Stored 35 Years: 1958 BMW Isetta 300

That’s a big storage unit for such a small car, I wish I had that much spare room. We have seen many Isettas on Barn Finds over the years and this is one of the most Barn Find’y ones… more»

Daily Driver? 1957 BMW Isetta

It isn’t that unusual to see classic vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s being used as daily drivers. These are usually (but not always) larger cars, station wagons, and pickups. However, finding a micro-car that has been used this… more»

Unburst Bubble: 1956 BMW Isetta 300

It is hard to compare BMW’s M3 and M5 barnstormers to this little Isetta 300, but both were produced by the same company. Admittedly, there are many decades of development and evolution between these models, but they all share… more»

Worth The Effort? 1957 BMW Isetta 300

At first glance, it would be easy to write this 1957 BMW Isetta 300 off as a project car that has deteriorated beyond salvation. However, when you start to take a closer look it becomes apparent that things might… more»

Original Bubble Car: 1957 BMW Isetta 300

It was the appearance of the original Iso Isetta that caused the world to coin the phrase “bubble car.” It was a term that seemed to find its way onto many other micro-cars of the era, but the Isetta… more»

Success Story: 1959 BMW Isetta 300

We just heard from Jeanne that her late husbands Isetta is officially sold! She listed it here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive, hoping it would go to someone capable of restoring it. You can view her ad here. The… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1957 BMW Isetta 300

If oddball micro cars are your thing, this Exclusive might be right up your alley! The Isetta is easily one of the most iconic micro cars, with appearances in lots of movies and television shows over the years. Values… more»

$8,500 Bimmer: 1956 BMW Isetta 300

This 1956 BMW Isetta 300 is on Craigslist with an asking price of $8,500! I passed on buying one in nice, driver-condition about three decades ago for $2,500, that was a huge mistake. This one will need a full… more»

Bubble Time! 1961 Isetta No Reserve

Today we have another project that the seller won’t be completing, so it’s is time to sell. This 1961 Isetta 300 is sitting in Anstey, Leicestershire, UK and is listed here on eBay at no reserve. At the time… more»

The Big One: 1959 BMW 600

Alright, so maybe this Isetta isn’t really that big, but compared to the standard sized model, this thing is huge! Listed here on eBay and parked in Wimberley, Texas with a starting price of $6,500 and no bids at the time… more»