Big Block 4-Speed! 1968 Dodge Dart GTS

To hear that a 50-year-old car has no rust on it is music to my ears and to the ears of probably a few million other old car fanatics. Most of us have dealt with rusty cars and it’s always nice to find a solid example like this 1968 Dodge Dart GTS. This one happens to be equipped with a big-block 383 V8 and 4-speed, too. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid price of over $35,000 and the reserve isn’t met yet! Whoa. It’s located in Williamston, Michigan.

What a car. The seller says that this factory non-stripe GTS is from Wyoming originally and they have owned it since 2004. It reportedly hasn’t been restored but it has been repainted. They have had it checked out by Galen Glovier and supposedly it was the only one with the options and configuration that this car has. The current owner says that it has been stored “inside a heated barn on carpet since I have owned it.” Dodge only made 991 hardtop GTS’ in 383 4-speed configuration in 1968.

I like the stripe and/or stripes that are normally on the GTS models but supposedly this one came without them from the factory. You have noticed that there is no vinyl top on this one, either. They say that there is “no rust on the car or rust holes in the body, very solid original car. I have a couple of pictures of the underside.” It does look solid under there. This is a fourth-generation Dart and I can only imagine the current bid price if this car would have been an L023 code car with a 426 Hemi, I’m guessing six-figures. The seller mentions having a set of “steel rims with the dog dish hub caps that go with the car if you want that look, no tires on the rims.” That’s what I’d go with, but I’m a sucker for steel rims.

The interior looks like it’s in great condition from what’s shown of it. It has the original headliner but new carpet. They say that the “front buckets, door panels and rear side panels are in excellent condition and the back seat is also in excellent condition.  It has a 4 spd. center console with the factory swivel tach.  It is a factory radio delete car.  The dash is in very nice shape too, no cracks in the dash pad.  It has the light group on it, map light with the under the dash light that comes on when you open the doors, rear window defogger blower option too.  The glass and weatherstrip is in very nice shape all around.  The trunk area is in nice shape with the original jacking instructions on the inside of the lid, the jack handle and base and the main part of the jack has been restored (see pic), also a new trunk mat.”

This is one clean engine compartment. This is a big-block 383 cubic-inch V8 with 300 hp and it sounds like it’s been maintained and runs great. The seller has “replaced the clutch and pressure plate and throw out bearing, also the front inner/outer tie rods on the front end.  I also replaced the battery, battery tray and battery cables; stock battery from Antique battery company to keep it original.  The picture of the engine compartment shows the old battery and cables.” Unless I’m missing it, the original owner didn’t check the boxes for power steering, power brakes, or air-conditioning. What will this ’68 Dart GTS sell for? $50,000? More?

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  1. wuzjeepnowsaab

    These things are monsters with a BB. Single purpose cars…going from this red light to that red light in the shortest amount of time. But wow were these good at that

    • Ray Baker

      Are you aware that GSD built or had built aprox. 35 Darts with a 440/4speed/Dana 60. I have and article in which Mr. Norm aacknowledges these cars.

    • steve

      “WORTH” every……..”DIME”…….probably not another one like it on the planet

  2. Whiskytango

    Don’t think power steering was an option with big block darts due to lack of room. Neighbour had a green one and it had no power steering either.Nice car.

  3. Boatman Member

    Converted to electronic ignition. He forgot to mention that.

  4. slickb

    I literally started snickering when I saw this thinking about the amount of trouble I could get into ;)

  5. David Rhoces

    how does that song go …. Memories …I’ve got memories

  6. Pat L Member

    I believe that power brakes were also not allowed on these big blocks as the valve cover was in the way.

    • Capriest Member

      Yeah, I know they had trouble shoehorning it in there. The exhaust manifolds had to be smaller and more restrictive so it didn’t really improve over the 340. I don’t think the master cylinder fit for power brakes. Still cool though!

      • schooner

        Had one (with auto) and the 340 Swinger made more sense, not that making sense matters much with a Sport. Drove it cross country and averaged 11 MPG. The Missus-To-Be had a ’71 340 Challenger that was much more drivable.

  7. Miguel

    This is a Mexican GTS that looks almost the same as the featured car. Of course the price is much lower.

    It has only a 318 as big blocks were not available in Mexico, but it is a stick shift.

  8. Miguel

    It is a beautifully original car.

  9. Miguel

    The bench seat look all original as well.

    • Miguel

      Yes Beaver, it is in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.

    • local_sheriff

      Hey Miguel,that’s a clean Dart! Any idea whether these Darts were manufactured in Mexico, or just spec’ed for export to the Mexican market?

  10. Tony Primo

    Miguel, it would probably be helpful if you could provide an e-mail, phone number and asking price for the Beaver.

    • Miguel

      Yes Tony that would be helpful, if I wasn’t interested in the car. Right now I can’t do anything because there is no gasoline in Jalisco, but once that problem is resolved, I am going to go there to look at it.

