Almost A Century Old! 1928 REO Wolverine

One thing that doesn’t turn up often here at Barn Finds is an REO – regardless of either a car or truck model. Today’s find, a 1928 REO Wolverine, is considered, of course, to be a barn find –… more»

Over A Century Strong! 1912 REO Tourer

Mention the initials  REO and some minds immediately go to a ’70s hair band called REO Speedwagon. Not exactly, that band actually pinched their name from a for-real automotive company known as REO, the initials of its founder Ransom… more»

Rare Survivor: 1935 REO Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud was a product of Reo Motor Car Company, formed by Ramson E. Olds after a falling out he had at his first car business, Olds Motor Works. It was one of REO’s key models through the… more»

The 1930 REO Milk “Bottle” Truck Is Back!

Update 6/3/21 – It’s been another year and the Milk Bottle truck is still kicking around. Find it here on eBay again. Hopefully, the seller gets real with his reserve so this unique machine can go to someone who… more»

Turnkey Pre-War Collection: Iowa Museum Hoard

A hoard of mostly pre-war American cars and trucks was recently unearthed in Villisca, Iowa by Heath Rodney and Dereck Freshour, part of a defunct museum collection that has stood idle for years. The stash features many marques that… more»

83 Year Old Survivor: 1935 REO Flying Cloud

REO (Motor Cars not the band) might have gone the way of the dodo bird, but there are still a few of them out there roaming the wide open roads. Reader Jordan K recently discovered this 1935 REO Flying… more»

Grand Old Driver: 1930 REO Flying Cloud

The prices pre-war cars are selling for have really dropped and some very nice cars are being sold for very reasonable money. This REO is listed on eBay in New Providence, New Jersey. Bidding is just over $7,000 with… more»

BF Exclusive: Old REO F-20 Truck

UPDATE 9/16/16 – The owner has decided to hang onto this one instead of selling it. From Marc V – This REO truck was left in my Quonset. I know very little about it other than the tires are… more»

Project Truck Paradise: Yard Finds on eBay

Every now and again, you can find sellers on eBay that have a whole host of vehicles for sale. I noticed a seller of old trucks seemed to have access to a larger property with lots of vintage tin,… more»

Speedy Delivery: 1929 REO FD Master Speed Wagon

Believe it or not, this was a fast truck in its day. Back before the nation was criss-crossed with paved highways and an interstate system people needed a way to get their goods to market faster than using the… more»

1948 REO Speedwagon: Car Hauler?

Can you imagine using this old flatbed listed here on eBay as a car hauler? It’s got a tilting flatbed, so all you need to do is add a winch. There’s no reserve and bidding isn’t very high yet. It’s… more»

1948 REO Speed Wagon: Tougher Than The Band!

When Ransom E Olds sold his company to General Motors, he agreed to not use his name on another company. He named his new company REO, for Ransom Eli Olds, building cars and trucks from 1905 to 1975. Mr…. more»

Big Red Fire Truck: 1923 REO Speedwagon

It’s hard to explain what is so fascinating about fire trucks, maybe it’s the size, the bright red paint, or the fact that they save lives. Whatever it is, there is just something cool about them. Part of what… more»