Cushman Trackster: Going Places!

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The Cushman Trackster was introduced in 1970 as a vehicle that could “…take you to places you couldn’t go before!” and I think that still holds true today. This one is listed for sale here on eBay and is ready to use. The opening bid is $4,000, there’s no reserve and it’s ready for pickup in Hayden, Idaho should you be so inclined.

Based on what I’ve been able to research, the cab is relatively rare as most Tracksters were open platforms. Cushman also made a version that floated called the Marsh Trackster. I was surprised at the number of enthusiasts’ websites devoted to these little vehicles, with a full restoration blog here and resource and parts websites here, here and here. Those tracks were specially developed by Goodyear and the ones on this Trackster are the originals.

This particular Trackster has been re-engined with a more modern Generac 30-horsepower 4-stroke 2-cylinder engine replacing the original OMC 25 or 29-horsepower engine. After reading some of the postings from current Trackster owners, re-powering the go-anywhere machines seems to be quite common. A stock one will do 16 miles per hour with the two Sunstrand hydraulic transmissions whining at full volume (if you can hear them over the exhaust)

Controls and accommodations are pretty sparse. This one has been fitted with extra lights that are controlled by roof switches, but there’s not a lot of padding on the seat. Cushman stated that two full-size people could sit there and that the total capacity of the vehicle was 800 pounds. Apparently Cushman did a good enough job on the track system that another company name Clark used it (and Scotty wrote a post on a Clark last year). Scotty must really like Tracksters because he also wrote one up for Barn Finds in 2016 that makes this one look like a real bargain!

You push the T-handle forward to go forward and twist it to turn in the direction you want to turn in. Here’s a video of one in operation.

Based on the green we can see in the engine compartment, the yellow is a repaint somewhere along the line. The factory ads show them in the green color although the one on the cover of Popular Mechanics in June 1969 is two-tone. It seems to me that this is a relatively inexpensive price for a sorted toy that can do some work as well. Any of you Barn Finds readers interested in this Cushman?

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  1. Paolo

    What the hell would you do with it?

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    • jay

      Mini snow cat.

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  2. Jeremy

    Paolo it would be ideal here in the state of Maine to use as a snowmobile trail groomer.Another use is powerline workers using it to go deep in the woods to job sites to do repairs, change out utility poles, etc. When an emergency is declared, such as blizzards, floods, aftermath of a tornado or hurricane, etc they can be beneficial, even vital. Truely a Go-anywhere machine

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  3. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Way to loud for me, and no heater. I am sure I could find a use for it though.

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    • Piros1

      leiniedude, loud they are but can be a lot of fun.
      What year is your Willys Wagon in your avitar? I have a 1962 and a soft spot for the old Willys Wagon and Trucks.

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  4. CanuckCarGuy

    Whenever I see such a vehicle, I recall my time operating M113s and M548s when I was in the Forces…loud, harsh, slow and uncomfortable…but truly the most fun vehicles I’ve ever driven! I’d find a use for this little beauty, at every opportunity.

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  5. 8banger daveMember

    It would be put to use here in Colorado.

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    • Mike

      Me too…up here in the San Juans…I’d find a use for it.

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  6. guggie

    Upstate New York it would be put to good use year round on my place !!

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  7. steve

    The original engine was the same unit which I had on my 1966 Johnson Ski Horse, Opposed twin with a single carb. A Skidoo would literally run rings around it BUT with that engine and the wide track, it would PULL anything. Broken down Skidoo’s (Back at yah, buddy!) fishing shacks, and it was even used for logging. Limb the tree and haul it out. Having two tracks? Wow…
    It is the kind of thing that when you have it, you find uses for it. I moved out of snow country a long time ago but, should I be back there, I’d have uses for it!

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  8. Lance G Nord

    It would be so much more useful if it had a short bed, but I guess a trailer would work, too.

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  9. Sam

    Perfect use – children recreating scenes from the Shining.

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  10. Ken Cwrney

    Just put a muffler on it and use it to go to
    to the aee-loon Mike! LOL!

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  11. Karl

    Guys I have a question, did Cushman actually build this unit? If it were mine I would have to have some kind of heater and a means to haul a little freight out to the fish house! It looks good for that application.

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  12. Piros1

    I am pretty sure they did. Most of the ones I seen back in the day did not have a cab. I had a friend back in the 70’s that had two both without cabs, one had the flotation setup mentioned in the OP. Fun to have and they were great in the snow and soft terrain.

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  13. PJH

    Just think “fun” and you’ll find a use for it.
    Never saw one with a cab.
    Heat would certainly make sense in snow country (like here in upstate NY)
    Worth about half what he’s asking though.
    Parts are rare of course.
    Never drove one but always thought the little control lever was weird.
    Would rather have the double lever style like a dozer.
    Nobody mentioned it, but these could have been ordered with the flotation ring that goes around the body to make it amphibious. That would be the only way to go.

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  14. PJH

    Ended today 1/4/20.
    O bids.

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  15. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Could you imagine something like that with a powered snow blower auger assembly for a tractor? It would be hard not to go around blowing every city sidewalk around town, mainly because I think it would be just plain fun.
    I have no use for it and don’t know if the $$ are accurate or not for the unit, but I’d like to take it for a spin none the less.

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  16. Poncho

    Woulda been great at my former home in Upstate NY or in the winter time at my place in PA. Now, living in sunny FLA, I would worry about the need for the amphibious ring with the swamps around me here. I could see it being one of those items in 5 years or so that I would wish I bought had bought back then (now). Can’t buy everything. Just not enough cash and garage space to accommodate the wishlist.

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