BF Auction: 1956 Plymouth Fury Power Pack

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  • Seller: Cliff B allard
  • Location: Desert Aire, Washington
  • Mileage: 72,300 Shown
  • Chassis #: 22306019
  • Title Status: Clean

Plymouth introduced the Fury to its model range as a “Spring Special” in 1956, and the badge endured in various forms for over two decades. Buyers received excellent performance for their cash, but those craving more could order their car equipped with the factory “Power Pack.” This option added a Dual-Quad induction setup to the 303ci V8, lifting power and significantly improving performance. Our feature car wears that rare factory option and presents beautifully following a comprehensive refurbishment. The owner feels the time has come for someone to appreciate his work, so he has listed the Fury with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

Plymouth’s First Generation Fury was a sub-series of the Belvedere range and remained available until 1958. There was no color choice for first-year buyers, with Plymouth finishing every car in Eggshell White with stunning Gold anodized trim running the entire length down either side. The seller stripped this classic to bare metal during his build, and as can be seen from the gallery photos, he worked with a remarkably straight and solid body that has virtually no filler. He laid on epoxy primer before cloaking this in urethane Black and Clear. The impact is stunning, with the paint holding a beautiful depth of color and shine, perfectly contrasted by the dazzling Gold trim. There is no rust to cause the winning bidder sleepless nights because the underside of this classic is rock-solid. The chrome and stainless trim continue the theme of the spotless presentation, and the glass is crystal clear. The seller includes additional side chrome trim pieces for the winning bidder to squirrel away in case the unthinkable happens. Rounding out the exterior is a set of classy Mopar wire wheels wrapped in Goodrich Silvertown Red Line radials.

Ordering a 1956 Fury brought the customer the company’s new 303ci “Hy-Fire” V8, producing a very respectable 240hp. However, Plymouth had an ace up its sleeve for those craving more in the form of the optional “Power Pack.” This added an aluminum intake, a Dual-Quad setup, a more aggressive camshaft, and other enhancements. The upgrade pushed power to a conservative 270hp, although many believe the actual output was higher. Dealers offered a similar system utilizing a cast iron intake, but the factory option was the gun piece of equipment. That is what lurks below this Fury’s hood, with the V8 backed by the equally rare three-speed manual transmission with overdrive. That isn’t the end of this Plymouth’s story because the owner added a few tasty upgrades to improve performance and safety. They include an A-Body rear housing and an 8¾” Sure Grip rear end with 4.10 gears. You can add a modern four-wheel power disc brake system, a 75 amp single-wire alternator, and a new wiring harness to the list. Those who prefer authenticity will welcome the news that the removed original parts are included, along with a collection of documents and receipts tracing this car’s ownership history. The engine received a rebuild as part of the Fury’s refurbishment and has only clocked 4,000 miles since the work ended. Potential buyers can view this classic as a turnkey proposition.

No aspect of this Fury escaped the owner’s attention during the build, with the interior retrimmed in Black and Orange. It is a classy combination that will undoubtedly turn heads, and finding anything worth criticizing is impossible. The upholstered surfaces are spotless, as is the paint. There is no carpet wear, and the bright trim sparkles to provide a welcome contrast. The dash houses digital gauges and an AM/FM Search Feature radio. Rounding out the interior is a Mark IV air conditioning system to keep life on the road pleasant on hot days.

Plymouth produced 4,485 examples of the 1956 Fury, and considering the company’s total production that year was 571,634 vehicles, it was a relatively rare car when it was new. It emerged when planned obsolescence was close to its peak in the automotive sector, with owners upgrading to the latest model approximately every three years. Some older cars landed in the used market, but many ended their days in the scrapyard. The owner believes that only around 250 examples may still exist. That figure is consistent with those of other similar classics from this era. Our feature car is a gem needing nothing but a new home. You could be its next lucky owner, and submitting a bid could transform the dream into reality.

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $15,000 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Jun 7, 2024 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: MoparMan
  • MoparMan
    bid $15,000.00  2024-06-07 09:49:20
  • Jay E. bid $12,500.00  2024-06-07 07:16:11
  • MoparMan bid $10,000.00  2024-06-06 10:07:04
  • Jay E.
    bid $8,500.00  2024-06-06 05:47:58
  • Don F. bid $2,800.00  2024-06-01 09:57:12
  • Jay E. bid $2,500.00  2024-06-01 09:25:47

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  1. Terrry

    Here is a tastefully done resto-mod, even keeping the original Poly engine. There’s enough upgrades to make it a wonderful driver yet without diluting its original flavor. Well done, and I hope the seller gets what he wants for it.

