Takes Up Space: Range Rover Limo Project

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Today, we see all sorts of limos on the road. Many of them are incarnations of the latest blinged-out sedan that is popular with the Hollywood set, or some other media sensation. It seems to me there is a market ripe for exploitation, which is that of the vintage limo industry. We all see the typical Rolls-Royce used for high-end weddings, but rarely do we see other example of antique autos converted into streched-out conveyances of parties and people. This 1983 Range Rover here on eBay UK could be a way to start a new business or threaten your daughter if she’s misbehaving before prom season. 

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The seller says this Rover is an unfinished project, which is a classic undersell. I’m not even sure this qualifies as a “started” project, other than the obvious extension of sheet metal. Truth be told, it doesn’t appear to be sagging, which is about as far as my limo expertise goes. My opinion? This needs a gullwing-style door in the middle. Just look at how much wasted space there is, and what a pain to have to climb in through the tiny back door and then walk hunched over to your seat behind the bulkhead.

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The seller says the gas tank has been removed, and the lettering on the back would indicate this may have been a biodiesel candidate at one time. Like so many projects, the owner got halfway through finishing that conversion as well (just like the rest of the rig) before losing interest and rendering it undrivable. I wonder what the original plans were: a fuel-efficient party Rover? A farm vehicle that could haul small livestock while reclaiming their emissions for use as alternative fuel? The mind wanders.

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Regardless of intent, now it’s taking up useful “future project” space. The seller wants it gone, as it’s just a thorn in his side, and a particularly big thorn at that. Assuming you have to tow this sucker, that’s going to be a pricey removal process. It’s located in the UK, thus proving we’re not the only country with backyard body shops. The conversion rate works out to about $330 if no one else bids, but your shipping bill will be massive. What limo conversion project would you perform in your driveway?

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  1. duke

    effen,WHY?……no need-pure obnoxiousness

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  2. angliagt

    How do I submit craigslist finds?
    Sorry to post here,but can’t find it anywhere.

    – Doug

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    • Jesse Mortensen JesseStaff

      You can send them to tips@barnfinds.com


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      • DAN

        I could not find that either

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  3. Tirefriar

    This Rover reminds me of a golden retriever with its nuts snipped off….

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  4. Bob S

    Stellar photography skills.

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  5. grant

    Would this even be legal for use as a limo with only the rear doors? Even if so, I wouldn’t get in it. No escape route in case of fire.

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  6. Autohaus

    In UK, a dual fuel conversion for a diesel engine is LPG. This is very popular because it only cost a fraction of the price and the switch can be done in a flip of a switch.

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