COE Trucks

Hot Rod Hauler: 1947 Dodge C.O.E.

It must be COE (cab over engine) truck week at Barn Finds. A few days ago, we featured this 1939 Chevrolet and today it’s a 1947 Dodge which appears to be a model F or H. But again, things… more»

Former Wrecker: 1939 Chevrolet COE Truck

I frequently wind up a post with a “What to do with it?” question and ask readers to offer their ideas and suggestions as to what to do with a vehicle whose continuing purpose in life is not self-evident…. more»

1941 Chevrolet Cab Over Survivor

We’ve featured several COE’s here on Barn Finds over the years. Cab-Over-Engine trucks are becoming increasingly more popular and in turn, more valuable. They share a lot of components with their light-duty cousins but have exaggerated hoods that allow… more»

Solid COE Project: 1954 Chevrolet Cabover

Update 7/13/20 – After being bid up to over $6k and not selling for some reason, this cool cabover has been relisted here on eBay with no reserve! From 5/28/20 – COE’s (Cab-Over-Engines) are a great sub-set of the… more»

Hot Rod Hauler? 1950 Chevrolet COE

COE (Cab Over Engine) trucks seem like they are coming out of the woodwork lately…Probably because they are commanding really strong prices and sellers are capitalizing on a strong market. This 1950 Chevrolet is another example of a truck… more»

Cool COE Project: 1947 Dodge COE

As if a 1947 Dodge COE wasn’t unusual enough, then there are the photos. I should explain those first, they were pretty small so I had to make these horizontal versions to fit the format here, sorry about that…. more»

It’s Da Bomb! One-Owner 1941 Chevrolet C.O.E. Truck

According to the ad, this is a very original 1941 Chevrolet truck that has been owned by the same person since new! It can be found here on eBay with a current bid just over $12,000…the reserve hasn’t been… more»

Endless Possibilities: 1946 Chevrolet COE

There is always something appealing about larger vintage trucks, especial the cab over engine variamts. This 1946 Chevrolet COE is currently for sale with a current bid of $4,400 with the reserve not yet met. It does not have… more»

Heavy Hauler: 1941 Ford C.O.E. 10-Wheeler

COE or cab-over-engine trucks are becoming quite desirable. If you want a cool vintage truck that stands out in a crowd, COE’s are the way to go. They can make really cool hot rods or haulers and share a lot… more»

Big Shorty: 1954 GMC COE Custom

It would seem that old cars are often easier or more desirable to revive, but I love seeing this old Cab Over Engine trucks revived and on the roads. Once a part of mainstream society in their time as… more»

War Time Shorty: 1941 GMC Radio Truck

If you desire a rare and unique “Cab Over Engine” truck, then look no farther as this war time ’41 GMC Radio Truck is about as rare as you can get in the COE world. Having last run in… more»

Restomod Hauler: 1949 Chevrolet COE

I always like to see these old Cab Over Engine trucks being put to use. Sadly many of these trucks sit by the wayside as parts, and restoration are typically higher than the value of these old trucks. Although… more»