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  2. Will Fox

    A nice `56 Fury, but (IMHO mind you) he didn’t do himself any favors when he decided not to repaint the car it’s original cream shade, and added the unconventional interior. Those detract heavily from the value of this car, although mechanically the seller has beefed the powertrain up considerably from the description.

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    • Cliff BallardSeller

      I’m the owner. I’ve had three of the 56 Furys and had always thought I would like to have one in black. So here we are. I have a lot of work in this car and the mindset was not making a profit. I’ve enjoyed transforming the car and I believe the reserve is set at a reasonable figure. Hagarty has, at last look, a “good” one at 33K and an “excellent” one at over 40K. I’ve had a person tell me that he thought that Plymouth made 2 Black cars from the factory, both for racing purposes. The Chrysler people got upset that the Fury was faster than the 300B. The Plymouth set a “one way” run at Daytona at over 149 mph. The return run had some issues and they never made another attempt??

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      • HoA HoAMember

        You did an incredible job, they didn’t come this nice from the factory. Got to be tough to part with a beauty like this.

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      • Gary G.

        That’s one beautiful fury!!! I like the black, and like the interior. If I wasn’t into my 68 Coronet R/T right now, I’d be checking shipping prices to the East coast!!! I had a ’56 Coronet that I wish I never sold.

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      • Pat D

        The Fury is beautiful! Looks great in black..

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  3. robjMember

    Being a “Tri-Five” guy with a ’57 Chevy in high school[late 60’s], I never gave these more than a passing glance, but, I never knew about this model. Now looking at it, it’s a great looking option to the dime-a-dozen Tri-Fives. Much better looking now, [in my more mature mind] than I thought back in the day. I would imagine this is quite the runner as well. There’s nothing not to like about this car.

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    • Andy Kaye

      NICE car, didn’t realize there were so few and that they all came in white, it’s avery nice car even though the color has been changed. I too see this car alot more tasteful than when it was new, but use to seeing chesaper sedan models or the Belvedere with the crazy tutone color scheme and the funny looking chrome work on the side, always thought the fins were much like a 57 Chevy at a quick glance! I would like to own it and add to my collection.

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  4. Todd J. Todd J.Member

    Would you consider this car with the power pack option a “muscle car”? If you consider the ‘57 Rambler Rebel as one, this should also qualify I think.

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  5. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    My 1956 Fury prowl’d the streets in the mid 70’s with a 354 Hemi and black paint – maybe because of the T/A’s ? Anyway looks like it’s yet to get a bid so not sure if the black is a turn off or not – guess we’ll see.

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  6. Fox owner

    Very nice resto. Not sure black is the best color for it but it shines so well it’s hard to argue. I would loose the wheel covers and red lines though. They look out of place. Is there a video of of it running? Would be great to hear that mill rev.

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    • jwaltb

      If you loose the wheel covers they might fall off.

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  7. Jay E.Member

    I love the 56 Fury. It was almost a pinnacle Fury with the 57 arriving with a host of “get it out the door problems” that almost killed the brand.
    My Dad was a Plymouth salesman and always said this engine, carb and tranny combination was the very best. He married my Mom in with a Fury to take them away from the church and this car has been our family favorite.
    I’d love to buy this car, but I’m just not sure about the color. They looked so good in White and the black doesn’t really suit the lines of the car, IMHO. The stock interior is amazing, so ditto to all the changes here.
    However, it is in beautiful condition and you won’t see another so I’m going to give it a lot of thought.
    It’s on the correct coast, so perhaps there is a Fury in my future

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  8. RICK W

    Surprised that folks aren’t FURYously bidding on this black beauty. Seems solid as a PLYMOUTH Rock 🪨 . But as I have previously stated, once again aspirational names were superceded. Old PLYMOUTH lineup Savoy, Plaza and Belvedere were similar to Chevy lineup, including Biscayne and Bel Air. Guess Impala and FURY appealed to those in a hurry. 🤔

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  9. Michael Tischler

    Oh man,to show up to the annual car show here in the retirement community with this car !

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  10. Hillbilly jim

    An old friend of mine from Pikeville Kentucky bought one of these new and made a moonshine hauling car out of it. He loved it and it was the fastest thing around. But he traded it the next year for a new chevy and he regretted it as it wasn’t as fast as his Fury. His moonshine days were over.

