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Every now and again, you can find sellers on eBay that have a whole host of vehicles for sale. I noticed a seller of old trucks seemed to have access to a larger property with lots of vintage tin, such as this Diamond REO semi-cab project here on eBay. The back-end has been sawed off, which is a bummer, but look at that handsome nose. And if this doesn’t light your fire, this same seller has plenty of other options. 

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I’m not sure if this 1961 Jeep F170 here on eBay has been previously listed or if the photos used are just way too old, but the snow on the ground tells you this “forward-control” pickup has been languishing for a while. The seller does admit rust may be an issue with this specimen, but perhaps for the $1,999 asking price, there are enough spares attached to make this a worthwhile buy for someone who already owns one of these rare Jeep variants.

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Then there’s this 1947 Studebaker pickup project here on eBay, which is coated in the dreaded “p-word” we all loathe so much. However, it’s hard to find a better word than patina to describe the shape of the Stude. The seller says it has been sitting “many moons”, which either means he already knows this thing is basketcase, or it’s a diamond in the rough that’s ready for a committed, compassionate owner. The seller is asking $2,499.

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This is the one that caught my eye – the sole non-truck in the bunch. This 1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula here on eBay is a fairly rare variant of GM’s mid-engined experiment. The Formula option is hard to find, but this one is unfortunately saddled with mechanical issues and an automatic transmission. While I’d love to see it brought back, I suspect its most practical use is as a donor for Formula-specific parts. Which of these would you want to take home?

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    I love boneyards. When they’re filled with trucks they’re even better. Too bad someone needed the back axle/frame section from that Diamond Reo; it looks like a decent restoration project otherwise. Can’t say that I’m all that fussy about that ‘Columbus Vibrator’ Doorstop-903 in it. Those things are getting pricey to rebuild and parts are getting harder to get.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi geomechs, gotta comment on this one. The Diamond Reo , I believe is a C series, late 60’s, as they went to the “Drivers Cab” in the early 70’s. This still has the old White cab. Someone hooked the “Diamond Reo” badge off the front, looks good on any fire place, and the main box is missing. Aux. stick remains. Was a 5 and a 3, you can see it on the dash. I didn’t have a lot of time behind a 903. Some guys liked them, around 300, 310hp. I think. Schneider used them for a while in their IH 4070 Transtars. I know a Mack V-8 would leave a 903 in the dust. I guess you could put the cab on something else, it was a nice style. Btw, these vehicles are in the UP of Michigan, hence the snow. These pictures were taken last weekend. :)

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  2. grant

    Love that Studebaker.

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    • Jesper

      Yess, its so cool.

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  3. fordfan

    Is that an air filter mounted outside the drivers door it has lines below it .maby the air brake dryer?

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi fordfan, that would be the “Luberfiner” oil filter. Got to remember, these things held like 11 gallons of oil. There is a drain plug at the bottom, you’d take that top clamp off, and the filter was the size of a small waste basket.

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  4. ccrvtt

    My dad worked for Diamond Reo during the ’50’s & ’60’s. For my birthday he would take me through the plant to see the trucks being built. This was wood block floors classic assembly line manufacturing. We thought they were great trucks made by one of the best labor forces in Michigan. I worked in the plant one summer, crating export differentials for the Turkish Army.

    For more information see Welfare Capitalism and the REO motor company. This was the result of a conscientious capitalist, Ransom E. Olds, who understood that taking care of your workers paid off in a better product and assured the long-term health of the enterprise. This concept is lost on the present-day herd of hedge fund profiteers who can only see exploitation of business to “enhance shareholder value”. It’s a shame, but the American worker has suffered as a result.

    Not a political rant, but a wistful reminiscence of what once was, and it was not perfect, but it was good. I’m proud to have been associated with Diamond REO.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi ccrvtt, that,,is really cool. So, your dad must have been around for the Diamond T merger, and later the REO merger. White was huge at the time. It’s amazing a giant like that can go under. I had heard about Mr. Olds relationship with his workers. I know 1st hand, what it’s like to have a boss that cares about you, appreciates what you do. Many people don’t know, Diamond Reo was a high class truck, right up there with KW and Peterbilt. Wood grain dash, over head switch panel, nice trucks. Even UPS used Diamond Reo cabovers for a while.
      An asphalt company I worked for in the 80’s, had a early 70’s Diamond Reo we used for hauling equipment around with, had the Autocar cab, 290, 10 speed, and pretty tired. But even in it’s delapidated state, you could see at one time, it was a very nice truck. Thanks for that family story.

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Oh, one more thing about Diamond Reo’s. In the UPS picture, you’ll see the “Diamond Reo” badge. That was unusual for the time, as UPS used several different types of trucks,( GMC Astro’s for years) but ALWAYS removed the names of the trucks. They felt, they didn’t want to advertise the truck maker. Diamond Reo was the only one that the drivers insisted on keeping the badge. They were that proud to drive them.

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  5. HoA Howard AMember

    And lastly( I know, finally) is that a recap ( coming apart) on the steer axle of the DR? Strictly forbidden. With orange showing through and circle on the door, I’m sure this was a county truck. Michigan would have used Diamond Reo’s, per ccrvtt’s story. Michigan people are proud people, despite what has crumbled around them.

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