No Reserve Project! 1968 MGB GT

The graceful MGB GT was introduced in 1965, three years after the MGB roadster debuted. With styling by Pininfarina, the GT could just about accommodate a couple of children in the rear, but that space was better suited for… more»

Former Barrett-Jackson Restomod: 1966 Ford Mustang GT

In the 1960s, the GT was a high-performance version of the hot new Ford Mustang. It came with a 289 cubic inch V8 that produced 225 hp and had unique styling cues like grille-mounted fog lights. This 1966 GT… more»

1 of 60: Mario Andretti Edition 1995 Ford Mustang GT

Special Edition autos have been around for decades, some of which seem to have fulfilled the creator’s intention better than others, although just the fact that a car can be deemed a promotional vehicle is often enough to merit… more»

Original 428: 1968 Ford Galaxie XL GT

I was raised in a household where classic Fords ruled the roost. My father demonstrated an unashamed passion for the company’s larger models from the 1950s and 1960s, and I guess it would be fair to say that I… more»

Solid Project: 1968 Dodge Dart GTS 340

The Dodge Dart doesn’t generally seem to get the same amount of attention as some of the other Mopars when it comes to high performance, which is understandable, as in basic form it was typically considered one of the… more»

Parts or Restore? 1970 MGB GT

By the early 1960s, British Motor Corporation knew buyers were not particularly satisfied with the MGA coupe. When customers asked for more room and weather protection, apparently, they didn’t mean to “slap a roof on it and give ’em… more»

Yard Find: 1973 Opel GT Project

Here’s another “ran when parked” prospect on facebook Marketplace – a 1973 Opel GT, located in Dayton, Ohio with an asking price of $2500. The sleek two-seater was an unlikely product of Opel Automobile, founded in 1862 in Germany… more»

390 S-Code: 1968 Mercury XR-7 GT Project

The Cougar was a hot commodity for Mercury during the late sixties, with several different trim levels and engine options to choose from depending on the buyer’s mindset.  Going back to 1968, one of the more rare models is… more»

Rare Brit: 1959 Peerless GT Coupe

From the early 1900s, the thriving British automotive ecosystem consisted of three primary types of ventures: companies that made one-offs often from disparate parts resulting in a handful of examples; specialist makers that mustered production in the hundreds or… more»

Rare Options Combination: 1966 Ford Mustang GT

The 1966 Ford Mustang was not a rare car when new or even today. That’s because more than 607,000 of them were built as the new “pony car” took the auto market by storm. What might be scarce 58… more»

GT Package: 1973 Chevrolet Vega Kammback Wagon

Throughout automotive history, there have been numerous cars that got an initial bad rap that didn’t entirely deserve it, with the Corvair and Edsel being a couple that immediately come to mind.  But one that seemed to earn its… more»

LX Sleeper: Coyote-Swapped 1985 Ford Mustang

Sometimes looks can be deceiving, as upon first glance this 1985 Ford Mustang here on Craigslist appears to be just a clean coupe that looks primarily stock and nicely preserved, but once you dig deeper it’s got some well-thought-out… more»

Two 390 V8s: 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA Roller

Ford entered the mid-size muscle car market full bore in 1966. The Fairlane Intermediate had been reworked, sporting stacked headlights for the first time. If you want performance, you ordered either the GT or GTA, the main difference being… more»

No Reserve Droptop: 1988 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

A fun option Ford eliminated on post-1988 Mustang Fox body offerings was the availability of T-Tops, but the convertible continued to thrive, and it’s especially stylish when combined with the GT trim such as this one here on eBay. … more»

Estate Sale: 1971 Opel GT

In an eBay listing that is distinguished by its brevity, we find this 1971 Opel GT, bid to $5401, reserve not met. The car is located in Martinsville, Indiana. Opel was owned by General Motors for decades, forming the… more»

Sporty Gas Miser: 1986 Ford Escort GT

In 1981, the Ford Escort replaced the Pinto as the company’s subcompact offering. Built as a “world car” through collaboration with Ford of Europe, the Escort shifted to front-wheel-drive and would remain in production into the early part of… more»

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