Mustang Alternative? 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

Under different circumstances, the Ford Falcon Sprint could have been a sales winner that endured for many decades. Unfortunately for the Sprint, some pest called the Mustang just happened along, and it was this car that spelled the end for the model. This 1964 Sprint needs someone to restore it, but at least it is a complete car. It is located in Jefferson, Arkansas, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached a mere $1,276, and the reserve has been met.

There aren’t many more iconic colors than Rangoon Red, and that is what this Sprint is wearing. It is all looking tired now, so a strip and repaint are going to be on the cards. There is plenty of surface corrosion present, but I’m quite surprised by the lack of rust in the panels. I think that there could be some smaller areas in the lower rear quarter panels and the bottoms of the doors. The owner admits that there is rust in the floors, but he doesn’t clarify how extensive this is. For me, this would be a case of not messing around. It is possible to buy a complete replacement floor pan for under $600, and that would be the path that I’d follow. If the state of the trunk pan has any question-marks hanging over it, a further $700 will secure a full replacement. The cutting and welding will be a big job, but at least it entirely eliminates the problem. It appears that all of the trim and chrome is present, but as is the case with the rest of the vehicle, much of it will require restoration.

This Falcon Sprint offers up a 260ci V8, a 3-speed manual transmission, and a 3.25 rear end. With the car in good health, that sweet little V8 should be able to pump out 164 hp. I know that isn’t a big number, but it is still sufficient to propel the Sprint through the ¼ mile in 17.2 seconds. A bit of tweaking can improve those figures, or the buyer might have a spare 289 they can slot in instead. The engine doesn’t run, but it does turn freely. It isn’t clear when it last roared into life, but the seller seems to think that getting it running won’t be difficult.

With an exterior finished in Rangoon Red, it isn’t surprising to find a red dash and black interior trim. The interior is complete, but it has seen better days. The good points include the fact that the dash is unmolested, and the factory radio is intact. The seats will require new foam and covers, while door trims, a headliner, a carpet set, and sundry other items will be needed if the interior is to be returned to its best. Once again, I wouldn’t mess around here. High-quality trim kits can be yours for $1,900, and these contain everything that is required to get the job done correctly.

You have to wonder how different the story might have been for the Falcon Sprint had Ford not given the Mustang the go-ahead. It offered similar levels of performance and could easily have evolved in a similar way to the Mustang. This one will need work, but it provides the potential of Mustang-style performance at a fraction of the cost. It might not have the sheer presence and charisma of a Mustang, but it should still be considered by anyone who is searching for a project car on a budget.


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  1. Troy s

    Keep it close as possible to the period correct old street machine vibe it’s got going on and it’ll have more presence than the slew of early Mustangs surrounding it.
    Of course, at least work the 260 up a little more than that if it’s gonna have a tear drop hood scoop. Neat.

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  2. dave Member

    I own a 63.5 Galaxie Xl and would take this baby Galaxie over a Mustang any day.

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  3. Mike W H

    Also welcome at any Mustang show. More similar than not.

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  4. Ward William

    We called these the Falcon Futura down under and they are awesome to look at. Beautiful lines. This one is so damn cheap, you could spend 10k on it and have a beautiful sleeper.

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    • robert semrad

      We had the Falcon Futuras in the US also…they were one step below the Sprint and one step above the standard Falcon.

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  5. Robt

    I like this one.
    Firm up as necessary the suspension and brakes (discs? up front). Add decent ties and swap in a couple bucket seats. Top it all off with a tweaked later model 351w keeping the 3spd or upgrading to a 4 spd if able.
    Now there’d be something to drive the wheels off! Hmmmm …

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    • Robt

      A quick after thought.
      Everything has to be road worthy. But I wouldn’t want to spend the time and effort to make a trailer queen. Leave the body basically as is except find a good hood.
      Make it solid, run it hard.

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  6. PatrickM

    If, and only IF, I was to get this car, one of the first things I’d do is get rid of that scoop! This one even looks like it was glued on. But, this little pony needs a lot of work. Bidding has reached $1,525.00. GLWTS, on both sides.

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  7. chrlsful Member

    “Mustang alternative?” no bronk. Its just a 4WD falcon. This car, a 1960 response to the “Bug” decimating the usa auto industry, ushered in the muscle car and SUV phenomena. Not 15 yrs later the Japanese began their dominance, in some ways won and continuing to this day (ford sez “no more pass. cars”).