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  11. Steve

    Not a resto. Why would anyone paint this car the wrong color? The cheesy wheels don’t help either.

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    • Gary G

      Not everyone is about the way it came from the factory. He made this car better than the factory did!!!

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  12. Steve

    Not a resto. Why would anyone paint this car the wrong color? The cheesy wheels don’t help either.

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    • Vince H

      Those cheesy wheels appear to be Kelsey Hayes wheels that molar offered as a option in the50s

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      • Steve

        Having owned exner cars including three 59 Sport Furys a 58 Fury and a 63 Dodge and the literature that goes with stewardship of these cars it pains me to see this done to such a low production car. But what can I say? There are “creative artists” out there who chop on pre-war Lincoln Zephyrs.

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    • CliffSeller

      Steve, three comments, all negative. I find it interesting that certain people, in the minority, would take the time just to be critical about anything. Didn’t your Mama ever tell you …. if you can;t say something nice don’t say anything?

      Like 7
      • RICK W

        Unfortunately, few listen to what Mama told them! Always listened to my Mama (RIP 💐). But good manners, as well as many other things, are sadly Gone With the Wind! And Frankly, I DO give a damn! 🎵 You be good 🎶 to Mama, 🎵 and She’ll be 🎶good to you!🎵 👍

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      • Steve

        Nope, my opinion, it’s a disservice to the car and to Exner and the other great people behind the 56 Fury.You see it all the time in the hobby. Own up to it. I’ll leave it at that.

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      • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

        Actually the FoMoCo washer bag is a nice touch rather than the Mopar washer bags that are readily available.

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  13. Russ Ashley

    I’ve always wanted a 56 Fury ever since I first saw one in 56, but never had the opportunity to buy one. This one is a beauty. I think I would have kept it more original but the changes that were done are nice, and some folks are going to like it more now than if it were exactly as original. Those wire wheels were optional on most Chrysler products in the fifties so those don’t bother me at all. I feel sure it will go to a good home, so good luck and enjoy it.

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  14. CarbobMember

    What a nice car. I would love to own it but it’s worth more than I can afford for a hobby vehicle. It struck me that my 1952 Plymouth had one engine available the 216 flathead six cylinder that put out about 98 horsepower. Four years later a person could drive out of the dealership in a car like this. Talk about automotive evolution at a rapid pace; this Fury represents that in spades. GLWTS.

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  15. Morgan

    Tree words:

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  16. jwaltb

    Never knew this model existed. Nice car!

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  17. Wayne from Oz

    There’s a whole heap of bog in both rear quarter panels. Shouldn’t need that much filler if the the rust was removed properly.

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  18. Mike Akerman

    I love everything about it. Fantastic auto. Only thing keeps me looking from buying this fantastic car is lack of funds. Great job my friend

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  19. Paolo

    I can appreciate the hard work that it took to refurbish this Fury. These are not easy projects. Modernizing the brakes is smart and upgrading the rear end to later one piece axle and hub is good too. I like the Chrysler wire wheels. They always look good on any Forward Look vehicle. No comment on the red stripes. I disagree with the change in color and the changes to the stock interior. The gold painted side spear is a poor substitute for the gold anodized trim. Plymouth had the color scheme right as they released it. Lord knows they had entire departments with hundreds of people working on it.Unfortunately the changes from stock have erased most of signature features what made the 56 Fury special to begin with. . In the end it just looks like a resto-mod 56 Belvedere.

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    • Russ Ashley

      Paolo, look again. That gold side trim is not paint, it’s anodized aluminum as original.

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  20. Mike Smith

    This thing is way cool. The only thing keeping me from bidding is the lack of the right lotto ticket.

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  21. Dale Richardson

    I recall that Ricky Nelson had one of these brand new.

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    • RICK W

      And Dale ROBINSON had a custom 58 BUICK as a promo for his show Tales of Wells Fargo! Anyone else remember that?

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      • RICK W

        Stupid AI! 🤮 it was Dale ROBERTSON! 🤪 😜

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  22. Cliff BallardSeller

    Getting near the end. I appreciate all the bidders and the people who have made positive comments. There appears a ways to go even if I lower the reserve. I’m thinking positive!

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  23. Gary Gagnon

    Did you have this listed on another site or was that a scam???? Thanks

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