French Oddity: 1978 Matra-Simca Bagheera

The French are not exactly known for their ’70s sportscars (at least not in America) but we have an example of just such a thing to show you! It’s a 1978 Matra-Simca and it’s up for sale right now,… more»

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Massive Barn Find Stash Found in France!

One of my most frequent automotive fantasies involves going off on a hike in search of a forgotten garage full of classic automobiles. I did this a few years ago with a friend off of a tip about a… more»

Curious Creation: 1948 Simca Custom Cabriolet

It is quite hard to comprehend what is for sale before you. This car is listed as a 1948 Simca cabriolet and can be purchased for a buy-it-now price of $12,500. You can also make an offer. The question… more»

UPDATE: Stored Since 1991! 1969 Simca 1204

UPDATE – After featuring this Simca a little over a year ago, it’s for sale again here on Craigslist in Armada, Michigan with an asking price of $700 or best offer. Thanks to Roger for sending in this tip!… more»

1-of-280: 1950 Simca Sport 8 Cabriolet

Introduced in 1949, the Simca Sport 8 was based on the Simca 8 chassis and mechanical package. However, the Sport 8 was the recipient of some stunning styling and improved performance and achieved a degree of success in events… more»

Concours Find: 1950 Simca Sport 8 Coupe

The Italians offered an incredible amount of limited coach built specials across many brands throughout the years. This sleek and stylish Simca has all of the magic words you want to hear when talking about an Italian automobile. Limited,… more»

Reader Ad: 1959 Simca Aronde

While not as radical as a Citroen, the Simca Aronde is still a unique and intriguing little French car. We didn’t get many of them here in the States and the few that we did seem to have all… more»

2 Seater French Coupe: 1959 Simca Sport “Open Sky”

Over the years, I’ve come to love the lure, history – and yes, style – of many of French automobile manufacturer Simca’s offerings. Their Simca Sport models, like the one found here on eBay, is no exception – with its… more»

Fetching Barn Find: 1950 Simca Cabriolet

I’m drawn to two types of cars. Those best described with words like “muscular” or “brawny”, and those that “adorable”, or “fetching” best fit. This 1950 Simca 8 cabriolet barn find, found here on eBay, might just be the… more»

Restored French’talian: 1965 Simca 1000

Hello! I’m happy to see you, says this 1965 Simca 1000. Do I have anything in my teeth? (teeth = grille) Wait, I don’t have any teeth. This happy little car is listed on eBay with the bidding possibly… more»

Flash Powered: 1950 Simca 8 Sport Cabriolet

Here’s a face unfamiliar to most. It’s based on the Simca 8, produced from 1937 to 1951. Simca built the Sport model from 1948 until 1951. It has an aluminum body designed by Pinin Farina and made by Facel Metallon. Thanks to… more»

9 Eclectic Finds In Pueblo West

Barn Finds reader Huff sent in this very eclectic collection of 9 classics all for sale from a single seller in Pueblo West, Colorado. They are advertised here on craigslist with a request to call if you want a… more»

Italy + France: 1969 Simca 1118

Here’s an unusual one; go figure, coming from me. This t-square special is a 1969 Simca 1118. What a sexy name! 1118! If you’re dead-set against square cars, this one isn’t for you, this car defines the “three-box design”… more»

Body By Bertone, Price By Chrysler!

This cute coupe isn’t a Fiat, Glas, BMW or many other cars that it looks like, This is a Simca, product of France, and has been sitting in the seller’s collection pretty much untouched for the last 11 years…. more»

13,000 Mile Original: 1960 Simca Aronde P60 Élysée

What an incredible car! This original, unrestored 1960 Simca Aronde P60 Élysée is in Careywood, Idaho and is a French capsule temporelle (time capsule). It’s listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $4,999 and no buy it now price. This… more»

Pardon My French: 1960 Simca Aronde

My French is a little rusty, but according to Wikipedia, SIMCA is an acronym that loosely translates to Society of Industrial Mechanical and Coachwork Automobile…manufacturers. Or something like that.