COE Trucks

BF Auction: 1946 Dodge COE WHMA-48 Tanker

SOLD Some people find the prospect of tackling the restoration of a classic truck overwhelming. However, they can prove surprisingly straightforward. Admittedly, everything is bigger and heavier than you find on the average car, but the engineering and construction… more»

Lights & Sirens Working! 1942 Ford Coe Fire Truck

The Ford COE (Cab-Over-Engine) trucks were versatile workhorses, used in everything from agriculture to dump trucks to fire engines.  This 1942 Ford Fire Truck falls into the latter category and was recently acquired by the seller from a private… more»

Rare 1947 Ford Marmon Herrington Forestry Truck

Cab-over-engine (COE) trucks are a popular form factor for work vehicles due to their efficient use of space. Now, their unique aesthetic has them showing up more often at car shows–at least in my personal experience. There’s something special… more»

Tall Project: 1950 GMC COE Septic Truck

Cab Over Engine trucks are some of the most unique and “cartoonish” vehicles ever made. They have the same general appearance as their light-duty cousins but feature exaggerated hoods and tall cabs which sit over the engine, hence the… more»

Pickup Conversion Candidate? 1952 White 300 COE

COE projects are always so compelling. The art deco design is extremely attractive, and you know that trucks like this White 3000 will look absolutely killer when someone builds a high-quality rat rod out of it. And while commercial-grade… more»

Rat Rod COE: 1968 International Harvester

Dragging home a big truck project is one of the more daunting prospects I can think of when it comes to a rescue mission. I routinely have non-running projects shipped here and there, but it never requires more than… more»

Hot Rod Hauler: 1947 Dodge C.O.E.

It must be COE (cab over engine) truck week at Barn Finds. A few days ago, we featured this 1939 Chevrolet and today it’s a 1947 Dodge which appears to be a model F or H. But again, things… more»

Former Wrecker: 1939 Chevrolet COE Truck

I frequently wind up a post with a “What to do with it?” question and ask readers to offer their ideas and suggestions as to what to do with a vehicle whose continuing purpose in life is not self-evident…. more»

Unfinished Project: 1956 Ford C-750 COE

Well, here is something you don’t see parked on the street every day. Or even here on Barn Finds. I believe this is the first 1956 Ford C-750 COE. (cab over engine) truck we’ve featured. There’s not a lot… more»

Former Coke Truck: 1968 Ford C600 COE

Another day, another tempting cabover project. This time, it’s a 1968 Ford C600 that was used as a sheep truck until its retirement in the dusty confines of a New Mexico barn yard. Before that, it hauled refreshing bottles… more»

1941 Chevrolet Cab Over Survivor

We’ve featured several COE’s here on Barn Finds over the years. Cab-Over-Engine trucks are becoming increasingly more popular and in turn, more valuable. They share a lot of components with their light-duty cousins but have exaggerated hoods that allow… more»

Came With The Building: 1950 Chevrolet COE

The seller of this cool Chevrolet COE truck claims to have discovered it in the parking deck of an old building they purchased! Since the purchase stipulation is “as-is, where-is” the new buyer will get to actually rescue this… more»

Ready To Haul: 1951 Chevrolet 5700 COE

Chevrolet debuted it’s Advanced Design series of trucks in 1947 and kept building this great design until 1955. While most of us that are into these trucks are on the hunt of the light duty half-ton models, there’s no… more»

Solid COE Project: 1954 Chevrolet Cabover

Update 7/13/20 – After being bid up to over $6k and not selling for some reason, this cool cabover has been relisted here on eBay with no reserve! From 5/28/20 – COE’s (Cab-Over-Engines) are a great sub-set of the… more»

Hot Rod Hauler? 1950 Chevrolet COE

COE (Cab Over Engine) trucks seem like they are coming out of the woodwork lately…Probably because they are commanding really strong prices and sellers are capitalizing on a strong market. This 1950 Chevrolet is another example of a truck… more»

Cool COE Project: 1947 Dodge COE

As if a 1947 Dodge COE wasn’t unusual enough, then there are the photos. I should explain those first, they were pretty small so I had to make these horizontal versions to fit the format here, sorry about that…. more»