Affordable Project: 1951 Plymouth Concord Business Coupe

Some models are renowned for their longevity, while others can be a “blink and you’ll miss it” proposition. The Plymouth Concord falls into the latter category, with Plymouth only producing the car for two model years. The 1951 Business… more»

Always Garaged: Rust-Free 1979 AMC Concord D/L

We have seen quite a few examples of the “fancy Hornet” over the last few years here at Barn Finds. I have never driven a 1979 AMC Concord D/L such as the one shown here on eBay in Anderson,… more»

Cheap Classic: 1980 AMC Concord DL

This 1980 AMC Concord DL is loaded up with a nice array of optional extras and appears to be in above-average condition for its age. It is hard to go wrong with a nice car finished in black, and… more»

Solid Silver: 1979 AMC Concord DL Silver Anniversary

In 1979, AMC marked the 25th anniversary of the merger between Nash and Hudson by releasing a limited number of their Concord model designated the Silver Anniversary Edition. This edition brought some cosmetic upgrades to the Concord, but no… more»

Cheap Classic: 43k Mile 1981 AMC Concord

Update 7/9/19 – After a few months, this AMC has been relisted here on eBay with a $2,000 buy-it-now. Seems like a bargain price for a nice uncommon classic! From 4/24/19 – As a lover of all vehicles big… more»

Prize Winning AMC: 1978 AMC Concord

This AMC Concord D/L is an award-winning car. The car was awarded a Gold medal by the Antique Automobile Club of America in 2017 for its immaculate restoration. The owner has now decided to part with the Concord and… more»

Reluctant Sale: 1982 AMC Concord Survivor

Sometimes you can look at an advertisement for a car and think that on the surface the price is too high. At first glance this AMC Concord for sale with a clean title here on craigslist with a price… more»