Ever Heard Of The Sotheby Special?

Mystery Coupe

This is an early 1970s Aston Martin “Sotheby Special”, one of just three built. It was built on a DBS V8 chassis with a body designed by Ogle Designs. It’s been in storage for the past 40 years and will be sold at auction later this year. This one was a complete running car but was built for display purposes, another was used as a promotional vehicle. The third was built to order for a customer at over 3 times the price of a stock DBS V8. The roof is actually glass supported by aluminum tubing. The 22 tail lights were designed so that the harder you braked, the more brake lights that came on. It’s going to be auctioned at the H and H Classic Auctions at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, England, on October 14 this year.

More information can be found here at Gizmag article on it.


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  1. Dolphin Member

    This body by Ogle Design looks a lot like the Maserati Khamsin that was designed by Bertone. They were two different designers but the resemblence is there. I like the stance of the Khamsin a lot more than the Ogle.


  2. Mark E

    The two things I remember about this car is the back end bristling with tail lights and the couch-like back seat. No, I didn’t remember the car at first but the pictures in the article triggered old moldy brain cells! ^_^

    It would be interesting to hear the story how such a rare expensive car came to be in such a condition. It looks like it’s been robbed for parts…

    • Mark E

      Ahhh…can you say UNOBTANIUM?

      “This “Sotheby’s Special”, or Ogle Special, was used on the show circuit, where it made its official public debut as the crown jewel of the 1972 Montreal Motor Show. After making its rounds, the Aston was stripped for parts, and sold, where the owner squirreled it away into a garage for 43 years. Now, this significant Aston is offered for sale at the H&H Classics auction in mid-October, where it is expected to reach $150,000 to $185,000.”

    • Josh Staff

      Man that back seat is just awesome, but how does one sit back there? And I assume it is for only one occupant while the car is under way. If the front seats fold down enough to not interfere with visibility, this could be the best car to take to the drive in ever!

    • George

      Rare that you find a car that is a 2+1…

  3. Bobsmyuncle

    Roof, tail lights, ride height and chaise lounge.

    The WTF is strong with this one!

    • skloon

      Dont forget what sorta looks like algae on the floor

  4. patrol

    One heck of UGLY design and they know it “ogle” design. You got to he sick of your money to spend on this one.

  5. jaygryph

    Man, that couch rear seat and glass roof probably made for a heck of an interesting back seat ride. Would love to have been a passenger in that thing. Strange little car, but I wager it will eventually end up slathered in money and back to it’s former glory.

    Cars like this that fall into such a state, then are rediscovered, typically don’t suffer for their suffering as the adversity in their timeline makes their story all that more interesting. In the age of easy photography and media exposure, falling into disrepair and then going up for auction will only later on in it’s life serve to boost it’s value by making it’s history intriguing.

  6. Texas Tea

    As fugly as anything I’ve ever looked at……, and just as boring…………………..

  7. The Chucker

    Looks like the result of a one night stand between a mid 70’s Chevy Monza and a TR7.

  8. OKCPhil

    Horribly designed mess. Why would you do this to a DBS? What did the DBS do to the guys who built these?
    I’d love the engine though for a table. Honestly imagine that polished and under glass. I think I just found something good about this car.

    • Don Andreina

      The DBS was a true beauty; thankfully William Towns was unhappy with Touring’s design (attached) and prepared his own proposal.

  9. MikeW

    From the side profile it reminds me of a VW kit car, even looks like a vw pan.

  10. Rick

    Eesshhh… never heard of this creature. Maybe that’s for the better. Yeah, it looks like a kit (and I love most kits) but other than the curiosity factor, that’s about it. And sporting a Lagonda engine? Coffee table status is about all that’s worth..

  11. Randy

    @Rick: That is not a Lagonda engine; it’s a fuel-injected Aston Martin V8. Aston Martin Lagonda was the name of the company at the time, and it reflects in the valve covers.

    The Ogle specials will always draw the Aston crowd, but this car is matter of taste. Aston Martin would do anything to one of their cars if you were prepared to write the check. At three times the V8 Saloon price, it would have been around 15,000 pounds at the time. Any one with that kind of money to spend on a toy would likely not cared what anyone else thought.

  12. Don Andreina

    IIRC this was used as a prize for a competition for Sotheby’s cigarettes. I thought only two were made; the second being built for for a lady customer who’s car was finished in a crimson colour. The rear panel was covered in a bank of twelve (IIRC) bespoke taillights.

    Great find guys.

    • Don Andreina

      Correction, just counted the holes in the rear panel. 22 taillights. hehehe

  13. Jasper

    Wow. Shame to it like this. My tastes and opinions are frequently argued but when right, this a neat looking car. And the multi light rear end is the tits!

  14. rusty

    Thanks for that photo jasper

    what a great looking car in perfect condition.

    This is one car that looks better not “as found” and I usually prefer my cars in as found condition.

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