First Of The V8 Falcons: 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

When the Falcon Sprint was released it was the only time that a V8 engine was available as an option in the first generation Falcon, and was available as either a 2-door hardtop or as a convertible. This 1963 Sprint hardtop is listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Fallbrook, California, it is listed with a clear title. The seller has set a BIN price of $10,000 but the option is there to make an offer.

The seller only provides two photos of this Sprint, but does give us a bit of useful information about it. This Sprint is a California car, and the areas outlined in chalk on the rear quarter panel appear to be the only major rust in the car. The remainder of the corrosion is merely surface rust which would be rubbed away during preparation for a repaint. The car still wears its original black paint, and it apparently also sports its original red interior, but we get no shots of that or an indication of the condition.

The Sprint still carries its numbers matching engine and 4-speed transmission, which is the most desirable combination for this model. There is no indication regarding the condition of the drive-train, but a nice bonus is that the car comes with spare engines, gearboxes and rear ends, so that leaves the new owner with a few options if the original drive-train has issues.

This is one of those cars that makes me want to bang my head on the desk. Firstly because I really want more information and photos of the car to determine how solid it is, and secondly because I really want it in my workshop. Regardless of that, finding these for sale as a hardtop is not as easy as finding a convertible. Good original hardtops look to be selling for in excess of $28,000. If this Sprint is as solid as the seller claims then it will make a fantastic project for someone.

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  1. Miguel

    The world has gone crazy if a falcon is worth 10K in that condition.

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    • Steve R

      Asking price has nothing to do with the cars actual worth/value.

      Steve R

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      • Uncle Bob

        Amen brother……

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      • OGK


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    • Chris

      Miguel, completely aside from this listing, it can be said that the world has indeed gone crazy. In so many ways.

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      • RonY

        Man ain’t that the truth………..

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  2. 68custom

    For some reason I really love 63 V/8 Falcons and this one is about as good as it gets. I am pretty sure you could get the 260 V/8 in any 63 Falcon since the priest at my old Catholic church had a four door with a two speed auto tranny as I recall? BTW I am a GM guy but for some reason love the 63 Falcons!

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  3. chad

    couldn’t believe my buddy hada bent8 in his falcon when I got in (’66?). He told me it wuz a “Sprint”. It sure did as soon as I closed the door…

    Father of the muscle car (pre stang, a dwn szed ‘racer’) and suv (’66 Bronco). It wuz a response to the decimation (1960) of the merican auto industry (VW bug was rockin it) so also of the econo box. More class than the Vega & Pinto which tried to rally a decade later when the Japanese did it.

  4. Dolphin Member

    I’m not in the market for one of these but I think Adam is right. This could be a good project, but I would want to make a cash offer, in person, right away. And the car comes with extra engines, transmissions, rear ends, etc.

    The Falcon platform was what the Mustang was eventually built on, so these V8 Sprints were the direct forerunner of the Mustang that appeared about a year after this car. For a Ford guy that has to be a good reason to want this car.

    Another reason is that it’s a California car and might have minimal rust, altho you would want to check that out by looking the car over yourself, especially since there’s only 2 pics in the listing.

    Back when these were new Ford ran them in European rallys. I remember seeing a story on that in R&T I think it was. You have to give Ford lots of credit for that. Performance rallying was Europe’s specialty, and here comes a Yank car challenging the Euros. I don’t recall how the Sprints placed, but even if they just placed somewhere in the list of finishers that’s worth something.

    If that original paint can be saved I’d save it. How often do you see original V8 Falcon Sprints at Ford meets or at cars ‘n coffee?

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    • scottymac

      The rally Falcons would be rare beasts, if you could find one, but the real jewel would be the Econoline. There were rumors Holman-Moddy dropped a 427 in an Econoline van to work as a support vehicle. The van would race to the next stage checkpoint with spare parts if the Falcons broke. The Falcons would have won outright but for a stuck car blocking the way in ’63 and a handicap penalty in ’64. The Challenger Falcons built by H-M is a whole different story.

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  5. Chris

    So apparently starting with an absurdly high asking price with a vague description of said item is the way to move merchandise? Hmmm who knew? The seller sounds firm in the ad, guess he’ll be restoring this little Ford in the end.

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  6. DAA

    love that body style I think 10k is very strong money need more pics really have to see in person . probably the rarest falcon is the Canadian K- CODE for 1965 with 7 being built 4 were hardtops 3 pillared coupes so you guys/gals be in the north east be on the lookout

  7. Rodent

    I saw what you did there with the headline.

