Plymouth Fury

Possible Survivor: 1964 Plymouth Fury

When I think of “Mopar Mania”. I usually apply it to ChryCo’s late sixties/early seventies cars like the ‘Cuda, Challenger, Super Bee, Charger, Road Runner, etc. But what about their predecessors, cars like today’s find, courtesy of T.J., a… more»

Paisley Power! 1970 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

While it’s impossible to recall every variation of every automobile ever constructed, it’s almost equally unlikely to remember every variation of the more popular domestic brands – there were just too many. A case in point is this 1970… more»

Monterey Mopar: 1970 Plymouth Fury II

Sometimes it’s the at-one-time inconspicuous and obsequious that, with the passage of time, become interesting again. Take this 1970 Plymouth Fury II, Mopar’s competition for the Chevrolet BelAir and Ford Custom 500. Produced in somewhat fewer numbers than either… more»

Cheap Full Sizer? 1969 Plymouth Fury III

There’s no doubt about it, I like old full-size American sedans, hardtops, convertibles, etc. I think the reason is that there were so many, absolutely everywhere, at one time and now they’ve become the seldom seen. It’s a style,… more»

17K Miles! 1967 Very Incomparable Plymouth Fury

Old Chevrolet Impalas and Ford Galaxies make regular appearances on the web pages of Barn Finds. And why not, millions were built in the ’60s and ’70s and it seems everyone had one – or certainly knew someone who… more»

A38 Package: 1978 Plymouth Fury

There’s something about former law enforcement cars that gets to me, and no, it’s not from being chauffeured around in one back in my youth. This isn’t a former law enforcement car but this 1978 Plymouth Fury with the… more»

Police Interceptor: 1971 Plymouth Fury

There’s something about a stealth sedan with a law enforcement background and a big V8 that does something to me. The fact that this is a 1971 Plymouth Fury sedan makes it even better. This police package Mopar can… more»

Hardtop Survivor: 1967 Plymouth Fury III

I’m probably the only living human on the planet who would want to restore this car back to bone-stock spec, no wonder I don’t have any friends. I like the memories of an era but that’s just me. This… more»

Fantastic Fury: 1972 Plymouth Fury III

A double-loop front bumper was new for the updated fifth-generation Plymouth Fury and a lot of the fuselage design was gone from what is basically a mildly-updated 1969 to 1971 Fury. This 1972 Plymouth Fury III two-door hardtop coupe… more»

Stored 14 Years: 1969 Plymouth Fury III

We had a 1969 Plymouth Fury III sedan when I was a kid so it’s always fun to see them today, even if they aren’t in ready-to-rumble condition. This 1969 Plymouth Fury III, or is a II?, can be… more»

48K Mile 1972 Plymouth Fury III

If you’re looking for a fuselage Fury, you’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer one than this, and it’s a two-door to boot. This 1972 Plymouth Fury III appears to be in fantastic condition and it can be found… more»

Bargain Convertible? 1968 Plymouth Fury III

This 1968 Plymouth Fury III convertible is just dying to come out of winter slumber, as are a lot of us in the upper-Midwest and Northeast, and Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Colbert, Washington, etc… The seller pulls it… more»

59K Miles: 1974 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

Beautiful in triple-black, this 1974 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe also appears to be in outstanding condition. It’s all-original and has no rust, does it get any better than that? This big cruiser can be found here on eBay in… more»

The Real Christine! 1958 Plymouth Fury

There are a handful of iconic movie cars that are instantly recognizable, although perhaps none are more creepy than this one. The 1958 Plymouth Fury was the star of the cult classic Christine. Directed by horror master John Carpenter,… more»

Pretty In Pink: 1959 Plymouth Fury Hardtop

I wish I could include a sound clip of George Thorogood’s, “Bad to the Bone” with this post as this is a ’59 Plymouth Fury Coupe in faded red (or pink) as the listing claims. I know, the vengeful… more»

Incredibly Low Mile Survivor: 1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe

This 1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe is in very condition and has survived a number of decades now only managing to rack up 4,000 original miles on the odometer. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, the asking price is a strong $11,900…. more»

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