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1 of 350 Left? 1969 Siata Spring

Siata was an Italian car tuning shop and speed parts manufacturer that got into the car-building business after World War II. Its last new product was the Spring, a 2-seat sports car that was produced by Siata from 1968 to 70 before the company folded. This 1969 Spring served as a parade car until recently but is no longer needed for that purpose, so the owner has decided to sell it. Located in Denver, Colorado, this Italian minicar is available here on craigslist for $6,900. Our thanks to Mark_K for this tip!

The Siata name was an abbreviation for Società Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori which was formed by amateur race car driver Giorgio Ambrosini in 1926. In 1968, Siata felt there was a need in the market for another Italian sports car and launched the Spring, which used mechanical parts from the Fiat 850. Though Siata went under in 1970, the assembly line was purchased by another company that kept building the Siata through 1975 under a different brand (sounds like the afterlife story of the Studebaker Avanti).

Not only did the Spring use the drivetrain from 850, but the chassis was also employed in the execution of the sports car. The seller believes that only about 350 of these little cars are still around. We’re told the Siata is original and in good condition, which the photos tend to support. The seller bought it for his business several years ago, but the sale of that business makes keeping the car impractical. The odometer reading is 5,600 which sounds too good to be true, if accurate.

The only reported issue with the car is a few small tears in the convertible top. While we’re told the auto has a clean title, the seller mentions that the Siata has a Colorado State ID due to a VIN issue, and we don’t know if that will give the buyer any trouble getting the car retitled in a different state. But this looks like a fun little machine to tool around in that you’re not likely to see another like it anytime soon.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Say what you want but with all the good looking cars that came out of the UK this car is at the extreme other end of the spectrum. If there is a good design feature there I’ve completely missed it.

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  2. erik johnston

    Howard, What do you have to mention,if your interested!

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  3. Ben T Spanner

    How is this “another Italian sports car”? It was just a goofy looking convertible. The Fiat 850 running gear (I had one) was hardly sporty The only car I ever owned with a smaller engine was a Honda Z600.
    One of my local Fiat dealers had a Siata Spring in the showroom for 2 years or so. I only ever saw one in the wild and it did not age well. The platng on the bright work including the external hinges correoded. Weather protection was poor, so the interior suffered water damage and smell.
    This is oone of the few factory built cars that is worse than a kit car.

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  4. Troy

    At 6feet tall I would need goggles because I think I would be looking over the windshield

  5. Bill Potts

    I saw one at The L.A. Auto Expo in 1968. While I liked the Fiat 850 better,this looked like a badly designed kit car. I couldn’t fit into either one due to my height,6’1″, and long arms,but I was skinny enough. Sitting in both of them felt like sitting in a peddle car.

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    • Dennis L Carbocci

      this Bill Potts wouldn’t be a good friend of Kurt M?

  6. Jimmyzee

    I have seeen many of these forsale over the years. Everyone has been a rust bucket.
    They are a unique design (I’m being kind).

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  7. Martin Horrocks

    Siata built thousands of these and you can always find one for sale. So if only 350 remain, they get sold improbably frequently.

    The Siata Spring is near the top of my “Never buy” list, a waste of a Fiat 850 basically.

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  8. 19sixty5 Member

    They were ugly in 1969, and they are still ugly today…

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    • Mary

      (I don’t recall anybody ever saying a Jeep or a Thing was “pretty”…)

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      • Garry

        Looks a bit like a Crosley Hotshot!

  9. Ron

    Not rare by any means. The only redeeming value here is the 850 drive train. There are untild numbers of 850’s out there that could use the drive chain as well as various other parts.

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  10. Kelly Breen

    So ugly it is cute except for the tail lights – which do not suit the styling at all and look like a parts bin robbery or a temporary home made repair.

    It kind of reminds me of a King Midget with a smaller engine.
    350 left? I would have thought that was the entire production run! ;)

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  11. Laurence

    The tail lamps were used by quite a few other cars, including some high-end manufacturers. While I haven’t checked pictures to be 100% certain, those tail lamps look like what came on the 1960s Monteverdi, AC 428s and Maserati Mistral. Unfortunately those lights might only be what makes the whole car attractive to a potential buyer, as it is gutless, ugly and parts are not exactly readily available at your local auto store. Sorry to point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes. Pass.

  12. Laurence

    Imagine the way Jerry Lewis looked in the original film The Nutty Professor. Now picture him driving this SIATA Spring… The man and the car would be perfectly matched!

    Pity that SIATA made its exit from the world’s automotive stage with this contraption, because in the 1950s it made some very elegant sports cars that still garner a lot of attention at prestigeous concourses.

  13. DavidL Member

    Gives ugly a whole new meaning. Hard to know where to start. Front end to the back end. No, just no.

  14. Jimmy Novak

    I think it’s highly important to read comments about what people consider ugly.

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  15. angliagt angliagt Member

    Makes a Nissan Juke & Murano look sleek.

  16. Jim Davis

    I own one. It is a novelty car with a different personality. More power than you might expect although you won’t burn the rubber off the tires, if you can find some. The front grill makes a great air dam as the radiator is in the rear.
    For me it is a little awkward to drive. the gas peddle is too close to the brake peddle, although it’s fine for my wife.
    Very easy to work on and running gear parts are easy to find.

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