Tall Track? 1956 Pontiac 4 x 4 Sedan

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pete for sending in this unusual 1956 Pontiac that’s for sale here on craigslist. It happens to be just down the road from me in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (in case any of you want someone to look the car over). The stated price is $4,495 but as you know, Craigslist prices are usually negotiable. Do you like the “tall track” look?

You are quite correct when you think that Pontiac didn’t offer a four wheel drive option on their 1956 sedans. Nor did they offer both front and rear trailer hitches. But this seller has thought of that as well! All kidding aside, we’re told that the chassis is from a Chevrolet Silverado truck, and that it took over two years to put the “hybrid” together.

As you can see, the body of the Pontiac was pretty much left as-is. There were modifications made to the frame to adapt it to the car rather than vice-versa. The frame was painted prior to assembly with rustoleum.

We’re told the vehicle now has functional power brakes and steering (I’ll bet you need it with those large wheels and tires) and that the 700R4 automatic transmission has been rebuilt less than 10,000 miles ago. It wouldn’t take too much effort to make the interior look pretty nice, especially for a driver.

I’m not sure I’d go for the patina look on the outside, though. To me, if you are going to do something of questionable aesthetic value, you need to go whole hog and do it the best way possible rather than just leave the old blemished paint. But that’s me, I’m sure there are some of you who feel differently. Assume for a moment this is sitting in your driveway already — do you scrap it, restore it (certainly not an economical proposition), or make it the best 4×4 1956 Pontiac around?


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  1. Mark

    It would be incorrect to assume it would ever be sitting in my driveway.

    • Metoo

      If it was sitting in your driveway and I lived next door, I would have to move.

  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Kim’s sister Kourtney…

  3. Derek

    Looks a lot like one of those….. You know you’re a redneck if… vehicles.

  4. Mark S.

    You poor thing, what have they done to you.

    • Metoo

      Don’t shed tears, it’s a four door.

  5. ccrvtt

    Further proof that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should…

  6. Ikey Heyman Member

    Waiting for the first one of those “at least he had an idea and got off his butt and made it happen” comments……..

    • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

      I have to agree he did get off his butt, but I also agree with Jamie that a driver quality paint job and some work on the interior is needed. Maybe the next owner can take it to the next level.

      • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

        I would like to note; I’ve been on this site for at least three years now and have gone by Mark S. Some one new has started commenting using the same title. So to separate myself from his comments because we may not always agree I have changed my title to the above name thanks.

  7. Jeff

    It needs to be entirely covered in a fake rust patina, add lots of spikes and use it in the next Mad Max sequel.

    • Metoo

      Or tweak here and there, a few and ons and the new owner will be all set for the zombie apocalypse.

  8. Jeff

    I neglected to mention the forward and aft rapid fire harpoon guns.

  9. Dusty Stalz

    At least he had an idea and got off his butt and made it happen lol. At least it’s been given a new life and is being driven, not stashed away somewhere til it goes to the crusher. I’d drive it.

  10. Doctor my eyes

    Leave it exactly as it is, and exactly where it is.

  11. Fred w.

    You’ve heard of Bigfoot? Feast your eyes on “Big Chief”.

  12. jw454

    It wasn’t worth a great deal before and it still isn’t. I don’t see anything was destroyed here. It would be a fun car to bomb around in. At least he got…..

  13. Andrew not amember

    Why oh why a crime

  14. Dolphin Member

    No No No, a thousand times NO.

    • Metoo

      What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  15. Leon

    Tacky Gawdy Hideous

  16. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    It never ceases to amaze me that Billy-Bob, Festus and Cooder think it’s a cool idea to take a classic car and turn it into something useless. Admittedly, it’s rough and a four door but this Tin Indian might have been a better candidate for a ratrod. You might be better off parting it out as to return it to it’s former state would be another 2 year endeavor.

    The likes of Cephus and Beau will probably want this to run ‘shine, that’s about all this poor Pontiac has to look forward to.

  17. Dave Mc

    Dropped the price to $4500.
    I wouldn’t touch it, not if I wanted to go joy riding in the woods.
    Once it’s painted, it’s no fun anymore.

  18. Whippeteer

    Isn’t it still someone’s interpretation of a rat rod?

  19. newfieldscarnut


  20. PeterK

    The decimal point is in the wrong place. I think that this rig would be perfect in the a northern climate where snow is the regular weather maker. Its a go anywhere, god help the poor fool that slides into it in their new Prius, Altima, Kia, etc. 4 doors… perfect for taking the kids to school.

    Just went to craigslist and its posting has been deleted by the author. Shucks

  21. Robert White

    It’s a Field Car.


  22. chad

    these conversions R all ways too high…set em down on the frame some?

  23. Barry Klotz

    At least they didn’t put it on aToyota or Nissan frame and call it historic!!! Barry lk.

  24. Pete

    I was thinking ya’ll might like this one. ROFLMAO. Our beloved BF crew could make a special edition email of converted to 4 x 4 ads. I also saw a 4 x 4 90’s mustang driving down the road a week before I found this on CL. LOL. It’s a Carolina thing. Sort of like the Carolina Slump where people lower the rear end of pick ups enough to make the truck look like it is going up hill. Silly I tell ya.

  25. Lickity Split

    The patina is perfect. I’d drive that thing all over the place, especially to the next P.O.C.I. national event :)

  26. American_Badaz

    This has been for sale for quite a while. I even pondered getting it a few months back. Would make for a neat winter daily driver. Maybe even put a snow plow on it?!

  27. sluggo

    I dont know WHY there is so much negativity directed at this. Someone had some fun building this, and I have no opinion on the price, but it would be a riot to drive,, imagine date night at a fancy restaurant? Valet??

    Picking up or dropping off the kids?? To, me this is way cooler than a minivan, and imagine the look on all the soccer moms faces??

    We have a badly mauled 1939 Dodge coupe and plan is to eventually set the body on our Eddy Bauer edition Exploder (Ford Explorer. AWD w/V8) and ultimate rat rod. Leather seats, power windows and 4 wheel burn offs.

  28. Whippeteer

    Years ago, hidden behind a carwash, I saw a late 60s Cadillac limo set up with 4WD on big tires. Being poor, I didn’t pursue the $1500 Caddy further. It was actually before the monster truck mania days. Probably could have picked up some prom rentals.

  29. Kevin

    I like it, I might even have to find out where it is and take it home!

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