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  8. Joseph

    Should have kept my 63 Futura. Had I only known!

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  9. Barney Member

    Very cool little car but something in the ad really bugs me. With a very few exceptions there is no such thing as a numbers matching Ford since the flat head days. The nearest you can come is by the date codes on the block and transmission but that doesn’t narrow it down that much

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    Red Flag, Boys,, seller has 1 feedback. I smell scammer. Like the guys said, show up with some green and a trailer and look it over. This one gets my juices flowing as a 63 sprint was my first car, given to me by my highschool shop teacher!!

    Caveat Emptor….

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    • Richard L Allen

      I wouldn’t even bother with it until there are more pictures. Who in their right mind would try and sell something for that much money without more proof that they actually own it? And one feedback is not good. But, if it’s legit, then it might be a good deal.

  11. Tucker Callan

    I HATE TO ADMIT THIS,,, But I think Robert S (strange) McNamara had his hand in the development of the early Falcons?? This was way before our commitment into SE Asia.

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  12. Joe

    Same drivetrain as a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger.Joe

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  13. Dave

    I grew up on the east coast. I remember a guy with a 64 Falcon Sprint came into town “looking” for a guy who had a 55 Chevy 327. 3 speed. It was like the old west. Don’t remember if they ever met. Those were the days.

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  14. KIRK

    Great little Hot Rod car, my first H.S. driver was ’64 260 Sprint, very clean used from local Ford dealer for 300 cash. Dropped in a like new 289 Hi Po, 4-speed Top Loader. Lots of fun for the bucks

  15. RicK

    Back in the early 70s, a kid at my High School (located in a Seattle suburb) showed up one day with a white ’63 Futura hardtop coupe 260 V-8 factory 4 speed, was given to him by his grandfather; gramps purchased it new from a Seattle Ford dealer (Smith-Gandy?) anyhow the backstory was that this particular car had been one of the featured cars on the FoMoCo rotating display during the closing weeks of the Seattle World’s Fair in October ’62. Anyhow, at the time it was nothing special, and he just beat on it like a redheaded stepchild, was pretty quick and it kept up with the 442s and GTOs at school up to about 100 mph. I saw it on a car hauler several years later (stiil had the same license plates). Coincidentally, my next door neighbor brought home a brand new 4 speed Falcon Sprint, Vintage Burgundy in color, he immediately put glass packs and chrome-reverse wheels w/ baby moons on it, was the coolest car around, back in ’63 nobody even had chrome wheels, let alone mags!

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  16. Brad

    I always liked the Falcon Sprint. In high school a guy had one that was black with the white inset. 260, 4 speed car with add on performance goodies. It was a sweet looking car and sounded great. I would love to own one. Drop in a 351 Cleveland with a 5 or 6 speed, update the suspension and brakes, and it could be a fun little ride.

  17. Bodyman 68

    10g for that car ? No pics ? Surface rust never rubs away ! Usually gets worse but hey id still own it they are fun to drive !

  18. chrlsful

    260/255 dogs esp compared to ‘windsor’ & ‘clevor’.

    “Father of the muscle car (pre stang, a dwn szed ‘racer’) and suv (’66 Bronco). It wuz a response to the decimation (1960) of the merican auto industry (VW Bug was rockin it) so also of the econo boxes (like Vega/Dart/Pinto of the mid/late 70s w/Japanese invasion a decade later thru Festia/Chevette/Colt then onto today)…

    This is a significant Y/M/M vehicle to the auto industry world wide like the Model T, Duryeau, 350SL, (yes) Caravan, etc.

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  19. Jim P.

    I would need more than 2 pictures to even consider spending 10 grand on a 3 grand car and only because it’s a cali car and numbers matched car.

  20. Ron

    Looks like a good solid starter, $4k would be a reasonable price.

  21. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like…since we’ve had a few….but that little Studie Lark was the first with a V/8 and beat up on those other early compacts.

  22. Srt8

    My first car was a ’63 Falcon but with an I6 and 3 on the tree. This was back in ’77, it ended up donating it’s organs to make soup cans for the American public.

  23. Don

    My father bought one for my mom, used back in ‘65(a repo with 2X4 barrels as carburetors!!!) w/4speed… mom tried but couldn’t handle it n sold it to my bro, who kept it a year, letting me use it ONCE!!! He traded it in for a 66 GT390(which he STILL has with just over 35k clicks!!!! ) under covers in his garage….. I’m thinking 🤔 If it’s possible, but doesn’t look 👀 like it, but maybe, but but but…….

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