Plymouth Fury

Police Patrol Package: 1987 Plymouth Gran Fury

“One Adam-12, one Adam-12, a 2-11 in progress. One Adam-12 handle code-3″… Everyone under 50 years of age just fell asleep. This 1987 Plymouth Gran Fury Police Patrol Package car is listed here on eBay in Warren, Michigan. There… more»

Keep The Poly 318? 1966 Plymouth Fury III

The fourth-generation Fury was Plymouth’s answer to the Ford Galaxie and Chevy Impala, especially when all three cars were in their luxury or sport trim. This car is a level or two below the VIP or the Sport Fury… more»

Mom’s Car: 1974 Plymouth Fury III 2-Door

The seller of this 1974 Plymouth Fury III two-door hardtop says that it’s “Mom’s car”. This is a big car, very big, I can’t imagine too many moms driving a car this big today. Wait, now most of them… more»

A38 Police Pursuit Package: 1970 Plymouth Fury III

By 1970, according to Allpar, when a person called the police, the officers would show up in a Mopar most of the time – 85% of the time in fact. This 1970 Plymouth Fury III was never a police… more»

Original W23 Recall Wheels! 1969 Plymouth Fury VIP

Broken record #1,000,001 – there aren’t enough photos of this 1969 Plymouth VIP!!! I sure hope that 2019 is a different story and all of a sudden sellers will realize that showing basically three photos of a vehicle that… more»

Sorted Out Fuselage: 1970 Plymouth Fury III

It’s sweet American Iron time here in Scotty G’s corner of Barn Finds. There’s actually a lot of it here every day but I’m particularly fond of these fuselage Furys. This 1970 Plymouth Fury III can be found here on Craigslist… more»

Factory 383: 1963 Plymouth Fury

While there will be some work for the new owner to do on it, this 1963 Plymouth Fury looks like a solid and attractive car that would be nice to own. Barn Finder Miguel spotted the Fury for us,… more»

Stored for 40 Years: 1957 Plymouth Fury

I’m so glad that this Plymouth Fury is a 1957 model. That means that we can now avoid referring to a certain red Fury out of a certain movie, as that car was a ’58 model. This Fury has… more»

Like New With 37k Miles: 1975 Plymouth Fury

The seller claims that this 1975 Plymouth Fury is in virtually mint condition, and the photos supplied with the ad certainly seem to bare this claim out. You will find this Fury listed for sale here on Craigslist. Located… more»

Christine’s Little Brother: 1966 Plymouth Fury 3

The Stephen King book (and the resultant movie) helped to lift the Plymouth Fury from relative obscurity to world-wide notoriety. This particular Fury is a long way removed from Christine, but you have the opportunity to have a Plymouth… more»