Rebel Machine Wagon: 1979 AMC Concord V8

AMC vehicles have always had a special place in my heart, as the car I learned to drive on was my dad’s 1977 Gremlin.  I’m thankful to this day that he insisted I learn to drive in a car with a manual transmission, instead of in my mom’s 1976 Mailbu.  That Gremlin had an inline 6 cylinder engine, and although it wasn’t fast it was durable, but this 1979 AMC Concord Wagon that is being offered for sale here on eBay is obviously durable and I’m sure it is pretty fast as well.  It is located in Gilbert, Arizona, and at the time of this writing, bidding is up to $4,450 with the reserve not yet met and a little less than 4 days remaining on the auction.

This Concord Wagon left the factory with a 304 cubic inch V8, but under the hood now is a 360 V8 paired with an automatic transmission.  Aftermarket engine parts include an Edelbrock intake manifold, Holley carburetor, and headers connected to a side pipe exhaust system.  The car has a custom paint job that sort of mimics the Rebel Machine, a one-year AMC offering in 1970 that looks like this in case you are not familiar with it.

The seller says that the paint has a blemish or two in it, but inside things look to be overall nicely preserved.  The tan interior seems to be in good shape, with both the front and rear seats looking clean and showing little wear.  The sun visors have been re-covered and there’s a new headliner up above.  The car had 62,000 miles when the current owner purchased it two years ago, and it now has 64,000 miles.

While this car has a lot of form, what’s cool about it is that it also has a lot of function.  There’s quite a bit of room in the back with the seat folded down, and I really like where the speaker placement is in the back of the car.

Overall, this is a pretty nice customized AMC Concord Station Wagon, and with that 360 V-8, it must be a blast to drive.  With the unusual paint job and graphics, this car would definitely get attention everywhere it goes and although the reserve price hasn’t been met I’m guessing it may not be too far off from where the bidding is now.  What are your thoughts on this 1979 AMC Concord Station Wagon?


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  1. alphasud Member

    I generally like what he was trying to do here minus the paint and stance of the car. Not many Concord wagons around anymore. The design has never grown old on me like other designs. I always thought they were good looking wagons. More so than the sedan or hatchback versions.

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    • AMCFAN

      My thought is it is a nice gesture to associate the car with a Rebel Machine. That is where it ends. If we are making something it isn’t A better choice would have been to modify it to a Concord AMX since it shares the tail lights or a Spirit AMX since it shares the dual headlights. Add Grill screen and flares.

      The way it stands now is a very incorrectly painted R/W/B Concord with Tan interior and Gremlin wheels. Machines didn’t have side pipes so I don’t know? Day two resto?

      What the guy had is clean example of a Concord wagon. 1979 is the last year for the H code V8 in AMC passenger cars. That in itself is a very very rare option. I am to assume it was the seller who yanked the original 304 and added a hopped up 360. The reason for that is?

      I know I know. It’s the guys car. It’s his to do what ever bla bla. I believe he made it very tacky. I will say that a Concord in 1979 with a 304 is rare. Break it down to the wagon the numbers go down from there. Not many were buying V8’s at AMC in 79. I had a 79 Pacer Limited wagon with a 304. The late Larry Mitchell estimated there were less than 40. It stickered a little less than a base Corvette.

      Good luck with the sale.

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  2. Howard A Member

    A whaaaaaatttt? Good heavens,,I swear, give an American a mundane vehicle and a wad of cash, and this is the result. Don’t get me wrong, these “Sportabout” type cars changed everything in car design, it, however, was the most unlikely candidate for this kind of modification. They were ho-hum people movers, that were used and thrown away.
    I too have had enough of this “over doing it” with the USA motifs, ( a guy on a nearby highway is mounting American flags on fence posts every 100 feet for several miles) I’m as patriotic as the next person, but I’m well aware of how great the USA is, I don’t need red, white, and blue jammed in my face. I’m sure this is a fun car, but lose the graphics. It would look sharp with nice color.

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  3. KC John

    I kinda like it. Nice nod to AMC muscle days. Could drop some air out of these rear shocks though. Ya just know they’re Gabriel Hijackers.

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  4. Troy s

    Best thing going on here is that it is Not another fifty thousand dollar SS 396 Nova, and I’m being conservative on the fifty part. Or 45 thousand dollar souped up fastback Mustang like the one a day or two ago.
    I’m not surprised to see such an unlikely troop like this being rodded, a cheap car then and still cheap now.
    Numbers matching survivor status on such a car as this seems pointless so why not make it more fun to drive.
    Can’t get around the paint job though, those colors are strong on a flag for sure, but on a car it’s just too tacky….for me anyways. Burgundy, maroon, silver and black, primer red, something else ya know?

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  5. Cadmanls Member

    Kind of understand where this was going but seems to have derailed. The side pipes and air shocks are so out of date. Get it, the AMC color palate, just design is not the best execution. Probably runs pretty decent. Some paint, wheels, tires and ditch the side pipes and a nice cruiser.

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    • wcshook

      Actually, the Laker side pipes looks very good! When I was coming up, the Lakers were “the thing”. They look very subdued and not in your face.

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  6. Steve Clinton

    “The car has a custom paint job that sort of mimics the Rebel Machine…”
    It looks more like a USPS delivery car.

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    • Steve Clinton

      And what’s with the ‘Rebel X’ logo on the tailgate?

  7. George

    Sure it would cost as much as the car itself….but this one would look great repainted in a Fender Greenburst!

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  8. Sam Shive

    The only thing I’d change is the carpet. AMC always had RED WHITE & BLUE.

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    • Ignatius J. Reilly

      Definitely could use new carpeting. Always wondered why, no matter the make, tan/brown carpeting, instead of just fading over time like other colors, becomes green?

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      • SubGothius

        Prolly because the brown/tan is a mixture of pigments, of which the green component is the hardiest and takes longer to break down or bleach out.

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      • wcshook

        I have often wondered why tan fades to green. Doesn’t matter the manufacture of the vehicle.

  9. scottymac

    I want to meet the builder, guy’s got a helluva sense of humor! If it was mine, only thing I’d chance is a Hornet front clip, and a Machine ram air hood scoop/tach mount.

    Steve Clinton: if I understand your question, Rebel Machine was the quickest performing AMC car, there’s also THE MACHINE decals on the front fenders. X denoted the sportier versions of AMC’s offerings. Builder’s trying to evoke a phantom build vibe.

    My ’76 Mercury Capri had that same tan carpet that eventually turned green from the sunlight.

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  10. Rick

    I’ve been an AMC fan for over 60 years, but I can’t get excited about butchery that turns a decent vehicle into something that looks like Billy Bob stole it from the Post Office and added side pipes.

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  11. Chris

    Once again there will be someone who will want to drive this car . The car is made for the next person who finds it cool to drive . I think the guy was creative that did the work on this car . “One of a kind ” I do not think there would be another @ a car show like this . It doesn’t have to be perfect,or cost 100,000 ,or be a museum piece. So you can pick it apart after you buy the car & do it your way .

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  12. MitchRoss Member

    I would get rid of the blue and keep the red. Sell the pipes to someone restoring a 1960s car. I know someone in Mexico selling a complete set of 1978 AMX flares that would look great on this.

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      I agree. I’ve never been a fan of Red, White, and Blue. They’re fine as one colour on different cars. But not all on one car. And I’ve never cared for the idea of tailpipes on the outside the car.

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