TVR 2500M: Rare Fiberglass Coupe

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TVRs have a tendency to be overlooked when one searches for a lightweight, good-handling British classic coupe. I’m not sure whether it’s the somewhat pedestrian Triumph mechanicals, the quirky (but pretty) styling, or simply that Lotus got all the attention. Whatever the case, the early 1970s 2500 & 2500M cars offer a lot of bang for not that much buck! This black beauty is listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy-it-now price is $24,500 but lower offers are welcomed. The TVR is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

TVRs have fiberglass bodies over a space frame (sound familiar, Lotus Elan/Eclat owners?). While the front suspension is almost entirely Triumph-based, the independent rear is TVR-designed (although the TR6 differential is used). I have a good friend who owns a black 2500M (I was afraid this was his car at first) and I can tell you from experience that getting a TVR body to be this smooth takes a LOT of work! Those are the original wheels unique to TVRs and appear to be in excellent (probably restored) condition.

The rear glass is a big item on these cars, and I’m impressed to see not only is it in excellent condition, it appears the rubber weatherstripping is also. If you’re worried about all that sun exposure turning this little car into an oven–well, you’re right, but there is a Webasto fabric sunroof to get some more air into the equation. I’ve seen exactly one 2500M that had aftermarket air conditioning, and I’m pretty sure it was a custom setup. I would certainly be exploring air conditioning options if this were my car.

The interior looks impeccable with just a few personalized touches added. I must drive my cars with dirty hands too often because the idea of white leather or vinyl on a steering wheel has me thinking about keeping cleaner in the car. That’s a TR6 steering wheel and hub, so many aftermarket wheels will fit if you prefer another look.

One unusual thing I noted from this shot is that the spare wheel/tire, usually located where the two red horns are, is missing. It’s more of a big deal than you would think as those TVR aluminum wheels are quite rare. Perhaps the owner keeps it at home. The TR6 engine has been converted from the normal twin 175CD Stromberg carburetors to the SU HS6s preferred by some folks. In any case, the drive video indicates the car runs very well. The seller also includes a walkaround video and a closeup of the running engine so you can listen. If you can fit in one (try it on for size first; as an ample individual I am a tight fit!) I highly recommend giving this rare coupe a try–and you won’t find many that are better than this example!

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    These are nice cars. The earlier models were more kit looking than they really were but as the years went buy they developed into well done fun mobiles. Almost bought an early one but a Porsche came up that I couldn’t refuse. I’m still waiting for the price to drop on an early race car that I’d love to have but the seller is outlasting me up to this point.

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  2. Bruce Ironmonger

    Would love to convert it to triple Weber’s or PI

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  3. aboyandhisdog aboyandhisdog

    Sheesh…not one shot of the car in profile. If you want to see what this car actually looks like, you sure won’t be able to by this ebay ad. That is an omission that is unforgivable IMO. It’s a cool car, why not show it off?

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor


      Here’s a side shot from the factory brochure :-)

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    • aboyandhisdog aboyandhisdog

      My girlfriend had one of these back in the early 80’s. I really miss that car!

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  4. FrankDMember

    Love the looks of this car but I prefer the Griffith Series 200/400 with the 289. I chased after an owner for years on the North Shore in Massachusetts to sell me his car. It stayed in the family for years and the father gave it to his daughter for a graduation present from Boston College. The car weight was under 2000 lbs around 1800. This car was lighter than a 71-72 Porsche 914-6.

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    • Steve

      Went to college on the North Shore; Gordon College in Wenham. Miss running up and down 128.

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  5. Steve

    The conversion of the carbs to SU models is/was a common conversion among post-1974 MG owners. It truly helped with hp, plus they’re easier to work with.

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  6. JMB#7

    The TVR 2500M may have been the correct answer to my dilemma of which I like best TR6 or GT6. Is it the best of both ideas? I would like to hear from readers who actually owned or drove all three. I did own a TR4A, and have driven several TR6, and GT6, but never a TVR. For now, I will do the sensible thing and keep driving a 1982 RX7. Laugh if you wish… I know many of you know exactly where I am coming from.

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  7. James Stone, Glass Artist

    Most people today have not heard of Mark Donohue from Summit New Jersey. He was a famous race car driver who drove for Roger Penske. In 1964 they campained a TVR Vixen at Sebring. I bought that car. It was a fabulous driver, gave the Porsches of the time a run for their money. For many years now I have dreamed about owning another TVR, probably a Tuscan. This looks to be a very well sorted driver. If I wasn’t now retired, I certainly would take the ride. Alas, at this stage of life, I am more than happy with my third gen MR2. That being said, if the owner would take an even trade, I’m down.

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    • Steve

      Tragically we lost Mark in 1973. His son, David, became an accomplished racer also. He drove for Brumos Porsche in IMSA. Met him at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Good driver and a gentleman.

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  8. SMS

    There are several companies like TVR, lotus, and Marcos who make or made cars that are fun and well put together. I know so many people think lotus are junk and the others are unreliable.

    What those cars are really is low volume, hand built, amazing things built on a shoestring budget. The only similar car I can think of from the US is the Manx.

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  9. Harvey Paul

    Mark Donohue also was a factory test pilot for Jack Griffith , thats right the famous Griffith car . Mark raced Shelby Cobras for Jack in the early 60s . When Jack Griffith built the 1965 Griffith 200 Mark was his test driver . The Griffith car was a whole other story of kick ass performance but was TVR bodied . FYI ,
    In 1965 the Griffith was the fastest production car in the world . Fact .
    They make cobras look slow .

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  10. chrlsful

    dayum, not a good pic in all’um (cept the motor).

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  11. PRA4SNW

    Listing ended with no takers.

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