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Six-Figure Microcar? 1968 Ferrari Ferves Ranger

The seller of this 1968 Ferves Ranger claims its “twin” sold at auction last year for nearly $200,000! I’m not sure if this car will reach the same price, but it has an unspecified reserve. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of over $9,000 and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. Located in Torella del Sannio, Italy, the Ferves is actually a 4×4 made in part by Ferrari. The name is derived from FERrari VEicoli Speciali or Ferrari Special Vehicles and debuted in 1966. Take a look at this awesome little car!

As with most micro cars, the interior is pretty basic out of necessity. You can’t have a ton of widgets and doo-dads here…there isn’t room! The seller says this car was restored in 2016 and it doesn’t appear to have been driven much since. As you can tell from the photo, the windshield folds down allowing full open-air cruising. The rear seat appears to only have a thin layer of padding and is probably better suited when it is folded down and used as cargo storage.

The engine is an 18-horsepower single-cylinder which was borrowed from the Fiat 500. While this might seem very anemic, the seller says with the gearing you drive as slow or as fast as needed and with the four-wheel-drive option, this car will go places no other microcar can.

Overall, this is a really cute little car. I hope the seller gets the price they are looking for. With only about 600 produced, there are believed to be only about 50 remaining. Maybe they are all worth six-figures? What do you think?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Maybe worth 6 micro figures.

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  2. Stangalang

    And the other one sold for $200000 I really don’t get it..🤔

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  3. Don

    3/7/2020 $42,000 Amelia Island, looks like this car. 8/19/19 $175,000 Southeby. 8/17/19 $196,000 Monteray. Some people have way too much money.

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  4. Elanguy

    These normally sell for about $25 – 35k. The $196k result was aberrant at best.

    They have two cylinders, not one. That’s why this car has two sparkplug leads.

    Is either this car or the RM Auction car 4wd? Neither claims that and nether looks to have any drive to the front.

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    • Martin Horrocks

      You´re right on both counts, this is Fiat 500 engine/trans-nothing more.

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  5. Mark

    Meant to reply to the $200k claim sooner but I was caught outside dodging pigs that suddenly began to fall from the sky.

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  6. Ken Carney

    Seems to me that you’re paying so much and getting so little!
    Only bright spot is that it would fit in the back of my Ram 1500
    for a cruise at Old Town on the weekends. For that much dough, I’d have to ride in it first.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Nice story Montana! Hey Ken, get it for your niece to practice her driving! Glad to hear you are on the ground floor, way better Bud. As cool as this rig is, it is to much cabbage for me. Last month I bought a E39 540 6 speed M/T Sport with 40,000 miles for $12,500. Way more fun for me and less money to boot. After my birthday I am on the ground floor, LOL! Take care, Mike.

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      • ThreePedalSteve

        The e39 is the greatest chassis BMW ever built.

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  7. David Yando

    It’s made by A Ferrari, (brothers, I think) but not THE Ferrari – it’s a very common surname in Italy.

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  8. scott

    I think we had the same wheels on our Plymouth Reliant station wagon. Might I add: it was brown, with a beige vinyl interior, A.M. only radio and hand crank windows. I know you are all envious of that car.

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  9. Martin Horrocks

    $200000 on a Ferves sounds like extreme auction fever……they are not that numerous, but there´s usually one for sale somewhere in the Alps.

    $200K should cover 10 Ferves in fact.

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  10. Fernando Abruna

    The $9K bidder is very close to being the highest bidder.

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  11. Karl

    Never seen anything like this before? It looks about as stable as a step ladder standing on skateboards!

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  12. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    THIS WAS NOT BUILT BY FERRARI S.p.A. of Maranello, Italy. It has no corporate links to Ferrari.

    From the wioweb.com/wiki [corrected for translation problems]:

    The Ferves Ranger was a small off-road car, produced by the body builder Ferves of Turin from 1966 to 1971.

    It was first presented at the Exhibition of Industry in Turin, 1966, as a vehicle for leisure and for work, named the “normal” and the “Cargo”.

    The engine, located in the rear, 2 cylinder air-cooled with an engine capacity of 499.5 cc, with side positioned camshaft. The power, unchanged compared to the Fiat engine, had 18 hp at 3,000 rpm.

    The rear traction, in the case of “Ranger 4X2”, was standard. In the “Ranger 4X4” model, introduced in 1968, the four wheel drive was manually engaged.

    The brakes were drums, with independent handbrake on the rear wheels that operated mechanically. They had an independent suspension with helical springs connected to triangular arms, for those earlier and oblique rear 165-12 tires.

    The four-wheel drive differs from “4×2” with a wheelbase increased to 1.55 m and a total length increased to 2.83 m.

    The maximum speed was only 70-80 km/h.

    The “Ranger Cargo” had a useful load capability up to 300 kg.

    Also of note: The spare tire should be mounted to the top of the engine cover, horizontal. This car is an early variant, with rear hinged doors. It appears to have 4WD hubs in front. If it is a 4×4 early version, it is quite rare, but again, not a Ferrari. It was always sold as a Ferves.

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  13. John

    A bad joke.

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  14. PAW

    In below link is last auctioned Ferves i.e. it should be representative for the current going rate for a much more rare Ferves 4WD – which this is not


    So 9k is all the money 2WD should bring

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  15. Joe Elliott

    Good grief. Where are the Fiat Group lawyers when you need them? This vehicle has nothing to do with Ferrari the automaker; it’s just Carlo Ferrari’s last name. (Why do you think he had to call his company Ferves? Some guy named Enzo had already trademarked his last name for automotive purposes.)

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  16. chrlsful

    95 bid to 25K $ for a yellow ugly duckling w/typical flee-bay listing (wrong name). They still owe me $500 on a deposit that was never sold to me (this Oct 1 yr ago).
    8^ (

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  17. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


    Good luck on getting your deposit back from fleece-bay, in all the years I sold there, I never heard of the company ever refunding anything. They always come up with odd reasons why they cannot refund what is owed by them. The company is widely known as the “San Jose Mafia”.

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  18. Araknid78

    Ended: Sep 14, 2020 , 3:00PM
    Current bid:US $43,300.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 105 bids ]

    Item location:
    Torella del Sannio, Italy

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  19. araknid78


    BIN Price:US $97,950.00

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  20. Araknid78

    Still on eBay


    BIN reduced to JUST $66,000

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  21. Araknid78

    Here is another one at May 2021 RM|Sotheby’s at Amelia Island


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