Two-Track Mind: 1976 Clark Trackster

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Sometimes a person has to take extreme measures in order to get the job done, whether it’s getting to a remote fishing or hunting spot, or crawling over things in order to make your commute to the office easier… This 1976 Clark Trackster can get the job done. It can be found here on Hemmings with a price of $5,800 and it’s located in Beach City, Ohio.

Information on Clark track vehicles is few and far between but it’s similar to a Cushman Trackster which most of us have heard of. The Clark uses the Cushman track system and the seller says that there are “Improved design tracks currently available as well as all spares required for continued future operation, use with confidence.” They say that the Clark has a “Fully welded aluminum tub. Superior build quality, weight distribution and performance over Cushman Trackster (I’ve had several of those)”

Here is the aluminum tub with the seats and engine cover folded back. The aluminum construction helps to keep the weight down to around 1,200 pounds. This tough rig is about 7-feet long and 5-feet wide and it sure would be fun to own one if a person had a few acres to drive it around on. The seller has done a lot of maintenance on this one, including “Hydraulic lines replaced as needed, tank and screens removed and hot tanked. Fresh fluid and filter. Fuel tank removed and hot tanked.” They go on to say that they have installed “New Magnaloy drive coupling and spare flex joints. Eaton back to back 70124 hydraulic piston pumps, freshened up, new seals, new charge pump on rear pump. Flow bench tested before reinstalling.” It sounds like it’s ready to go!

The engine is an “Onan NHCV-NS 24HP engine, new pistons / rings, seals, fuel pump, Points, Condenser, Coil, Spark plugs, wires filters etc. Rebuilt started New solenoid. Starts easy, no smoke no leaks.” 24 hp is a fair amount of horsepower although I’m guessing that the friction of the tracks holds it back a bit. It sounds like it “Runs and operates well, max speed is approx 12-15 MPH. Rear hitch. Front ties downs. Headlights and tail light operate. Fiberglass is in good condition.” They have included a YouTube video showing it in action, cool! Have any of you heard of a Clark tracked vehicle like this?


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  1. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Um,,,no, but thanks to you and this site, I do now. Can’t beat tracks for when the going gets rough. I could see a definite calling for something like this. Looks like a mechanical PITA, most hydraulic drive vehicles are. Looks heavy and getting this unstuck would be a big problem. No belts or restraints either, kind of odd. For slogging through the brush, can’t be beat.

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  2. Mark Lawson

    Oh my GOD, I want this thing. Someone distract my wife…

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  3. Dairyman

    I lost track (pun intended) how many I’ve seen in the last few years.

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  4. Kenneth Carney

    Sorry Mark, but wives cannot be distracted. Never worked that well for
    me and I was married 22 years before
    she passed from a stroke in 2003.
    I think they have some type of radar that
    lets them know just what you’re up to. I
    know that if mine were alive today, she’d
    give me a huge thumbs-down no matter
    how cool this little truck is. Might be great for you folks up there in snow
    country, but here in sunny Florida, not
    so much. Always enjoy seeing a really
    good oddball vehicle like this. Keep ’em

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  5. Mark Lawson

    My heart goes out to you, Kenneth. In your honor, I will ignore the fact that I do live in snow country, and my wife will be out of town for a few days, which would make it plausible for me to go purchase this insane thing, guaranteeing a lifetime of sleeping upon the couch. In the garage. With no heat…

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    • Bobinott

      That’s why it is not a good idea to keep a tidy garage. There should always be the possibility to hide something like this, back in a corner, under non-suspicious detritus.

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  6. Kenneth Carney

    If anything Mark, just tell her that you’re
    getting ready for the next big blizzard
    and that such a vehicle could be used as
    transportation in the event the roads are
    closed to conventional traffic. During the
    blizzard of ’77, folks living in rural areas
    used these and snow mobiles to render
    emergency services to those left stranded when the storm passed through. Those having medical issues
    were taken to hospitals and supllies
    were delivered to small towns that were
    cut off by the storm. If she won’t buy
    that, just tell her it’s hers!

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  7. TinCanSailor

    Damn i want this. I have no use for it, but when did that ever stop me in the past?

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    • Mark Lawson

      Same here, TinCanSailor. Trying desperately to justify this!

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  8. guggie

    Cheaper than a new snow machine or a side by side atv , kinda cool, If I didn’t have a newer Cub Cadet side by side atv might buy this

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  9. sluggo

    Very cool, With that engine parts shouldnt be a problem, No idea on the drive and tracks though.
    I live up in the hills of Oregon, Much of Oregon has gotten plastered with heavy snow and abnormally cold temps, Thats a Tuesday for Michigan or some places but its shocking to us webfoots.
    This would be super cool to go feed the cows in, There is communities with roofs caved in barns flattened, and tonights news says one place West of Eugene might not see power for 3 more weeks. Amtrak had passengers stuck on a train for 36 hrs in the Snow near the Santiam pass. Bet I could have made $$$ delivering Pizzas, beer and other essentials.
    There are so many trees down that ODOT cleared just under 10,000 trees in the hwys

    Wonder what it can handle for towing? A generator, tools and supplies and you got a winner! (Or a small shelter)

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  10. Patrick

    Yeah they’re cool.
    Was always familiar with the Cushman’s, but never saw a Clarke before.
    These got a decent body style at least, but still have much to be desired as far as looks go. I think they all should be amphibious.
    I think I would like a control system like a dozer, with 2 sticks to steer it with.
    First thing I would do with this one would be to take that goofy looking roll bar off. (those weren’t stock were they?)
    Could fab up a much better looking one then that thing! Something that goes front to back would be good, or behind the seats at least.

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