One-Off American Classic: 1958 Green Dragon Special

Okay, I’m going to warn you folks in advance — I LOVE this car. This is a true ‘Merican classic, created as one man’s dream back when the world was a simpler place. This is a one-off, craftsman built… more»

Fiberglass Femme Fatale: 1957 Byers Special SR100

Being a car nut in Southern California in the 1950s must have been spectacular.  In some strange quirk of fate, thousands of incredibly talented mechanics, engineers, drivers, and stylists all called this area home, and their contributions to the… more»

Affordable Boat Tail: 1927/1928 Packard Speedster

Long sleek speedsters of the early automotive days are always a sight to see. This 1927 or 1928 Packard Speedster is missing some of its pieces, but what remains isn’t too shabby. The engine last ran 15 years ago,… more»

Special Oddball: 1947 Bentley MK VI Special

Custom built “Specials” are always fascinating to see. Examining the parts, styling, performance, and design all lend to a special’s uniqueness. This 1947 Bentley became a “Special” back in the 1970’s as the forth “Donington Special.” Although today this… more»

Mystery V8 Powered Special

  When I first spotted this American Special, I noticed that it didn’t look quite right. The seller listed it as a Glasspar G2, which has a rather interesting and easily identifiable grille. As you can see, this car’s… more»

Raise The Roof: 1925 Ford Speedster

It didn’t take long after the automobile became mainstream for thrill seekers to find ways to get more speed out of their cars, the easiest way was to get rid of as much extra weight as possible. But once… more»

Corvette Powered: 1958 Devin Special

We’ve seen quite a few of these Devin kit cars over the years and while every single one of them is special, this one didn’t really catch my attention until I took a closer look at the ad and… more»

Mystery German Racer Found In A Barn

This one off custom was found in a Barn and is in need of a good home.

Ever Heard Of The Sotheby Special?

Have you ever heard of this rare Aston Martin special?

Mystery Hot Rod Find

It must have been an interesting experience when the seller of this custom built hot rod discovered it. Other than one emblem that reads “Hot Rod”, there isn’t any form of identification on it. I can imagine it left… more»

First Dibs: 1951 M.I. Special Roadster

Last June we featured a roadster that had been built using instructions and designs from the 1951 Mechanix Illustrated magazine. We haven’t seen or heard of another one since then, but recently John K got on and posted a… more»

1951 Mechanix Illustrated Roadster

It’s unlikely that any modern magazine would run an article about building your own 100mph sports car for $500, but in 1951 Mechanix Illustrated ran one about how to do just that. The article covered the process of converting… more»

1937 & 1939 MG TA Projects

Here is another project pair for a follower of the sacred octagon. This time we have two TAs; a green 1937 and a black 1939. They should present a challenge for even a seasoned restoration expert, but the end… more»

Black Plate Special: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

If that last T-Bird was too rusty for you, then we have a good option. This 1955 Thunderbird was built on the first day of production and has lived its whole life in sunny California. After sitting in storage… more»

Real Barn Find: 1972 Ford Big Cow Truck

People have debated for years about what makes a “barn find” authentic. Some believe that it has to actually come out of a wooden barn to be the real deal. Well, we have one for those purists among us…. more»

Original Survivor: 1942 Studebaker Coupe

We love finding barn finds and we also love helping those in need, so when we can do both at the same time, it’s a huge plus. Reader Ranger H shared this 1942 Studebaker Coupe, which is being auctioned… more»