change. It looks ready to go, too! The radial fins actually were pretty common on European two-strokes in the ’60s and ’70s, though.

  2. LAB3

    $1,000 is a pretty good deal on this one. Keep in mind a two stroke is going to have considerably more power than a four, should be able to hold it’s own at highway speeds.

  3. Steve M

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable can help me with this, I used to have a Puch moped……I mentioned it to a friend and I pronounced it Pooch like a dog. He is a motorcycle maniac, and said its pronounced “pook” like spook without the s……..thoughts?

  4. Howard A Member

    The fact that someone found parts is amazing in itself. Motorcycling is area specific, meaning something like this in a rural, VERY rural area, like where I live would be a joke. Maybe in a gated community, if the residents don’t mind the blitz fog as you go by ( is that oil dripping out the exhaust? That happens with these) I wonder if California even allows 2 cycles anymore, with stringent emission laws. I realize a GoldWing isn’t for everybody, and one has to start somewhere. Maybe for a teen to get their sea legs, but rest assured, they will move on to a better motorcycle.

  5. jdjonesdr

    I always said if I never saw another one of these, it would be too soon. I was right.

  6. Jeffro

    This motorcycle provides much more than enjoyable transportation. It being a 2 stroke, will help control the mosquito population with the exhaust!

  7. ron bajorek

    aren’t these things super fragile? be good out in the country, but this thing would grenade in heavy city traffic. Cool Bike

  8. Allen Wrench

    Craftsman engine?

    • Dave

      Pre Bob Vila.

  9. sluggo

    Remote locations or rural vs urban is not germane here, I have millions of stories of weird bikes where you least expect them.

    These are cool and vintage 2 strokes are very cool and have a cult following, I have 3, a 72 Suzuki TS250 enduro, a 1976 KTM/Penton 400cc High Breather Enduro, and a 1974 Kawasaki S2 350cc Triple (Baby brother to the insane 500 & 750 2 stroke triples).
    Worth learning about and researching very carefully before modifying or working on these old bikes. Some use premix and some oil injection. Also some of these need the crankcase seals replaced or you will hole a piston from the air leak.
    Several local vintage clubs have 2 stroke rides or Tiddler rides.
    Tiddler is a small bore motorcycle ride typically limited to 350cc and smaller. However the Oregon Vintage MC lowered theirs to 250cc when I announced I was bringing my Kawasaki Triple to the 2-Smoke Tiddler ride. They did not feel it was fair to bring a fast bike to a traditional slow ride.
    Another local club, “The Sang Froid Riding Club” is having their 2 stroke ride soon which is Ironic as the region is on fire with over 2 dozen forest fires. We dont need more smoke,

    SFRC’s 18th Annual Two-Stroke Street Ride is coming up on Sunday, Sept 10. Meet at 9am at the Lighthouse Inn in Linnton. Ride leaves at 10am.

    This year it’s action-packed with:

    FREE FLATTRACK time at a private track on the ride route! No, we’re not joking. Get your bike sorted (but don’t stress, there’s no tech inspection) and wear good gear so you can get out there for goofing around and grudge racing!
    A brand new route this year! Twisty as ever and a bit longer than usual so bring a gap gauge for your points.
    Lunch provided! We’ll be chowing down trackside at the flattrack.
    Sacrificial four-stroke engine blow with betting pool and BIG prizes!
    Four-stroke bikes allowed! We reserve the right to splash a little bean oil in your tank, but if you’re SFRC-curious and have been wanting to check out one of our rides, don’t let your woeful lack of a two-stroke stop you. C’mon!

    Seizure later!

  10. Dick in SoCal

    My recollection is that just before Ohio raised the minimum age to 16, some “older” guys in my junior high had “Sears” bikes; Allstate was Sears branding. I was told that the bikes sold for $198. The driveway out of the school entered a road that was flat in one direction and led up a fairly steep hill in the other direction. Those going up the hill needed a push or crawled in low gear.

  11. philthyphil

    Puch made good stuff….

  12. Will Owen

    At the end of their Puch relationship, Sears was selling these at clearance prices. My first bike had been the “twingle” Allstate 175 years before, so when a friend bought one of these and offered it for a ride I was delighted. The ride delighted me even more – not only was it lighter and a lot quicker, it was a remarkably good handler too. I think they were going for $200 or so, but as that was over half a month’s pay for me at the time I had to give it a miss. I certainly did enjoy that ride, though.

  13. Robert Brothersen

    I have my Sears 125 from childhood. My brother and I restored it to like new condition. Mostly cleaning. Once in a while take it around the block. Still fun!

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