AHB-Code Police Package: 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury

While the Plymouth Gran Fury made a fine family sedan during the mid-eighties, it was also a popular choice for law-enforcement agencies, with this 1984 model spending its formative years as part of the Idaho Highway Patrol fleet. However,… more»

BF Auction: 1956 Plymouth Fury Power Pack

Plymouth introduced the Fury to its model range as a “Spring Special” in 1956, and the badge endured in various forms for over two decades. Buyers received excellent performance for their cash, but those craving more could order their… more»

Long-Term Owner: 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible

I have always been a student of automotive history, spending my downtime reading and absorbing information to improve my knowledge. One of the most fascinating topics is model names. One former Ford executive described devising names as one of… more»

Dual-Carburetors! 1957 Plymouth Fury Project

The Fury debuted in 1956 as a high-end, 2-door hardtop version of the Plymouth Belvedere. By 1959, it would become the flagship of the brand, just like the Impala over at Chevrolet. In 1957, Chrysler treated its products to… more»

Estate Sale: 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible

In the mid-1950s over at Chrysler, Virgil Exner initiated a new direction for automotive styling with his “Forward Look”. Bristling with jet-age features both in and out, the Forward Look influenced design for years to come. Here on eBay… more»

No Reserve Nice Driver: 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

The Plymouth Fury got a fresh body on the new full-size Chrysler C platform for its fourth generation beginning in ’65, with the Sport Fury featuring the highest trim level such as this 1966 model for sale here on… more»

Luxurious Barn Find: 1966 Plymouth Fury VIP

This 1966 Fury VIP is indeed a rare car as the seller proclaims, although back in the sixties Plymouth didn’t intend for it to be, as the brand had high hopes that their new luxury model would catch on… more»

Cleaning Out Storage? Vintage Packard, Plymouth, and Buick

The seller has three antique cars for sale that seem to have nothing in common besides they’re occupying space. Two are projects, while the third is said to be a nice driver. Your choices range from a rare 1955… more»

Rare Convertible: 1969 Plymouth Fury

For much of its extended life, the Plymouth Fury was akin to the Chevy Impala and the Ford Galaxie 500 in their respective pecking orders. The cars were redesigned in 1969 and were treated to Chrysler’s new “fuselage styling”…. more»

Full-Size Fun! 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury

1968 was a fine year for the folks at Plymouth with their introduction of the new Road Runner, but the brand was also taking good care of their customers who were shopping for something sporty but in a bit… more»

BF Auction: 1959 Plymouth Fury

Project cars come in all shapes and sizes, and some enthusiasts will passionately argue that such vehicles should only have two doors. However, a hardy band craves the practicality of a four-door candidate. If you fall into that category,… more»

426 Street Wedge: 1964 Plymouth Fury

Some classic cars are more than just a pretty face. That is undoubtedly true of this 1964 Plymouth Fury. It presents superbly and has no apparent needs. However, the beating heart beneath the beautiful exterior defines this muscular beast…. more»

Rosco’s Ride: 1977 Plymouth Fury

Many readers will have fond memories of the Dukes of Hazzard, a series that graced the small screen from 1979 to 1985. The star car was undoubtedly the General Lee, a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T driven by Bo and… more»

All Original: 1970 Plymouth Fury II

The Plymouth Fury was a fairly popular choice among buyers looking for a full-size car in 1970, with over 260,000 of them rolling off the assembly line just for that one year alone.  While the 2-Door varieties generally seem… more»

Flying Tailfins! 1960 Plymouth Fury

Chrysler products for 1957-59 set the U.S. auto industry on its ear from a styling perspective. But the refresh of 1960 took the “Forward Look” to somewhat awkward proportions and the result was fewer sales. This 1960 Fury sport… more»

33k Mile Mopar Project: 1959 Plymouth Fury

In the late 1950s, Chevrolet had the Impala, Ford had the Galaxie 500, and Plymouth had the Fury. All were nicely trimmed mainstream, full-size automobiles (the Big 3’s compacts wouldn’t arrive until 1960). This 1959 Plymouth Fury spent many… more»

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