Honda-Powered 1981 Tri-Magnum Kit Car

We recently featured another Tri-Magnum 3-wheeler here on Barn Finds. These unique rides are built from plans as a do-it-yourself project from the people at Robert Q. Riley. Their website says “Tri-Magnum is a high-performance three-wheel sports car…and today,… more»

Excitement On Three Wheels: 1983 Tri-Magnum

“What on earth is that weird thing?” is what most people say when they see these for the first time. This interesting thing is for sale here on eBay out of Dayton, Ohio, and it’s essentially a real road-legal… more»

Yamaha-Powered Oddball: 1980s Tri-Magnum

The Tri-Magnum is one unusual vehicle and normally we see them being powered by a Honda Goldwing drivetrain, this one is a little different at being a little different. This 1980s Tri-Magnum can be found here on eBay in… more»

Gold Wing Inside: Tri-Magnum 3 Wheeler

Can-Am, Slingshot, Freewheeler: you may think the latest class of three-wheeled motorcycles is a recent innovation, but you’d be mistaken. This Tri-Magnum appeared in a magazine in the 1980s as a kit you could build at home around a… more»