Take A Second Look: 1966 Ford Galaxy 500


This car is so big, the seller had a tough time getting it all into a single frame! Ok, that’s not really the reason, but Ford did suggest that you “take a second look” at the 1966 Galaxies, and I think this car deserves a second look. It’s for sale here on craigslist in Chatham, Virginia for $5,000. There’s not a lot of verbiage in the ad, but I like what it does say. The car is described as “all original” and certainly looks the part (albeit through typical craigslist photo quality) with a pretty nice interior. It looks to me that two panels in the drivers seat were replaced, but that may just be a trick of the camera as the unusual pattern in the vinyl is the same. Surprisingly to me, it’s equipped with a 390 V-8 and a 3-speed transmission. The “LTD” was considered the top of the line, and while the seller has just “LT” in the title, I couldn’t find a mention of that as a sub-model. I’m hoping it is an LTD, as that model has more features and is worth substantially more than the regular hardtop according to the value guides. This one I’d keep for fun spring and fall drives with the whole family!


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  1. Woodie Man

    3 pedals! Be still my heart! When I was a kid these were everywhere though usually in wagon mufti. Might be kind of unusual that it’s a 2 door and a 3 speed on the column. There’s just something about looking at the dashboard of a mid sixties car that tells my cerebral cortex everything will be all right!

  2. Matt

    I had a 66 LTD with a 428.. This carries the correct grille and hubcaps for that trim level.. On a side note, if that damned FE block wasn’t overheating or puking oil, it was because it didn’t start that day..

    • Matt

      What kind of a company designs adjustable rocker arms with interference thread screws instead of jam nuts? I could adjust the valves, and within ten miles of driving, be at the helm of a seven liter sewing machine..

    • Matt

      I zoomed in.. I was wrong, sorry.. This is not an ltd grille, and the hubcaps are the right shape, but LTD hubcaps don’t have a red center.. My mistake. The base 428 was still a pig, tho I appreciate FE motors winning races, but those were also professionally built race motor.. A stock 390 is a boat anchor

  3. Racer417

    Definitely not an LTD. And curiously, Ford (mis)spelled the model name “Galaxie”.

  4. randy

    The FE engine is a great engine. You want to know more go to an FE discussion forum. The FE won a bunch of races in it’s time, even the 24 hours of Lemans if I am not mistaken, beating out Ferrari! I had one of these, he’ll get his money as old Galaxies are very sought after and have a huge following.


  5. Myron Vernis

    Worth buying just for the size of the clutch pedal!

  6. Mark W

    Not sure but I believe LTDs had a slightly different grill.

    • John P. Vogl

      Agree with Mark W. The LTD model had a different grill, and larger turn indicators. My Dad bought a ’66 Galaxie 500, black-on-black, when I was 10; beautiful car. Seems all the manufacturers had attractive designs in 1966.

  7. Howard A Member

    Of all the “stacked headlight” Fords ( which I never cared for), I thought the ’66 was the nicest one. It freaks me out, that in 1966, when the automatic transmission was fully developed, someone STILL didn’t trust it, and ordered a 3 speed on the column. Maybe make it into a “7 litre”, those cars were awesome. Cool car in great shape (from what we can see, anyway)

    • Rocco Member

      This was the first yr. for the soon to be bulletproof C-6 trans. It still was the old green dot shift design. 1967 started the bulletproof yrs.

  8. Karo

    This is a Galaxie 500, the base-level 2-door hardtop. The LTD was above it, being the “luxury” version, and the Galaxie 500/XL the “sport” version, with the Galaxie 500 7-Litre a variation on the XL but with the 428 standard. These models were available as convertibles, too, except for the LTD. Maybe the buyer meant HT for hard top instead of LT.

    The higher-trim models have a different grille with two lights on each side in the grille, fancier side trim (extending all the way down the side of the car to the rear) and a round, black “LTD” emblem on the c-pillar on that version.

    Galaxie is the French spelling of Galaxy, so it’s not misspelled.

  9. DENIS

    Not a Ford fan but as they age(and so do I) these things appeal to me. I loved the 7-Liter XL…worked at a Ford Dealership when they came out and I thought an EMBERGLOW 2 dr hardtop kicked ass although they also had a white 428/4 spd that was cool. I was selling performance parts for 289 Mustangs and Fairlanes like popcorn.

  10. bonneville 64

    next to no information, but worth a phone call. wonder if it is a “fly in, drive home” vehicle? somewhat surprised that it doesn’t have a/c being a Virginia car. Many folks forget that up until about 1975-80 you could go to a dealership and order a car with what you wanted on it. I have seen full sized cars of the late 1950s’ to about 1973 time frame that came with a 6 cylinder and 3 speed plus a radio and heater. “buying a new car as cheap as I can get it” mind set. typically dealers would order cars in that had the highest mark up for accessories for their business area. Mid 60s’ to early 70s’ if the car was a “stripper” it was nearly always special order.

  11. Karl

    We had a ’66 Galaxie 500 XL, same body style as this, when I was a kid. It had the 390 with the C6 transmission. My father had friends who ran a junkyard, and the car was a theft recovery, probably stolen for a joyride since it had very little damage–even still had the wheel covers like this one. He repaired it and repainted it the original cinammon metallic with a spray-on black fake vinyl roof. The “XL” designation included front bucket seats, console, and floor shifter–very nicely appointed. We had that car as my mother’s daily driver from sometime in ’66 until ’72, and it was bulletproof reliable during that time. The only recurring issue was that when mom goosed it, it would blow off the muffler. Literally. She left mufflers all over Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, until my dad installed a performance exhaust system on the car. Sadly, over the years the old girl collected some serious body damage, so when the next wreck recovery (a ’71 Galaxie 500 four-door) replaced it, my dad parted it out. I still think it’s a damned shame, but in those days a six-year-old car was considered practically scrap.

  12. randal defoe

    my first car was a 66 but was 4 door auto with a 352

    and cherry bomb mufflers old car salesman gave me the,

    this was a little old school teachers car. bought in 1975

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