Heavy Hauler: 1941 Ford C.O.E. 10-Wheeler

COE or cab-over-engine trucks are becoming quite desirable. If you want a cool vintage truck that stands out in a crowd, COE’s are the way to go. They can make really cool hot rods or haulers and share a lot… more»

Big Shorty: 1954 GMC COE Custom

It would seem that old cars are often easier or more desirable to revive, but I love seeing this old Cab Over Engine trucks revived and on the roads. Once a part of mainstream society in their time as… more»

War Time Shorty: 1941 GMC Radio Truck

If you desire a rare and unique “Cab Over Engine” truck, then look no farther as this war time ’41 GMC Radio Truck is about as rare as you can get in the COE world. Having last run in… more»

Restomod Hauler: 1949 Chevrolet COE

I always like to see these old Cab Over Engine trucks being put to use. Sadly many of these trucks sit by the wayside as parts, and restoration are typically higher than the value of these old trucks. Although… more»