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    • Phillip Blake

      This is definately a Mustang alternative. Had a friend had one. Would run just as strong as any mustang. This one needs the body fixed, tie the frame together, but a 9 inch rear end in it though the 8 inch would last awhile. Build a 347 stoker with a C4 trans and this think would rock. Your looking at 2800 lbs here.

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    • robert semrad

      What do you mean “4WD”?

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  8. Jack Gray

    I had the standard (?) 64 Falcon bought new at the end of the model year. Paid $2370 less $310 trade in for my 57 Fairlane 500. The Mustang I looked at was $2510 and couldn’t afford it on an E-4 pay. Now wish I still had the 57 Fairlane, not many built, hard too find and the “restored” ones are still out of my price range…

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  9. Bob

    Looks like a nice home for a Coyote and Tremec 6 speed, Keep it ” sleeper stock ” and overhaul the 260 in your spare time for a ” back to original ” option.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Cool…..owned a convertible Sprint – 1 -owner from my neighbor after the neighbor passed. Was a bench seat automatic so it went to a happier home.

    Yes I would take one of these over a Mustang – having owed one as well.

  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    It was the fall of 1963, I was 16 years old with a drivers license. The Carpenters union my dad belonged to was just across the street from Lou Gerard Ford, so while he was in the union hall I went over to look at the new Fords on the showroom floor. I spied it even before I got to the door, it was beautiful in its shiny red paint, spoked wheel covers and white interior. The convertible top was down and covered, on the fender was the number 260 inside a V, I new that meant V8 engine. As I opened the door and looked at the white bucket seats I was in awe. Then I saw the 4 speed shift lever, and clutch pedal hanging from under the dash, I immediately had visions of driving to High School with all my friends looking and wishing it was theirs. Then the salesman arrived saying things like; it’s beautiful isn’t it? And bring your dad over and you can drive it home. Most of what he said was just a blur that I never even paid attention to. I walked back over to wait in my dads pickup for him to come from the union meeting. I knew he would never buy the car for me, so I never mentioned it to him. I just quietly rode home daydreaming of driving that beautiful car that would never be a part of my life.
    God bless America

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  12. Curtiss scott Ford

    I don’t think it is a sprint looks more like a Futura. I owned a 64 Falcon Sprint 260 4 speed during College and pretty sure the Sprint had Sprint where this one has Futuria.

    • robert semrad

      Curtiss, this is a Ford Falcon Futura Sprint.
      They made a Ford Falcon…and they also made a Ford Falcon Futura….and they also made a Ford Falcon Futura Sprint.
      This one is a Ford Falcon Futura Sprint.

  13. Rudy De Leon

    Beautiful car to refurbish an yes put a c4 transmission i had a 65 mercury cyclone 289 bored out 30 over with a c4 transmission was a sleeper black beauty

  14. Andy Mathis

    My first car was a 1964 Sprint. I was 16 years old. It was in 1967. Black interior with bench seats. It was red like the one pictured with a 260 c.i. V-8 with a 4-speed. It was completely stock. But, of course, I wanted to run with the big boys. So, I dropped in a hi-pro 289 c.i. From a 1967 Mustang in her. Added headers, mild cam, and an aluminum intake and Holley dual line. Change the rear end to a positive traction rear end with a lower gear ratio and wider rear tires. Was sneaky fast. Embarrassed quite a few Cameros and Mustangs among others. Loved that car and would take any Mustang for it. Totaled it right before I went to Vietnam.

  15. songcre8r

    My family has had a 64 Falcon Futura convertible since about 1970. I am trying to get it back on the road. Some great memories in that car, including a trip from Virginia to California and back in the late 70s. I always have liked the 64 over the 65 trim wise, but the 65 power train. Mine has a 260 and 2 speed. Funny thing is, in my hometown this little car is one of the most iconic vehicles around. Personally, and I might be biased lol, I think the 64 body is at least on par with the first generation Mustang. And you are much more likely to stand out at a car show with one.

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  16. Clement Feldman

    Put it back in the barn! 😆

  17. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    It’s not really a Mustang alternative, the Mustang is the Falcon alternative considering they were based on Falcon platform. A friend had a ’64 Sprint in high school. He purchased it from my best friends neighbor who was original owner. We often talked about making an offer on it to fix up but he beat us to it. It was a later year production car so it came with 289 instead of 260. Had 4 speed and was black on black originally. He restored it to black with white interior lightly shackled and aluminum slots. 289 was cracked so he built a 302 for it. Ripped pretty good, he ran mid 12’s with it, drove it hard all the time and it sounded great. He’s no longer with us and car went up for sale, I still regret not buying it.

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