Rare 1964 Plymouth Fury 426 V8 Convertible

1964 Plymouth Fury Convertible

The listing for this 1964 Plymouth Fury indicates that it is supposedly 1 of 3 convertibles every made of this model. With a photo of valuation from Hagerty in the post, the sellers $8,000 asking price for this project car might be reasonable. This car is located in Ballwin, Missouri. It does have a clean title but no VIN is listed. Thank you, Roger, for the tip. You can view more about this convertible here on craigslist.

1964 Plymouth Fury Convertible

The engine is a 426 cubic-inch “Street Wedge” V8 that is connected to a four-speed manual transmission that has a Sure Grip rear end. The seller does believe that the engine is original to the car. Based on the photo, the engine will need just as much work as the exterior and interior. If it is in fact that rare of a car, it may be worth trying to get everything back in working order and on the road again.

1964 Plymouth Fury Convertible

Unfortunately, no photos are provided showing the interior. According to the listing, the car was stored in a barn for quite some time, so direct elements were not beating away at the interior. However, there is no indication if the car was covered, nor is it unknown how many critters might have taken up residence in the cabin as well. It might be safe to assume that the whole interior will need to be restored.

1964 Plymouth Fury Convertible

A bonus to this purchase is a 1964 Belvedere sedan that is said to be solid and can be used for parts. If you are not interested in it, you could easily just sell it. Or, maybe you’re only interested in it. Either way, there are two cars for sale for what would come to $4,000 each. If you think that is worth the money, then you should certainly consider contacting this seller for more information and photos.


  1. Larry Member

    I used to have a 63 Fury Convertible with the 426 wedge

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  2. glen

    How many parts are interchangeable between these 2 cars?

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    • Will Fox

      Suspension pieces maybe; that’s about it. No interior, exterior, engine, or trim pieces interchange between the two. IMHO, I’d forget the sedan and just focus on the cvt.
      If the VIN plate is missing altogether on the Fury, BEWARE. It’s essential in decoding the authenticity of the car; without it, don’t even bother Gaven Govier to verify how “rare” this 426 Fury cvt. is. If it can be proven only 3 such Furys were built this way, only a fool would pass up the chance to restore this.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member


  3. Tom Member

    Holy Schnikeez! I am not a mopar guy but this looks interesting! Would be nice to get a shot or two of the underbody and the interior. Trim seems to be present and in GC which is really important. Love the ball mount/hitch on the back !!

    Would like to know more about the claim of the 1 of 3….. Is that 1 of 3 convertibles with that motor and a 4sp or does it include all of that and the int/ext color combo etc?

    I would prefer to know better stats like hypothetically “they made 5000 of these in a convertible in 64 but only 200 had the 426 wedge and only 3 of those had a 4 sp regardless of color”. some people take the 1 of X way too far down the road including color and options. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes those are important facts too. Don’t remember which year but late 60’s early 70’s the Corvette was not offered in Black BUT a GM Exec special ordered one for his wife….so there was only one black vette that year….that is significant.

    70K price for Rock Star condition. It is going to take $100K to get it there or more. If rare though and if truly solid, I believe it should be restored.

    Ok, I’m done.

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  4. Barry Traylor

    This looks like a good way to go broke. A really money pit.

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    • Bob

      I don’t think this car has seen a barn in years! Who would do that to such a supposedly rare car????? Crazy!

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      • Will Fox

        People who don’t know nor care what this is. When new, it was ‘just a car’ to the average buyer. I’m inclined to think this combo was a special order; it would be a tough sell for any dealer to order simply for his inventory.

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      • stillrunners stillrunners Member

        The first pictures that surfaced of the car presented a long presence in the shed/barn it had been stored in.

      • Tom Member

        First of all, it was in a Barn. Have you been in an old barn? Overall….basically one step better than leaving it outside.

        Second, most old barns with old stuff in them….the roofs are not usually too good. rodents, dust, dirt,…..again, not ideal BUT better than being left outside.

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  5. Keith

    Ah yes, another proud Mopar owner asking the big bucks (8k) for his clapped out non-running rusty Mopar…… Why? because it’s a Mopar and us non-owners wouldn’t understand. Calling all Mopar freaks, come and get it Haha!

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    • Crazyhawk

      Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate.

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    • Chris M.

      Ahhh Keith! Still going with that same diluted joke. Lol Seriously, it might be time to scrape the rust off of your imagination and come up with a new schtick. Then again it might be too much pressure for a guy like you…

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    • Will Fox

      Hey keith–quite easily, the very same can be said of Chevy owners. All their cars are supposedly worthy of a couple extra zero’s in the price! I’m so thankful I don’t speak bow tie………

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  6. the one

    Some peoples hot, and some peoples cold, and some peoples not very swift to behold, some people do it, and some see right through it, and Kieth wears pojamas if only he knew it The pojama people are boring me to pieces, they make me feel like I am wasting my time ’cause he’s got flannel up and down him a little trap door back around him and some cozy little footies on his mind..

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  7. Marty Member

    This is very likely the same car I wrote about here a year or so ago. These photos are new, so possibly the car has changed hands since then. The old photos show it still sitting in the barn if anybody wants to see them.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      yep Marty – seems maybe so….

  8. JP

    Remember,it’s only worth what someone wants to pay & invest in it.To each his own!

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  9. Butchb

    I love the line of these cars. Just BA all the way around.

    I had a great good friend who lived in Ballwin MO. I spent a lot of time down there. Pretty spot.
    If anyone wants eyes on the car I have a good friend who’s a car guy not far away from this location. He’d look at it and get pics. Flip him a few buck and buy his lunch and he’ll be glad to put eyes on.

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  10. Doug

    One thing top remember for those not familiar with Mopars – this is a unit body car, so rust is a structural issue as well as a cosmetic one. With convertibles, this is even more of an issue, because there is no roof structure to help keep the body from twisting under load.

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  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yes….it’s been available for awhile here and there along with the other 64 426 converts that have been on Barn Finds – remember ? Yes it’s a rare one and worthy of getting put back on the street as money allows.

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  12. TimM

    Pretty awesome find and at that price it’s not going to last long!! Lots of work but it’s a truely rare find!!!

  13. Russell C Ashley

    I bought a new 64 Sport Fury convertible from Derenne Chrysler/Plymouth in Savannah, Ga in early 64. It was triple black, with 426/4spd, p/s and p/b. It also had an am/fm radio which was rare in 64. They had a similar car with a 383/4spd in stock but I didn’t want it and had them order my 426 car. It took about two months to get it. My old car has an incorrect restoration and is now red/red. I’d like to know where it is now. Some folks think the 64 GTO was the first muscle car but my 426 Plymouth was faster than a GTO. BTW, I hope that car does get restored, but to get $70K for it you would have to spend $140K on it.

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  14. Raymond Hurst Member

    I’m a Chevy man, but if I were a Mopar person, I would jump on this in a ”Heartbeat”. Nothing to discuss on this car. It’s a deal.

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