34k Miles Captive Import: 1971 Mercury Capri

By 1970-71, all the domestic automakers offered some version of a sub-compact car. Ford had the Pinto, Chevy had the Vega, and AMC lopped off part of the Hornet to come up with the Gremlin. Mercury went a different… more»

Cheap Turbo: 1993 Mercury Capri XR2 Convertible

The 1993 Mercury Capri XR2 Convertible is a car that has always intrigued me. It was a car that was designed and built by Ford Australia specifically for the American market. However, it made it onto Australian roads a… more»

Recent Barn Release: 1954 Lincoln Capri

Lincoln sedans had some noted extremes in styling when comparing the ’56-’60 models to the very attractive, but staid, ’61 to ’69 versions. Before that juxtaposition, there were the more traditional for the time offerings like this 1954 Lincoln… more»

One Owner California Survivor: 1972 Capri

When I hear “Capri” my mind immediately goes to the Fox-body generation that was built from 1979 to 1986. Maybe those a little younger than me first think of the 2-door roadster built from 1991 to 1994. Even though… more»

15k Mile Survivor: 1979 Mercury Capri Turbo RS

By 1978, the imported first-generation Mercury Capri was on its way out. For 1979, Mercury would roll out a new Capri, one that was based on the same Fox-Body that the new Mustang used. To many, this was a… more»

Time Capsule: 1973 Ford Capri GT

When Ford lifted the covers on the Mustang for the first time, they found themselves with a sales winner that was beyond their wildest dreams. Ford of Europe longed for a piece of this action but knew that a… more»

18k-Mile Prototype? 1986 Mercury ASC McLaren Capri

From 1984 to 1986, Mercury worked with American Sunroof Corporation (ASC) to create the only convertible variant of the Capri muscle car – the ASC McLaren Capri. While not all of these limited-production variants were convertibles, this 1986 Mercury… more»

Parked For 10 Years: 1973 Mercury Capri

Family resemblances can range from the extremely vague through to the quite profound. When you look at vehicles like this 1973 Capri, it isn’t hard to see design and styling influences that reflect the success of the 1st Generation… more»

Stored 56 Years: 64k Mile 1954 Lincoln Capri

All things Italian were hot in the 1950s and 1960s and Lincoln named their new stand-alone model, the Capri, after an exotic island in the Gulf of Naples, just off the tip of Sorrento. This 1954 Lincoln Capri sedan… more»

Mustang Sibling: 1986 Mercury Capri 5.0

While survivor Fox body Mustangs show up with some regularity, the same cannot be said for its corporate sibling, the Mercury Capri. This is the top-shelf RS/5.0 model with the venerable V8 under the hood paired to a 5-speed… more»

European Inspired Pony-Car: 1974 Capri

I have never owned a Capri, or a Ford Capri or a Mercury Capri but I know three individuals who have. One was a ’71 and the other two were identical ’77’s bought by two different friends, at about… more»

Mini Mustang: 1973 Ford Capri V8

This 1973 Ford Capri project looks like it’s ready for a next owner to pick up and finish, with the seller noting it has a rebuilt 302 under the hood. My favorite feature right off the bat is the… more»

2-for-1 Deal: 1954 Lincoln Capri Convertible

I don’t think that I know anyone who doesn’t like a 2-for-1 offer, and that’s precisely what you get with this 1954 Lincoln Capri Convertible. Not only do you get a Convertible project car with a clear title, but… more»