      • Mountainwoodie

        Yeah, but it belongs to El Chapo’s cousin in Guadalajara.

      • Miguel

        Mountainwoodie, if that is true, I will see when I get there. It wouldn’t matter to me

      • Miguel

        Mountainwoodie, I just checked on who owns the car and it seems it is a Pediatrician from Guadalajara. He might be El Chapos cousin, and if he is we have something to talk about, because as you know I am from Sinaloa where El Chapo got caught, the same town actually, 1 block from my sons school.

      • Pat Lamb

        El Chapo is in Brooklyn right now. I can have a jail guard friend ask him about his cousins car.

  11. legalgus

    Would have stayed with the 340. Weighed 90 lbs less and hp rating while at 275 was realistically 300.

  12. Woody

    That’s right,no power steering or power brakes for these big block Mopars.I once owned a ‘69 Barracuda fastback M-code factory 440 car but was powered by a 383, and it too was a straight-line only tire shredder! This white Dart is a classic!

  13. Tony Primo

    As long as you are not meeting with El Chuppa Miguel!

  14. dave smeaton

    I had a white 69 swinger 340,auto ,black bench seats,non original engine needed a bit of finishing but I sold it for 2000.00. 30 years ago,wish Id kept it!

  15. Tom Justice

    The 383 Magnum is the best engine for most muscle cars buyers. It has plenty of power and is not as hard to tune as a six pack car and certainly not as much trouble as a Hemi which are notoriously difficult to deal with. If there is a nicer one of these out there I sure would like to see it. No PS/PB will make it a challenge to drive, especially in the parking lot but as wuzjeepnowsaab said, light to light will be an experience if you can keep any blue lights out of the way. I also like stripes and if it was a convertible Joe Mannix would love it.

  16. Troy s

    Craziest one of these Dart’s that I ever actually saw in person was a factory 440 powered version. Man, talk about tight engine accessibility! Oh, but the power….
    This one is pretty cool without the stripes, like not having the vinyl roof too. Would headers make spark plugs more accessible, or not?

  17. Beaver Member

    Miguel do you knoe how much and how to get more photos and info?

  18. stillrunners

    Not a lot of room in a 390 Stang either……..and their exhaust was crazy on those heads as well….having owned one….wouldn’t buy another.

  19. Jon Rappuhn

    Love how this is licensed as a farm vehicle, wonder what “farm” duties this was used for, LOL. Getting from house to “back 40” wouldn’t be a problem as long as road was paved.

  20. Craig M Bryda Member

    I almost bought one back in 1968 , i had it on order (I thought) when the salesman called and said they couldn’t order it unless I put half down. I told him to shove it & had a hard time getting my $500.00 deposit back until I asked a town judge to call them on my behalf .

  21. Woody

    Can’t stop “dreaming” about this beautiful rare Big Block,who would’ve guessed it was from Michigan? This is what muscle-car classified ads should look like,the car needs nothing but a new owner! Price should reach over $40,G’s!

  22. z28th1s

    The ’68 Dart GTS is one of my favorite Mopars! A big block gives it a little bit more of the wow factor, but the 340 is probably a better car!

    • Tom Justice

      The 340 sure is a nice engine. An AAR ‘Cuda with a 340 six barrel is one of my dream cars. Or a Challenger T/A with the six pack would do in a pinch. I like Challengers more but an AAR comes with Dan Gurney’s name, how can you do better than that with a MOPAR?

  23. giade Flightning

    Cool, I have a WHITE/BLACK ’68 DODGE DART, R/T 440 4spd GSS , Norman Kraus ‘OUTLAW’ Car, put together in the backwoods of Red Boiling SpringS, TN .
    Very Plain and Very pOtent, Handmade Headers, 14Spline HEMI Transmission, MoPar HURST Pistol Grip, ’69 Charger R/T Front Suspension, Bench Seat etcetera .
    STRONG DRIVETRAIN, yet Paradoxically the ReaR GEAR ratio is less than 3:23, so i havent made any PASSES *+*+*+*+*+* gF NM/FL USA

  24. ACZ

    The Chevy dealership that I worked for in 73 took one these in on trade. 383, 4 speed, 4.56. Headers, aftermarket cam and some other tricks. Beautiful clean car that ran like a bat outa hell. The guy traded it in on a Vega wagon.

  25. Keith C.

    Power steering, power brakes, and A/C weren’t available options on the big-block Darts….no room.

  26. giadeFLIGHTNING

    Yes! Ray, VeryQool. When Norman Krauss told MoPar he had Customer requests for a 440 DART, they replied it was not possible to fit.
    SOo, he did it! (his Staff) . .
    DODGE & HURST then complied .
    ☇☇☇☇ 🕊
    : mine is an ‘All gO/nO shOw’ Version

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