Falcon Sprint

289/4-Speed: 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint

In a parallel universe, the 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint would have been a sales winner. It brought together a passenger compartment that accommodated a family of five, practical trunk space and a drivetrain combination that offered better-than-average performance. However,… more»

Former V8 Car: 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint

The Falcon Sprint was introduced in mid-1963 as a sporty compact with bucket seats and a V8 engine. That gave the little car more guts when needed for a hasty getaway. But the Sprint was outflanked in 1965 by… more»

Pre-Mustang: 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

Ford introduced its first compact car in 1960, the Falcon. It would be the market leader in sales right out of the gate. But until mid-1963, you could only get a Falcon with a six-cylinder engine. Enter the “1963… more»

BF Exclusive: 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

It wouldn’t be stretching credibility to suggest that the release of the First Generation Mustang sealed the fate of the Ford Falcon Sprint. Potential buyers became so swept up in their desire to park a Mustang in their driveway… more»

Original 260/4-Speed: 1963½ Ford Falcon Sprint Hardtop

With values on 1st Generation Mustangs continuing to climb, some enthusiasts with limited budgets find themselves searching for a more affordable alternative. That could be where cars like this 1963½ Ford Falcon Sprint. These cars share most of the… more»

Parked For 15 Years: 1963½ Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible

The 1963½ Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible was a relatively rare car when it was new, so it is incredible to find a solid one that has been languishing in a shed for more than 15-years. Barn Finder Larry D… more»

Mustang Forerunner: 1963½ Ford Falcon Sprint

Ford got into the compact car business in 1960 and they were solid – but uninspiring – cars until the middle of the 1963 season. That’s when Ford introduced the Falcon Sprint, which would be the first Falcon with… more»

Mustang Alternative? 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

Under different circumstances, the Ford Falcon Sprint could have been a sales winner that endured for many decades. Unfortunately for the Sprint, some pest called the Mustang just happened along, and it was this car that spelled the end… more»

Classified Find: 1963½ Ford Falcon Sprint

When you scrutinize it, there is an awful lot to like about this 1963½ Ford Falcon Sprint. It presents superbly and is a classic that is sure to attract its share of admiring glances wherever it goes. The owner… more»

1-of-300: 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible

When an owner makes a claim about the relative rarity of a particular vehicle, I have a tendency to treat such claims with a level of skepticism. However, the owner of this Falcon Sprint Convertible is correct when he… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1964 Falcon Sprint Roadster

What do you do with a classic when the roof gets crushed in and the insurance company totals the car? Well, you could just let them scrap the car or you could buy it back, chop the roof off… more»

First Of The V8 Falcons: 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

When the Falcon Sprint was released it was the only time that a V8 engine was available as an option in the first generation Falcon, and was available as either a 2-door hardtop or as a convertible. This 1963… more»

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