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Dual-Carburetors! 1957 Plymouth Fury Project

The Fury debuted in 1956 as a high-end, 2-door hardtop version of the Plymouth Belvedere. By 1959, it would become the flagship of the brand, just like the Impala over at Chevrolet. In 1957, Chrysler treated its products to futuristic “Forward Look” styling, and “Suddenly, it’s 1960!” was the new advertising slogan. This ’57 Fury needs cosmetic work, but the twin-carbureted 350 cubic inch V8 has been rebuilt and some attention has been given to the interior. Located in Eugene, Missouri, the opening bid of $32,500 is elusive, as is the Buy It Now price of $37,500 here on eBay.

For its first two years, the Plymouth Fury only came in one color, Sandstone White with gold anodized aluminum trim. That would change to Buckskin Beige in 1958, unlike the Fury in the movie Christine. The cars would have interiors a notch up from the Belvederes and a V8 was standard (318 cubic inches). Optional would be the 350 “Golden Commando” that produced 305 hp with a pair of 4-barrel carbs. That’s the setup in the seller’s auto, though we don’t know if it’s original. That motor was refreshed about seven years ago.

Plymouth built more than 726,000 automobiles in 1957 and only a little more than one percent were Fury’s (7,438). The all-new styling captivated buyers and caught both Ford and Chevy off-guard, supposedly leading the latter to redesign its products for the second time in two years in 1959 to keep up in the styling department. The 1959 Chevies were as different as the 1958s as the 1957s Plymouths were to the 1956s.

The seller bought this Plymouth to restore but has one too many projects in the hopper, so this Fury must go. The automatic transmission was rebuilt at the same time as the motor. We’re told the Mopar runs great, it just doesn’t look like it. The upholstery has been redone, but the rest of the passenger compartment seems to be in limbo. The body has its fair share of rust and some of it may have already been repaired (corrosion was a problem with the 1957-59 Chrysler products). If you’re looking for what should be a rare project to finish, would you buy it at the asking price?


  1. Avatar photo Driveinstile Member

    Let the Christine comments BEGIN!!!!!! Just kidding……. Christine was a 58. But that being said, I know these were very prone to rust, and even though there is some spots of rust that need attention, there looks to be quite a bit of sheetmetal there. I’m not too sure about the yellow and black seats if they’re original or not. This Plymouth just may have good bones.

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  2. Avatar photo Chris Cornetto

    I bought a 58 in 1986 for 300.00 from and old geezer that was or could have been Lebay’s relative. The car had the 350 golden commando with twin fours and a crack in the block along one entire side. I bought a 60 Imperisl and put thr 413 in it and found out the intake dosen’t fit. I knew very little then about old mopars. Single four it was. Ok folks these have the crappiest brakes, period. That booster thing over top the master cylinder, upper and lower wheel cylinders. The rear shoes that are smaller than a golf cart and then that parking brake junk on the tailstock of the 12 ton iron Torqueflite. I drove it briefly and then warehoused it.

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  3. Avatar photo Jim

    That’s an insane price for one that’s so riddled with cancer. Looking at the house, I gotta think this guy is just hoping to hit the jackpot so he can move.

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  4. Avatar photo JohnD

    Interior redone????????

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      By a color blind upholsterer

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  5. Avatar photo Tiger66

    “Optional would be the 350 “Golden Commando” that produced 305 hp with a pair of 4-barrel carbs. That’s the setup in the seller’s auto, though we don’t know if it’s original.”

    Not original if it’s a 350 as that engine wasn’t offered until ’58. A ’57 would have a 318 with two four-barrels originally. 290 hp.

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    • Avatar photo stillrunners Member

      Yep and the first 350 in 1958 was a single 4 barrel along with the 1959 version with the 361. That 2×4 set up is most likely off the later 60’s 383 motor.

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      • Avatar photo Dennis Stoeser

        Wrong. 58s had a 350 with 2 AFBS or Bendix fuel injection. No single 4 on that engine in 58.

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      • Avatar photo Chris Cornetto

        My 58 was a 350, twin fours when I bought it in 1986. He had the factory brochure that he gave me with the car. He bought it in 1970 for 100.00. The brochure shows both the 318 with two fours and the 350 as an optional engine for the fury. Also the Fury was only available in beige. I love the car but hate the mechanics. Unlike the GMs and Fords updates are recommended for certain items on these if you plan on driving them today.

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  6. Avatar photo Doone

    Two carbs, too much, for too little.

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  7. Avatar photo Zen

    The 57 and 58 Plymouths are my favorite of all the Forward Looks. If this one is ever restored, I hope it’s to original, and not yet another Christine clone. There’s already too many of them, and so few of these left. Someone beat me to it above, the 350 was a 58 only engine, the 57 got a 318.

