Surprisingly Nice: 1975 Chevrolet Nova 350

“Now it’s beautiful.” said a Chevy brochure about the new fourth-generation Nova. This beautiful example of a now-beautiful car is a 1975 Chevrolet Nova and it can be found here on eBay in Starr, South Carolina. The seller has a $10,750 buy it now price listed or you can make an offer.

This is a beautiful car, at least condition-wise. I personally prefer the first two generations of the Chevy II/Nova but that’s just me. By 1975, Chevy was trying to move the Nova into a European feeling car, or thinking that they could somehow entice buyers of European cars back to buying a Chevy Nova. I’m not sure if that ever really worked too well. The 1975-1979 Novas were more of an evolution in style and they were instantly recognizable as a Nova. The seller mentions that this car has a decade old paint job and new vinyl roof, no wonder it looks like new!

The photos are a little different in this listing. it’s almost as if the seller took a couple of regular photos, and then switched to a zoom lens so a lot of them are extreme close-ups such as the only interior photo showing the dash at all, above. The seats look like new and they say that this car is in excellent condition. It sure looks like it is. I’m not sure if it’s as original as they mention since it’s been totally redone on the exterior, though. Maybe they mean original-spec.

Here’s a photo showing the engine which basically looks like new. There is a photo of a photo of the engine which we typically don’t like to show but if you want to see an overall photo of what I’m assuming is this engine, check out the eBay link. This is Chevy’s 350 cubic-inch V8 which with a 2-barrel carb had 145 hp. This sure looks like a nice car and there have been Novas that have sold for $10,000 and more so maybe they’re on the right track with their asking price. NADA is at $6,325 for a high retail value if that means anything. Have any of you owned a fourth-generation Nova?


  1. TimS Member

    Everybody had one and I never wanted one. Not much on Novas but the green on green and the good condition does it for me. Maybe a tad bit high, but not ridiculous in this condition, I don’t think.

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    • GCS Member

      That is very nice. I aalmost bought one around that age on 84 but got a new S-10 PU instead. The only thing with those was the rear springs broke and you always saw the sidetracking down the street.

    • GCS Member

      In 84 not on 84, fat fingered that one…

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  2. RoughDiamond

    I would love to own this and drive it proudly on a daily basis. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate the older style Rally rims with the cookie cutter center caps.

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  3. markp

    My Father had one, a special edition 1976 Nova Shark, I guess Jaws inspired… Anyway with the 350 it was not a bad ride.

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  4. Will Fox

    A good friend had a red `76 coupe. Had the small (260?) V8, which was weak. His ended up with the rear leaf spring shackle malady, where the mount would either bust loose or rust loose, ending up with a car that dog-tracks down the road. By the time that happened, his Nova had 145K or so miles on it, and needed to go. He let the next guy deal with the dog-tracking & got a `81 Cutlass.

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  5. lc

    No rear shot….Interesting that he doesn’t give much mention that its a hatchback…. It’s one of the best things about this car even if John Q didnt get the versatility of it back when

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  6. David Sebben

    I had a ’76, black exterior and black interior and no air. Excellent car just not on hot days.

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    • Jack M.

      We were all a lot tougher 30 years ago!

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  7. Winfield Wilson

    I lived in San Diego county back when the Sheriffs department used Chevy Novas as patrol cars. I got chased by a couple.

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  8. Coventrycat

    I liked this redesign when it came out, I’d be quite happy with now.

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  9. Boatman Member

    CAUTION Salvage title!

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    • nycbjr Member

      Ugh and they want 10k?? CP!

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  10. Tom

    I had a ’75 with a 350 way back when, and that car was really fast for the day.

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  11. rod444

    Had two, a 76 and a 78 Concours in poke-yer-eyes-out yellow. The later was a bit silly chrome ‘enhancement’ but it was unique in a sea of otherwise bland Novas.

    I still like them with a bit of muscle car enhancement, like some shiny drag rims:

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  12. Novaman

    My first car was a 1976 nova with a 250 straight 6. I sold it to my cousin for 500 bucks .when I started looking for a classic that’s what I had to have a 75-79 nova. I bought a 75 nova custom with a 350 2 barrel 22 years ago and have it to this day. Don’t plan on ever selling it

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  13. ACZ

    $10K ?? Why??

  14. James Turner

    I owned a 1968 Chevy Nova and also a green 1976 but with the 250 six cylinder engine. I had the 1968 around 12 years and went on camping trips as well as everyday use before the valves finally went. The 1976 was exactly like this Nova and I put on Chevy S S wheels I bought off a friend. This Nova I had several years and still running good when I sold it to a girl. Those 250 cc six cylinders were extremely tough and reliable if maintained properly.

  15. Barry

    My first new car was a1975 nova, Love the car 5500 sticker price payments of 157 a month

  16. Punt

    Instead of all this speculation. You all could have asked any question you’d like I’d be glad to answer.
    I still own the car
    I am the 3rd owner
    Yes the interior is 100% original.
    There were many other pics including the rear of the car.
    The title of my posted listed it as a Hatchback
    The car has been well taken care of.
    Yes salvage title. But only due to being exposed to a barn fire which ruined the Original paint and top.

    And I’d still entertain offers.
    Thanks for the interest

  17. Eugene Brandt

    Can you measure your car From cross member under oil pan to ground

  18. Jason

    I had a 1975 Nova 2 door, silver, black interior, 350 2bbl in high school. For my 17th birthday, I got it painted the same color as a 1978 dark blue Trans Am with that metal flake. The car in the pictures bring back memories of my very first car. It was noisy and rode harsh but it was this boy’s dream car because a pony car was out of the question.

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