Affordable Oddball: 1970 Siata Spring

The Siata Spring was a 2-seater roadster built by Italian car builder Siata as a spin-off of the Fiat 850. Introduced in 1967, it featured retro styling with a mock upright radiator grille, separate wings, and headlights, and running… more»

Rare Italian Roadster: 1970 Siata Spring

The discovery of a Siata Spring is not a first for Barn Finds but this 1970 example is a first for me. As I have learned, there are many interesting marques and models that haven’t hit my radar so let’s… more»

Owned for 50-Years: 1970 Siata Spring

Finding a Siata Spring for sale today is a bit of a rarity, but we’ve had two very different examples appear here at Barn Finds in close succession. This one looks like a pretty clean example, and it has… more»

Chasing Classic Cars Star: 1974 Siata Spring

Basing a handmade sports car on Fiat underpinning can offer potential owners of these cars the possibility of plenty of enjoyable motoring miles. It can also provide those same owners with the possibility of their new toy inheriting the… more»

Far From The Family Tree: 1970 Siata Spring

I can relate to this 1970 Siata Spring. Like me, this yellow duckling is by far the ugliest off-spring from a family whose lineage had been beauty, grace, and elegance before it’s arrival.  Found here on Craigslist, with thanks… more»