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Luxurious 4X4! 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT Lariat 460

If you’ve been thinking luxurious pickups are a fairly recent phenomenon, you may be surprised to find out just how far back the concept goes.  Not that there wasn’t any such thing before 1978, but this was the year Ford introduced the Lariat package for its F-Series, a full-trim option that had the potential to make a driver forget he was in a truck.  I’m sure the ladies loved it too, and with the large engine this one has under the hood plus 4-Wheel-Drive this example seems like a fine all-purpose truck.  Apparently, I’m not the only admirer who thinks so either, as the price is already up to $26,850 with 44 bids.  If you want to get in on the action, this 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT Lariat is residing in Caldwell, Idaho, and can be spotted here on eBay.

I can certainly understand how this pickup has attracted all that interest and why so many hopefuls are wanting to make it theirs, as it’s truly one of those cases where there’s just not a whole lot not to like.  The seller claims it’s a one-owner vehicle that’s only traveled 63,000 miles during the course of 45 years, and that deluxe 2-tone paint is said to be the original finish.  It’s nowhere near perfect on the outside, but for a truck that’s no stranger to hauling and has probably been off-roading more times than you can count, the exterior has held up considerably better than most.  Those BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires look right at home here, and based on condition don’t appear to have very many miles on them.

Open up the doors and you’ll step into a luxurious cab that was beautiful when new and still looks very good today, with a bit of trim fading here and there seeming to be the biggest issue inside, and I’m totally digging that blingy headliner in a 70s pickup!  One obvious upgrade is the aftermarket Stereo, a Panasonic unit, but since it’s got a cassette player that speaks for just how long ago it was likely added.  We also get to view a couple of photos from the bottom side, which seem to depict a reasonably solid undercarriage from the parts we can see down there.

Power comes from the largest engine Ford offered in this generation of F-Series trucks, the 460 cubic-inch V8, a strong big block that the seller says has been rebuilt.  It’s matched up with a C6 automatic transmission, with the good news continuing in that the truck’s also got the Trailer Special package.  There’s just not much at all here I’m finding fault with, and it seems with all the spectators keeping an eye on this one the price may continue its upward momentum.  What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Boatman Member

    What is that apparatus in front of the distributor?

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    • Avatar photo jrhmobile

      Looks like a cheapo electric fuel pump and filter.

      That looks kinda … problematic …

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      • Avatar photo Trukis

        Yeah what’s wrong with the mechanical pump that’s supposed to be doing that job?

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    • Avatar photo 193TheWedge

      Sorry, 1978 Ford 150, had round headlights.that grill was interchangeable with 1979 model,that style changed in 1980 with new style that went till 1987.

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      • Avatar photo Yblocker

        Upper trim level 78s had rectangle headlights

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      • Avatar photo Boatman Member

        Sorry, the 1978 with Ranger trim had square.

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  2. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    Kind of interesting that Ford has been using Lariat as a top-level truck trim for 45 years. Though today, it’s kind of the lower of the many top-level trims. Something to be said for longevity, kudos to 60 years of Mustang.

    Looks like a nice truck. I’m not always a fan of the lifted/big tire & wheel look, but it comes across okay here. The seller could do himself a favor by taking the pics somewhere outside, and not in his shop.

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  3. Avatar photo Yblocker

    Beautiful truck. Seller’s description says special ordered with a 460, if that’s true, it’s a unicorn, the 460 wasn’t available in a 4X4 till 1983. But, maybe one could be ordered, I’ve never seen nor heard of it

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    • Avatar photo Ronald Jacobs

      I had a 1976 Ford ranger 4×4 that had the 460 so you sir are

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  4. Avatar photo Harvey Member

    Too bad ⛽ costs so much. I couldn’t drive it far.

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  5. Avatar photo Rw

    460 was available in 250/350 .

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    • Avatar photo Yblocker

      2WD only

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  6. Avatar photo greg

    I had a 460 with 4 wheel drive in my 3/4 ton in 1979. I rebuilt it once in well over 250 K. It had a 4 speed with a terrible slow granny but only got stuck if I was really stupid. It died with second owner somewhere on the wild prairie trying to outrun a tribal game warden.

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  7. Avatar photo Mitch

    I don’t know how the seller ” allidaholassics” does it but I’ve been watching him sell trucks for the last 3/4 years or more and almost all his trucks are 1 owners original paint, so he says, on the other hand a friend of mine ordered a new 79 F350 lariat 4×4 with a 460 silver and blue very nice truck!!!

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  8. Avatar photo SirRaoulDuke

    All I know is, you pull into a car meet in small-town American driving this, you are going to steal the show. Vintage trucks are over the top hot right now.

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  9. Avatar photo C Force

    This truck is clean and with a 460 you can’t go wrong.a guy i used to work for had a 79 with the 460.rebuilt his with a few performance parts and got 600hp on pump gas and enough torque to pull a mountain.could pass everything but a gas station

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  10. Avatar photo Rob

    No 1978 F150 left the factory with a 460 installed in it. However I’m sure it’s a fun truck to drive.

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    • Avatar photo Yblocker

      2WDs did

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      • Avatar photo Rob

        Yes but this truck is a 4×4. Forgot to state the F150 4 wheel drives.

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  11. Avatar photo Rob

    Correct. I was referring to the 4 wheel drives as that is what this truck is.

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