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Solid Silver: 1979 AMC Concord DL Silver Anniversary

In 1979, AMC marked the 25th anniversary of the merger between Nash and Hudson by releasing a limited number of their Concord model designated the Silver Anniversary Edition. This edition brought some cosmetic upgrades to the Concord, but no performance improvements. Barn Finder Ben S referred this Silver Anniversary Concord to us, so thank you so much for that Ben. It is located in Richburg, South Carolina, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the listing to open at $5,495, but there have been no bids to this point. He has also set a BIN of $7,695. Interestingly, while there have been no bids, there are 46 people who are watching the listing.

Cosmetically, the Silver Anniversary Edition was pretty easy to spot when compared to your average Concord. The two-tone silver paint, silver vinyl landau top, and wire hubcaps were all features of the car. The first thing that I will say about this particular Concord is that it appears to be a solid car. The owner claims that it is completely rust-free, and the supplied photos tend to back this claim. The rear bumper filler panel has paid the price for years of UV exposure, but a replacement panel is included with the car. The paint itself is starting to look pretty tired and has also worn through in a few spots. I really can see a repaint in this car’s future. Similarly, the silver vinyl top has started to split and crack, and action will be needed in this area to prevent rust from forming under the vinyl. Otherwise, the car looks to be quite clean and straight.

The Silver Anniversary Edition brought the potential buyer a choice between two interior trim colors. They could choose either black corduroy or as in the case of this car, russet. The interior of this Concord actually looks to be in pretty reasonable condition. The carpet and the outer tops of both front seats show a bit of fading, but otherwise, it does look to be quite good. There is also a mark on the carpet on the transmission tunnel, and this is where a CB radio was screwed down at some point during the car’s life. Apart from a factory AM radio, luxury appointments only extended as far as air conditioning, a tilt wheel, and cruise control. The owner feels that there may be a leak somewhere in the A/C system, as while it does blow cool, it isn’t as cold as it could be. Also, the cruise doesn’t currently function, so this will require some investigation.

The engine bay of the Concord presents very nicely, and this is no real surprise. The 258ci 6-cylinder engine and 3-speed automatic transmission were removed from the car in 2017 and were gone through from top to bottom. They received all new seals and gaskets and were fully detailed before being returned to their rightful place. The Concord has also recently received new brakes, new tires, new belts and hoses, a new fuel pump, and the carburetor was rebuilt. As a result, this is a car that runs and drives really well and displays no leaks or problems. Making life that bit easier is the fact that the Concord is also fitted with power steering and power brakes.

This is the moment where I am hoping that one of our readers is a true AMC specialist because the owner of this Concord claims that only 1,200 of the Silver Anniversary Edition Concords were produced. I wasn’t so sure about this number, so I’ve spent a good few hours searching the internet to either prove or disprove this claim. Unfortunately, I can find no information either way. The Concord probably doesn’t rate amongst the greatest cars to have rolled out of the AMC factory, but finding decent examples for sale today can be quite difficult, whilst finding a Silver Anniversary Edition is close to impossible. For the person who is looking for a classic car that is really different, then perhaps this is a car that would offer that option.


  1. Will Fox

    All the appeal of an enema bag. The seller’s dreaming big. Too big. I wish him luck.

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  2. ramblergarage

    These are beautiful looking cars. My dad had the 4 door version new and everyone was always asking about it. Wish we had kept it. Ours had the 232 six (last year).

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    • Mitch Ross Member

      Ive seen this csr and know the owner, it is exactly as represented

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    • Tracey Gordon

      I have one that still runs and drives, no wrecks or rust. Love it,, but would be willing to sell

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  3. art

    That large stain on the left rear quarter under the vinyl roof trim does not bode well for what might be happening under that vinyl roof. Yikes.

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    • Tom

      That is a mark from where a car cover was on it, got wet, and froze to the car. No rot anywhere on this car.

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  4. CanuckCarGuy

    Seeing this poor, faded beauty reminds me of my youth; in the early 80’s my dad would bring my grandfather’s ’71 Maverick home, where we’d wash and wax the little blue gem and clean the interior. Then, back to my grandfather’s garage it would go to gather fresh dust…my grandfather wasn’t able to drive by that time, but he knew it was clean, polished and full of gas if he ever found himself able to drive again.

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  5. Capriest

    My dad had a 4dr like this only it was just silver, not a special edition. Most bland lame car I remember growing up. I don’t recall any problems with it, but I know he didn’t like it. Went and traded it on a gold 77 firebird that had the 305 replaced with a 400sb in short time. Went around doing reverse burnouts all the time calling it a rockford, had no idea what he meant at the time haha. The concord was re-sprayed white by the used car lot within a week. Only redeeming quality was it was the first car I was in with reclining seats. Same red only it was perforated vinyl…..loved those seats!

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  6. Miguel

    I would expect much shinier paint on a car with this price tag.

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  7. Little_Cars

    Hard to get shiny paint on a silver/platinum car of this vintage. Especially an AMC product with metallic paint. Seller is dreaming with the BIN, may sell at or below that ask though.

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  8. Larry Burks

    I’ve been looking for the 4 door version of this car for some time. I had the 4 door version with the black interior. Hate that I traded it in on a new car in Killeen, TX in 1983. I am interested in purchasing a vehicle like the one I had. I will keep this on my list of maybe to get.

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