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  8. Avatar photo Bill O

    Yes indeed. My first real car after high school! Mine was an all white with black interior, 1957 Belvedere with 318 I bored out and added the dual 4’s and changed to 3 speed manual on the floor.
    Finishing touch was lowering the front via the torsion bar suspension. So, so fine! Glad it was mine!

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  9. Avatar photo Robert Levins

    Some people fly kites – some people are as “high as a kite “. Well, either way – the price of this car has got to come down out of the clouds. I’m not an expert on this particular model- but if I had to make a “down to earth offer “, I would probably say $20,000.00 would be more than generous. Awesome looking cars for sure – but I think the market is coming back down to earth. Good luck though. Nice article.

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  10. Avatar photo Terrry

    Rust will finish consuming the car before someone pays what the buyer is asking. Also, you could pour a ton of money into restoring this car and never get back what you put into it. I’m thinking the seller is a flipper. That’s why he has “too many projects”

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  11. Avatar photo Kego

    That is a 57 Fury but has a wedge engine in it. Looks like maybe a 350 from 1958. What gives? The 350 was not available in 57. Only the 318 Fury V800 which was a Poly engine was available in the Fury in 57.

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  12. Avatar photo C Force

    The 350 with 2 4bbl carbs was only for 1958,a one year engine.Christine is one of my favorite car films.My stepdad worked at the Bill and Eds mopar salvage yard where all the movie cars went.We used to live next door,renting the house from his boss,on the other side was a 64 1/2 to 73′ Mustangs only salvage yard.

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  13. Avatar photo Ford406go

    Once again…barrett-jackson syndrome

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  14. Avatar photo Troy

    $32,500 and zero bids Not being a Christine clone is a good thing having the rust issues I think it’s only worth about $5-7k

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    • Avatar photo RoadDog

      Parts car, if even that.

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  15. Avatar photo Eddie Pennsylvania

    So many beautiful cars on this site saddled with sellers charging based on what a vehicle COULD be, rather than what it is.

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  16. Avatar photo ACZ

    Christine’s older sister?
    Call this one Maude.

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  17. Avatar photo Russ Ashley

    I sincerely hope that someone that doesn’t know better won’t clone this car into a Christine look-alike. There was never a 56-58 Fury that was red. It always irritated me when ever someone referred to the movie car, a Belvedere, as a Fury. Once on the tv show Jeopardy the question was about the car in the movie Christine. That show always demanded correct precise answers so I wondered what they would have accepted for an answer. Of course, the person said Fury and they said correct. I was thinking of how I would have answered it. I have always wanted a Fury, 56 specifically, but have never been in a position to buy one. I hope the buyer on this one will give it a stock restoration although I would leave the current engine in it if I were doing it.

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    • Avatar photo frank Orzechowski

      finally someone said the right thing about the movie it not a Fury.

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  18. Avatar photo Big C

    Rodney Cromwell wrote really good song about the ’56.

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  19. Avatar photo Hammer

    Tiger66 is correct 1yr for the 350 2×4 1958. I’ve had a 57 and 58 fury. The 58 had a factory sure grip and 150 mph speedometer. Toasted the rear end twice only because the original 350 was long gone but had a 1961 imperial 413 in it. Would like to get a 59 fury triple black convertible.

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  20. Avatar photo jim

    What was the year of the new one that they dug up and was all rusty

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    • Avatar photo Karl

      “Miss Belvedere” is a ’58, and is on display in a museum in Roscoe, Illinois.

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      • Avatar photo Brendon

        sorry, miss Belvedere was a 1957 model

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  21. Avatar photo Joe DiNoia Member

    Beautiful cars but man did they rust! This will cost quite a bit to bring back though it should be saved.If I was 10 years younger,Id save it BUT NOT at that asking price! Seller needs a reality check!

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  22. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Wanted to reply to Dennis Stoeser…looked at the sales brochere and you were right…and Tiger66….

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  23. Avatar photo Yblocker

    Uh, Plymouth did not catch Ford off guard in 57

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    • Avatar photo MLM

      You’re right because Ford had all new styling as well and outsold Chevy in ’57. GM was the ones that was caught off guard that’s why they did a drastic change to their ’59 models to resemble Virgil Exner’s Forward Look.

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  24. Avatar photo Dean schaeffer

    I always love working on cars I have put together some nice cars.some of them I should kept but back then you fixed them and sold them if I know what I know now it would be something esl for shore I can tell you they were makes from chev dodge Ford Olds ponit Buick and then some I never were around but made nice hotrods

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