BF Auction: 1947 Cushman Model 52 Scooter

Cushman Motor Works manufactured various vehicles, but for a long time, their bread-and-butter product was Scooters. They were surprisingly successful, managing to build and sell Scooter all the way to 1965. This 1946 Model 52 is peak Cushman, with… more»

Magic Kingdom Mobile! Walt Disney World Trolley

If you ever made a visit to Walt Disney World as a kid, at least the location in Orlando, I’m guessing the chances are near 100% that one of these people movers transported your family from the parking lot… more»

Pint-Sized Collection: Six (6) Micro Cars

A micro car (also microcar) is said to be the smallest of all sizes of an automobile, with three or four wheels and likely an engine smaller than 43 cubic inches (700cc). And sometimes they’re afforded separate regulations pertaining… more»

Grand National Winner: 1951 Allstate Scooter

Buying a national award-winning vehicle is usually a very expensive proposition, even in 2022 when prices seem to have no rational meaning anymore. That’s not the case with this 1951 Allstate 811.30 three-horsepower scooter, which can be had for… more»

Cart Grab Bag: Cushman Truckster Package

Ah, the classic Cushman Truckster – the perfect choice if you’re looking to open your own meter maid business or perhaps a golf course with a courtesy shuttle at every hole. More seriously, the Cushman Truckster is a fascinating… more»

3 Wheeled Fun Truck: 1994 Cushman 461A Truckster

When working on projects it can be a nuisance to move crates and parts across your yard. Sometimes we all think it would be useful to have another pair of hands or additional machines to help us fix our… more»

Trucksters and Trailers: 1970 Cushman Collection

Based today in Augusta, Georgia, Cushman Motor Works and its iterations have been in the business of producing all sorts of outdoor equipment for more than 100 years. This includes scooters, farm equipment, lawnmowers, golf carts, and even boats…. more»

Cushman Trackster: Going Places!

The Cushman Trackster was introduced in 1970 as a vehicle that could “…take you to places you couldn’t go before!” and I think that still holds true today. This one is listed for sale here on eBay and is… more»

Scooter! 1956 Cushman Highlander

Those of us of a certain age (ahem) remember Cushman scooters with the same fondness that others remember Vespas or Honda Trail 70s. This sweet 1956 example is listed for sale here on eBay where the buy it now… more»

Tiny Project: 1960s Cushman Trailster

Had production managed to hang on for one further week, the Cushman Trailster would have been a scooter that remained in production for exactly 5-years to the day. This little guy has ventured a long way from home and… more»

Two-Track Mind: 1976 Clark Trackster

Sometimes a person has to take extreme measures in order to get the job done, whether it’s getting to a remote fishing or hunting spot, or crawling over things in order to make your commute to the office easier…… more»

Barn Fresh Step-Through: 1946 Cushman Series 50

This gorgeous Cushman Step-Through scooter is a claimed California barn find that the seller will not have time to restore. Frankly, it looks too nice to do anything other than refresh the mechanicals and enjoy. The price is strong,… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Cushman Truckster Project

Update – We’ve lowered the price on this Cushman to $800 firm. Be sure to send me a message via the form below if you are interested in it! As some of you likely know, I am helping to… more»

Special Delivery: 1957 Cushman Mailster

If I would have been driving a mail vehicle in the late-1950s I would have wanted something like this 1957 Cushman Mailster. This project package purveyor is listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $2,000 and even… more»

BF EXCLUSIVE: Massive Salvage Yard Collection

To the Barn Finds community: I’m posting my own “Exclusive” for the first time on behalf of a friend who has over 10 acres of cars, trucks, and motorcycles on his property. I am helping him with moving some of his… more»

Rat Rod Candidate: Barn Find Cushman Truckster

Rat rods: we think of the gassers, the T-buckets, even sometimes the occasional air-cooled VW Beetle. But sometimes the “rod” part of the equation isn’t much in the performance department and it just comes down to the looks. Couldn’t… more»

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